Thursday, December 30, 2010

100 Days Challenge

I know some of you already have your own fitness challenges. I decided to join the John "the Penguin" Bingham 100 Day Challenge starting January 1st and going for the next 100 days!

The goal is to move for 30 minutes a day, every day, for the next 100 days. You do not have to do the 30 minutes all at once. You can do 1 full 30 min. session, 2 fifteen min. sessions, 3 ten minute sessions...well, you catch my drift. The key is just to move more! Park your car farther away so you have to walk more, take the kids for a walk, go to the gym, clean your house, whatever you want to do to move more.

This is a great challenge to start right at the beginning of the year. I think I will add a tab up at the top of my page to mark down for the next 100 days what I did to do my 30 mins that day. If you do not have a challenge to do...why not try this one? It may seem challenging! 30 mins EVERY DAY! But when you think about it. It's not that hard to do 10 minutes 3 times a day.

I don't know about you but I've been slacking in the eating and moving department. So, I'm gonna kick off 2011 the right way!

If I do not "see" you guys tomorrow...I wish every one of you a safe and happy New Years Eve and an even better 2011!

By the way, I'm charging my garmin and I'm going to try it out later!!! Woohoo!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pork Chops with Apples and Cider Recipe

This was a good recipe made a few weeks ago. Of course I didn't make it! lol. Matt made it for me. I'm sure the recipe can be adjusted slightly to make it more healthy but it was pretty healthy considering the way he normally cooks. And it was delicious!

1 tablespoon oil
2 onions, sliced
2 golden delicious apples, cored and cut into wedges
2 teaspoons sugar
1/2 tablespoon butter
4 pork chops
1/3 cup cider
1/3 cup cream

Heat the oil in a large non-stick frying pan, add the onion and try for about 5 minutes, or until soft and just beginning to brown. Tip the onion out onto a plate. Add the apple wedges to the pan and try them for a minute or two - they should not break up, but should start to soften and brown. Add the sugar and butter and shake everything around in the pan until the apples start to caramelize. Transfer the apples to the plate with the onion.

Put the pork chops in the drying pan, add a bit of seasoning and try them until they are cooked through. Put the onion and apple back in the pan and heat them up, then add the cider and bring to a simmer. Once the liquid is bubbling, add the cream and shake the pan so everything mixes together. Let it bubble for a minute, then season well and serve with potatoes and a green salad.

So, how did Day 1 go for me. Well, it went mostly good except for some late snacking. Ok. I know what I need to work on. That's why I tried to start over this week instead of waiting until the 1st. I need to work out the kinks!!

I'm thinking about signing up for the monthly pass for weight watchers again. I still go to the meetings but I don't pay because I'm lifetime, which means, I also don't get e-tools unless I pay for that too. But right now, I'm above my goal weight and will have to pay when I go in anyway. So that's why I'm thinking about just getting the monthly pass until I get back down to my goal weight.

It's either that or just pay for e-tools and pay for the weeks I go in to the meetings above my goal weight. Hm...maybe I'll do that? I'm so undecided. I think I probably should try the monthly pass again for a few months.

The new program requires a lot of work. I'm pulling out my books and calculators trying to figure out the points I'm eating. I also decided to make a short cheat sheet for some standard things I've eaten that have gone up in points. That way, it's not so difficult to figure out the points all the time.

Have those of you doing the new weight watchers plans come up with some good short cut ways to know the new points? Have you made any great delicious recipes with the new points system? Any good tricks of the trade to help a fellow WWer out??

Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 1

I'm starting over. How many times have you heard that? Well, I figure one of these days, it will have to stick!

But the last 3 days have been an eating frenzy. On Christmas I was so sick on the way home, I could barely sit up in the car! lol. Why do we do this to ourselves?? But I had a nice time all three days with family!

So today is Day 1 of my "back on track" self! My stomach has been upset. Eating all that sugar CAN NOT be good for it! So I'm in detox! Sugar detox! Well, I'm not going crazy but I'm not going to eat ANY (do you hear me? ANY) candy for the next two weeks!

This week will be a little tough because I have a lunch gathering tomorrow for a woman at work who is retiring. But I'll just make the best choice from the menu that I can.

Then on Wednesday, I have a gathering for dinner after work. Again, guess I will have to make the best choice possible that day.

And with New Years Eve coming up, there will be bad choices there too. But that's life.

I could just have said that I will start January 1st like everyone else on the planet. But why wait? Why not just start as best I can this week? It may not be perfect but it will be better than if I just threw caution to the wind and kept up my horrendous eating that I've been doing for almost 2 months now! I need to get back to my goal weight! I need to get back to my goal eating! I always feel so much better when I eat the right way!

Another thing that I'm not waiting for is hitting the gym. I hit the gym full force starting last Thursday! And this morning, our computers were down at work and they told us to go do something for an hour and...ta-da! I had my gym clothes with me! I walked to the gym and did cardio for 35 mins (the elliptical so I wouldn't sweat too much!) and a butt exercise! I will probably go back to the gym after work too because I was only working out at 60% of my potential this morning and I need to do a quick "butt-kick" tonight!

But what a way to start off my "resolution"!

I typically don't make New Years Resolutions anyway. So my resolution is just a "ME" resolution. Something I need to do to improve myself.

How was all of your Christmas?? Do you make New Years Resolutions?

And I forgot to mention the best part of all! I mentioned it briefly yesterday. I got a garmin forerunner 305 for Christmas from my parents! That was so nice! I can't wait to start using it!

Here were a few pictures my dad thought would be nice to tag me in on Facebook. They are oldies...

The first picture is of me with a dollhouse I got that was made by my grandfather. I have no idea how old I was...maybe 5?

The second picture...whoa! That's scary. Thanks for tagging me in it on facebook dad! lol. Again, no idea how old I was in that picture (or how heavy). I'm sure I'm in my late teens. And that is not the heaviest I got too. That was around the later part of the '90's.

The third picture is also around the same time I think. It's of my and my nephew when he was about 3 or so. So that had to be around '97!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas! I got a garmin forerunner 305 from my parents!! How awesome is that! I'll post more pictures and a recipe in a few days!

Have a great holiday!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Glazed Carrots and On Plan Update

Wow! How are my blogging friends today? I'm so sorry, I've been MIA. Holidays, not "on plan" eating, a few minor doctors visits, traveling to Omaha Nebraska!!

So, let me fill you in on my happenings.

First things first, a recipe! It's been a long time! Actually, I didn't make it. Matt did. Good job Matt! It's a simple side dish recipe and very easy to make. It was delicious!


1 pound carrots, approximately 7 medium, peeled and cut on the bias 1/4-inch thick
1 ounce (2 tablespoons) unsalted butter
Heavy pinch kosher salt
1 cup good-quality ginger ale
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley leaves

In a 12-inch saute pan over medium heat, combine the carrots, butter, salt and ginger ale. Cover and bring to a simmer. Once simmering, remove the lid, stir, and reduce the heat to low. Cover again and cook for 5 minutes. Remove the lid, add the chili powder and increase the heat to high. Cook, tossing occasionally, until the ginger ale is reduced to a glaze, approximately 4 to 5 minutes. Pour into a serving dish and sprinkle with the parsley. Serve immediately.

* I don't have points or nutritional information so you would have to figure that out on your own.

Secondly, I haven't been counting my all! I did for two days after I got the new materials. It was challenging learning the new materials but I was enjoying it. But yeah, I haven't been motivated lately. I'm still trying to make as best decisions as I can mostly, but cookies and candy and all that holiday stuff has been getting in my way.

I was slacking in the workout department too. I wasn't feeling well and so was cutting my workouts short, lounging on the couch, not doing anything. But I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. I love working out. I love the feel of feeling like you want to quit cause it's hard but not giving up and sweating and...ahhhh!!! The joys of a hard workout!

Work is work. Found out today my boss is retiring. He's almost the only one at work that I like. So now, they are having me work for these two other attorneys. I'm not a happy camper!

I traveled by car to Omaha, Nebraska last weekend where Matt lives. It's close to a 7 hour drive. I wasn't worried about it though. I had good weather going there and mostly going back, but on the way back, a few hours from my house, I hit bad snowy weather and horrible roads. Needless to say, I didn't die (yay!!) and I made it home in about 8.5 hours. It was pure torture!

And thirdly, Christmas. I haven't finished my shopping yet. What!?! Christmas is in 3 days?? Oh crap! No one told me it was on the 25th this year!

Well, I have only my mom left to shop for. She's pretty difficult to buy for. I have something in mind, but I have to shop around for it. She wants a new purse. But again, she's hard to buy for.

So that's my life right now in a nut shell! I have to catch up on some of your blogs (I've been a bad blogging buddy).

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Blues

Wow, to say I've been in a funk lately would be an understatement! I'm feeling lazy, irritated and having been just plain eating WAY TOO MANY holiday cookies at work. I feel like I could have consumed 4 dozen cookies yesterday alone! Well, clearly it wasn't that many but it felt like it. I ate cookies all day long!

I haven't been working out as much and when I'm at the gym, I leave early than I anticipated. I've had a stomach ache for a week that isn't just food related but medical related. Dr. appointment, medication received, so it should go away. Now to just get my eating under control and I'd be peachy!

Today at the office building I work at, they had a holiday breakfast for the entire building. They do it a few times a year. I bee-lined for the yogurt and fruit and made a parfait. Then didn't even bother looking at the rest of the items! I didn't want to partake in any of it! Seriously, I feel like I've gained 10 lbs!

I got to my desk and found an expensive bottle of wine. My boss gets things from his clients and spreads it around the office! So sweet!!! Free alcohol and free breakfast.

I think I'm going to make today a good day. I'm in need of one. Depression sucks!

I brought my gym clothes to work so I can go straight to the gym. Working out hard today and tomorrow. Then another weekend trip to Nebraska. Couldn't he live further south where it's warmer instead of in a climate that's almost exactly like mine!

So today is going to be a totally On Plan day! Is anyone else making today a totally On Plan day??

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pizzelle Time!

I do not make cookies. You would know that if you read my Epic Fail Post!

But there is one type of cookie I do make. It's a family tradition to make them around the holidays. They are pizzelles!! If you have never had them, they are Italian waffle cookies. Traditionally, they are anise flavored. I'm not an anise fan. Our recipe is an old one with our old time pizzelle grill and it's a vanilla flavored.

I've experimented in the past with making them low fat. But sometimes you have to make a full fat version! These are one of those times!

And like I said, they are made on a pizzelle grill, not baked in the oven. Behold the wonderful pizzelle making experience!!!!

Clearly, I was not expecting to have pictures taken of me!! lol. And I was already advised that those sweat pants are too big! What can I say, I lost weight since I bought them two years ago! lol.

These are the best cookies ever! So light and airy. Too bad they are still fattening! I was going to calculate the points but forgot and started dividing them up to give away!

I did really good at first without eating any of the batter (uh, yes, the batter is one of the best parts!). I was chewing gum! But once you lick your fingers, it's all over! Then I ate 3 of them. Then later I ate two more! Luckily I didn't bring any others home for me!

So last night was a disaster. But I did get a x-mas tree! Yay!!! Now to get it upright and decorated!

Today was a semi-disaster when I devoured some homemade cookies that someone gave me! But I'll estimate the points and count it.

Do you make holiday cookies? Do you make them full fat or a low fat version??

Sunday, December 12, 2010

WI Results and New WW Plan

I finally went back to my weight watcher meeting Saturday after 2 weeks of not being able to attend. I haven't weighed in though since the middle of November. Well, how did I do? Not too bad considering. I knew I was going to have a gain. I just didn't want it to be over 165. I had actually only gained 2.2 lbs and weighed in at a reasonable 163.6. Ok, I can deal with that. Moving on. Hoping next week I can get back down to 162 so I don't have to pay again!

Well, with going to my meeting, I finally got the new materials for the weight watchers new plan. I was pretty excited! I wanted a fresh start and this was how I was going to get it. I stayed after the meeting for the "new member" information. And I found that by reading the blogs here and by reading the weight watchers message boards, I pretty much knew what I needed to know.

I am having a pretty hard time determining what I should eat! Especially because I left the calculator and books at home when I was out yesterday and I do not have e-tools at the present time. But I made a decision as best I could and it turned out pretty good. I still snacked one too many times. And I hadn't gone grocery shopping yesterday so I had NO fruits to much on instead. But lucky, I wasn't home most of the day to snack.

I had that police exam yesterday. I was there from about 2:00-7:00 and then got home around 8:00. I was running on oatmeal and an apple. That's it! I actually left my house around 12:45 and wasn't able to eat lunch. So I was pretty hungry afterwards and made a stop at Panda Express for dinner. I opted for the mixed veggies, mushroom chicken and string bean chicken for a total points plus of 11. Seems high but there was a lot of food! And I hadn't eaten so I thought it was not too bad of a choice since I just guessed at what I should eat. After the test though, I was pretty mentally exhausted. I was hungry, tired, grumpy, cold, you name it!

Today is a messy day! Snow, cold, windy...perfect day to stay inside. Oh well, I can't. But it would be nice!

It's still snowing but it's not too horrible right now. I did shovel by hand my entire driveway! The worst part right now are the winds! It makes for blizzard like conditions out there when driving!

I did go grocery shopping today. I got some fruits and veggies and a few other things. I realized I didn't buy a whole lot to make an actual meal so I may have to dig some stuff out of the freezer. But I do love that on the new plan, fruits are 0 points. That's got to be my favorite part!

I was going to have toast for a snack today but decided that a banana and mango were healthier options, more delicious, and 0 points! We will see how I do the rest of the week. This new plan is definitely keeping me a little more focused on what I'm eating and what the points are. That's a very good thing!

Going to get a x-mas tree in a little bit with the parents. Seems we always pick a bad weather day to go!! :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Moment of Truth

Tomorrow is my moment of truth. I'm really not looking forward to it at all. It's back to weight watchers for me. I haven't been to a meeting in two weeks. I wasn't intentionally skipping but wasn't able to attend. But that's an excuse because I could always attend another meeting.

So maybe if I was being completely truthful, I was intentionally skipping and just using the fact that I couldn't attend my normal Saturday meeting as an excuse. But that's neither here nor there.

I also haven't weighed in at my meeting since November 13th when I weighed 161.2. I know for a fact, 100%, that I will be over the top of my goal range of 162. And that is the first time that will have happened since I hit goal and made lifetime in August.

So, yes, I'm a little upset. I'm a little depressed. And actually, I'm a little embarrassed. I know I shouldn't be embarrassed at all. This happens probably to everyone that has hit their goal weight at one time or another. It's part of life. Sometimes you lose focus, things feel like they are out of your control, and you slip a little. Then you slip a little more. Until you almost feel as though you have lost complete control and can never get it back.

I know, obviously, that's not true. I've been on this journey for far too long. I've had my ups and downs. I've always made it back to where I need to be. This is just one more step in my journey. Maybe I need to have this little slip so I can gain my control back and know where I want and need to be. Maybe I need to feel this way so I know that I never want to be back here (or back there, 90 lbs heavier) again!

But I also hate the fact that I'm supposed to be an inspiration to people that want to lose weight. But I feel like a failure! I know I'm not. I've only gained about 5 lbs (+/-). And the fact that I am going to try so hard to get back to goal could be an inspiration to some as well.

So, tomorrow I will be going to my weight watchers meeting at 10:30 am! I will be weighing in, facing the music and getting the new materials for the new plan.

Some people have been skeptical over the new plan. I'm kind of excited for it. Yes, it's right before the holidays, but so what? Now is as good a time as any to try a new plan and get back on track. I've heard a little of this and a little of that (bananas are now point-free!!) lol. But I'll reserve my comments (bananas are now point-free!!) until I get the new materials and try it out myself. (bananas are now point-free!!)

I think this may be just what I need to refocus. It may be difficult. The plan may be more complicated, but I think it's for the better! I've been so bored lately on the old plan that maybe I do need a completely new plan to concentrate on. Something that will make me think more.

I have the Chicago Police Department Written Examination tomorrow. What!?! say? Well, about 4 years ago, I took the written exam and about 2 years ago, I took the physical part of the exam. I took it for a few reasons:

1. My aunt is a Chicago Police Officer and has always wanted me to take the test to be one.
2. I have a Criminal Justice degree
3. You never know if you might want to do something until you try. And if I don't take the test, I will never be able to do it anyway!

The written test, in my opinion, is kind of a joke. How can anyone fail this thing! Now, it's been 4 years since I've taken it and I'll reserve my opinion until after tomorrow.

I was 29 when I took the physical test. I weighed 215 lbs (down from 251 but have since lost an additional 50 lbs!). I didn't pass the physical test. I didn't train enough for it. Also, you have different requirements for every age decade. So I was in the 20 year old decade even though I was almost 30. The requirements are lowered when you are older. So, I would love to take the physical again! I'm older...lower requirements, and I'm 50 lbs thinner and more fit!

So even if I don't want to be a police officer, I would love to pass the physical test! Just to prove I can do it! Call me crazy! But that's really the only reason I do anything! Just to prove I can! I run half marathons just to prove I can! I'm going to try a full marathon this coming year, just to prove I can!

I will also be making fattening pizzelle cookies! I make them every year. I have to. I want to. I give most of them away anyway! Making these cookies may not be the best thing to make when re-starting your "healthy living" plan! But I'm going to calculate the points! How about that! I'm going to chew mint gum while making them because I actually love the batter for these almost more than the cookies themselves and maybe the gum will prevent any tasting throughout!

**Giveaway News: Tricia from Endurance Isn't Only Physical is having a great giveaway on her blog! For more info, check out her post here. And I mean, it really is a GREAT giveaway! Check it out!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Singing the Blues

It's one of those days today. A day where if you could just crawl into a hole and die, you would. A day where all you want to do is cry but you can't cause you are at work.

Wow, sounds a little dramatic, huh? We all deserve some drama sometimes. So, what's got me singing the blues? Man, another off topic blog post! But depression is a factor in healthy living so let's just go with that!

Blues #1: My car. Sigh. I would love to get a new one. It's been having some problems so I finally took it in to get checked out. Yeah, that's always a topic of depression for me. It's going to cost around $1,000 plus a little. The problem is mostly labor costs. They get you in the labor every single time. I have parts that cost $4.50 or $14 and the labor is 1.5-3 hrs worth for this and that. I should have been a mechanic. I'd be rich.

So, the dilemma...get a new car or get mine fixed. Would LOVE to get a new car. I know it's not hard to do. And shelling $1,000 into an old crappy car is just not good. I could use that money for a "new" used car. I just don't want a car payment right now. So, I've decided to get it fixed, this one last time. I've been saying I will get a new car next year and that's probably what I'll do.

Now if I could just win the lottery!! Hmm..... oh wait! I have to play the lottery in order to win it. Never mind.

Blues #2: Still over my goal weight. Ok, I'll deal with that. I'm not super depressed about that.

Blues #3: The greatest guy I've met in a long time lives 450 miles away. 'Nuff said.

Blues #4: It's winter. And it's cold. And they said that we will get "arctic air" next week. Gee thanks! That makes me feel so much happier right now!

People have so many harder issues that mine little crappy ones. And I try to put that into perspective. I have my health. I have good family, good friends and a good boyfriend. I mean, seriously? What am I complaining about? I really think the weather is to blame. Cold weather and gray skies really put me in a bad mood. Maybe I should get some vitamin D pills??

And I would love to get a temporary second job to earn a few extra bucks. But what would I do? Be a cashier at walgreens or something? Get a waitressing job? Any ideas?

Thanks for listening to the bitching and moaning. I think sometimes we all need one of these so we can appreciate all the good things.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'm back!

Hi fellow blogging world. I've returned. Returned from my weekend ... hm... (hitting google to find out how to spell the next word...)., can't find it. Maybe you can help me. It's maybe another term for weekend getaway. It might be french and begins with the letter "S"...Who knows what I'm talking about.

Ok, let's start again and just rephrase...

Blog "I'm Back"...Take 2!

Hi fellow blogging world. I've returned. Returned from my weekend getaway with my boyfriend. For those that don't know or forgot, I'm in a long distance relationship, and went to Omaha to visit him.

Last week I was in a quandary. I've gained weight since the beginning of November and was over my goal weight (and over the 2 lbs leeway weight watchers allows you). I haven't weighed in. I haven't gotten my new materials. I was just going to try to lose a few lbs and then weigh in this coming Saturday. If I'm over, then I'll pay for the meeting. I need to get the new materials.

But my quandary was, should I count points while away with my boyfriend? I don't see him much. I don't want to stress about food while I'm with him. I wasn't sure. Many of you chimed in and gave your opinions on what I should do. You can read this post and comments here.

So, how did I handle the weekend? Well, I really did think about tracking my food. But of course, I didn't. But in all reality, I don't eat much when we are together. He doesn't eat a lot of food. Granted, his cooking involves butter but if you are only eating breakfast and dinner and barely anything in between, I almost feel ok about it. It might not be the best way to handle the situation in the future but I'll work up to it. Right now, the relationship is new. I'm kind of out of my element and comfort zone on everything. My world has been turned a little upside down. It's just the adjustment phase. I'll work on it.

So last week, I was weighing in at about 165+ consistently. It was actually my time of month too, and that may have attributed for a few extra pounds. Last night when I got in, I weighed myself and was about 162+. This morning, I was 161+. So we will see throughout the rest of the week how I do with my food and exercise. I would love to be at or below 162 come Saturday since that's what I need to do in order to not pay for the meeting.

Regardless of where I am, I'm going and weighing in at the meeting.

So that's where I am now. Oh and not to make this a relationship blog but to keep it a healthy living blog, I'll just say one more thing about the weekend. He is so nice. He made a candlelit dinner for me and breakfast and dinner again. Who does that? Now to get him to cook healthier! lol. Actually he really wants to learn. I don't know if he will, but he has mentioned it a few times. He wants to get a easy healthy cooking cookbook.

Actually, not a bad idea. Maybe I can buy him that?? Hm...Do you have any recommendations? Not something weird, like a weight watchers cookbook or anything. Just something that has easy but delicious healthy recipes. Doesn't even have to be the healthiest recipes ever. Just something that would be an easy transition, something to ease him into the healthy cooking ways!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Epic Fail!

I love baking. I make low fat banana bread and low fat cakes. I also make pizzelle's (full fat) around the holiday's but that's not baking, it's using a pizzelle grill. Pizzelle's are Italian waffle cookies and are so delicious! More to come on those.

But last night was an epic fail in the baking department. I don't think I've ever failed so disastrously when it came to baking or cooking anything!

I tried to make my boyfriend his favorite type of cookie, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies! Mistake #1: I never ever make cookies. Now I know why!

I pulled about 5 recipes off the Internet. One recipe had GREAT reviews. I tried it and it was a total disaster! The cookie didn't set up in the oven, it just spread all over the place and was a total mess! I followed the recipe to a T! I don't know what happened.

Realizing I had enough ingredients, I decided to try another recipe!
Mistake #2: Not realizing that I hate making cookies the first time and trying again!

The second recipe had the same ingredients but different measurements. The batter did seem better. This time, I only made a few cookies out of the batter so I can reserve what I'm not sure.

And the same thing happened! I really have no idea what I did wrong. I followed both recipes! Any ideas from any bakers?

I did decide then that I could try again with remaining batter but maybe on a lower temperature!
Mistake #3: Not realizing that it's the batter that's the problem, not the temperature!

Again, total disaster!

Sigh! I shall never bake another cookie as long as I live. So I'm going to Mrs. Fields and buying some of these cookies!

I did see a commercial this morning from the grocery store Dominick's and it said something to the effect of "The only ingredient you need for baking is Love!" Lol! I wanted to take my TV and throw it out the window! ass!! lol

To any of you that are from the Chicago Land area or get WGN Chicago News, my dad's restaurant will be on a show called Chicago's Best at 10:00 pm this Sunday, December 5th on WGN (Chicago Channel 9).

Thursday, December 2, 2010

What Happens When...

What happens when a good weight watcher goes bad? That bad weight watcher kicks herself in the butt and goes good again!

Then what happens when the reformed good weight watcher types a post titled "Back on Track" and subsequently falls off the face of the blogging planet afterward? Let me tell you!

First of all, I know! There is no such thing and "good" or "bad", just good choices and not so good choices. But let's put all that aside for the sake of today's post.

To say I've been struggling since about the beginning of November (and even a little before that) is an understatement! But the good thing about it is that I don't give up. I'm never giving up! What would happen if I gave up? I've been there, done that and the results aren't pretty! So as much as I beat myself up for the "bad", I give myself credit for the "good"!

My post on Monday was titled "Back on Track," and I was back on track! It felt so good to count all my points, even if I slipped up and ate a cookie, I tracked it. For about 2 days.
Ahhhh, it was a great 2 days too! I stayed in my points without going over! I almost felt like it was a new beginning!

And then I slowly slipped off track. Again, it's just with snacking. I just need to stop. I can be a binge eater so when I start, I don't stop. For me, it's best just not to start!

Another thing I've been working on is my anxiety and fear. This has been coming up more and more because of the new relationship I'm in. But I also think that because of the anxiety I'm feeling, I'm eating. I'm nervous, so I eat. I'm fearful, so I eat. I'm stressed, so I eat. I really do think a lot of this is emotional eating! I don't realize it at first but when I think about it, it makes perfect sense. So I need to deal with my emotions in some other way than with food. I've never really considered myself an emotional eater but the more I look at it, I think I am!

So, I'm starting over again today! That's all I can do. I am going away for the weekend so I'll just try to do my best.

I haven't started the new weight watcher program yet. I'm not going to a meeting until next Saturday, so I'm just following the old one still. I'm hoping the new program will give me a renewed outlook! I think after 3.5 years of the same thing, I really need a change. I need something that will make me think more than I do now. It may give me some control back. I'm a person that thrives when I'm in control.

If you are on weight watchers and started their new program, how are you liking it? I've read some blogs about it and am really excited! Are you finding it difficult to know how to "eyeball" nutritional information to determine the points, if necessary?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Back on Track!

Wow, it's been a long time coming! I've been pretty much off of the weight watcher plan and my own plan of any kind for about 1 month. And I've seen a fairly substantial weight gain to boot. In fact, I just went to look for my weight tracker that I always keep in my purse, so I can give an accurate reading of where I was 1 month ago and it's not even in there! That just proves my lack of focus!

But I was 161.2 when I weighed in on November 13th. I think I was 158 about 2 weeks prior to that. And I stepped on the scale to see 165. Now, 165 isn't too horrible but considering I've seen numbers as high as 172 due to sodium retention and lack of water, I got pretty scared! I haven't seen these numbers in months! I do not ever want to go back!

Also, I don't pay right now for weight watchers. As a lifetime member, I go to meetings for free as long as I weigh in once a month within my goal range. My goal is 160 so I have a 2 lb leeway and my upper limit is 162. So I have to lose 3 lbs before I weigh in for December.

My normal meetings are on Saturdays. This Saturday, I will be out of town. I could go to a meeting a different day this week (since they are also rolling out the new plan materials for weight watchers), but I don't want to weigh in and pay. So I'm sucking it up and going the following Saturday, which gives me about 2 weeks to lose around 3 lbs. I think that is completely doable. And if not, I will at least be close and may only have to pay for 1 week.

I have had renewed focus and motivation since last Saturday. I'm actually tracking my foods and working out every day. I'm a little obsessed and worked out twice yesterday. I did a 10k (on my own) for 6.2 mile run in the morning. Then I hung some x-mas lights (thank god I didn't fall off the ladder and kill myself!). Later in the evening since I was just watching tv, I decided to ride my stationary bike for 30 mins. I did some abs on the ball and a few weights for good measure! I think I'm going to try to do 30 mins on the stationary bike every night if possible while watching tv in addition to whatever other exercise I get in that day! I think that should help lose those 3 lbs. Can you tell I'm a little obsessed?? I was scared straight!

My cousin Toni, who also does weight watchers with me, finally posted some pictures of her dad's surprise 50th birthday party back from November 6, 2010. And wow, I think we look great! Here are two pictures. This is actually 3 people that have done weight watchers and we all look so great! My cousin has pictures of us all 3 years ago but never seems to remember to forward them to me!

So, the three of us are proof that weight watchers works. I think the first girl on the left, Kristin, lost about 25-30 lbs. Toni (my cousin) in the center lost about 40 lbs and I've (on the left) lost around 90 lbs. So I'm using these pictures for some inspiration.

But I've done pretty great the last few days. I'm keeping it going today and for the rest of the week. I'm going out of town to spend some time with the boyfriend on his home turf this weekend. I'm not going to count points but I'll try to watch myself. Then, I'm hitting the bricks next week again.

Do you think it's "wrong" for me to not count points this weekend? I want to live my life like I would live it for the rest of my life, and stressing about what I'm eating while with someone I don't see very often seems like a waste of my time and energy. I think just focusing on making as best of decisions as I can seems like a good way to go. What are your opinions?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Picking up the pieces!

I'm trying to pick up the pieces. I'm pretty depressed right now but it's not all about food. The county building screwed up with my taxes and I have a huge tax bill that's due. So I have to pay that until I get a refund. Sucks because it's an error on their part but I'm stuck cleaning it up right now. And I'm not the only one this has happened to.

I got to my parent's house to let their dog out and I did what I always do, bee-lined straight for their fridge. And there is a lot of leftovers to drown out my sorrows: Pecan pie, ice cream, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy! So I went beans! And a roll. That's it. Score one for me! It could have been a major disaster.

Thanksgiving with the family was good though. My dad cooked this year which means everything is made slightly healthier. Here are some pictures of us and the food.

Our turkey made on the grill! Yum!

Our dinner feast. My uncle eating 8 cups of gravy!

My lovely parents!

Me and my cousin Lexy!

I stepped on the scale a few times this week. And all the times, there was bad news! Some of it is sodium, I haven't been drinking my water, but a lot of it is gained weight! I know I'm definitely over my goal by more than the 2 lbs I'm allowed.

So, a thought has been in my head. Want to know what that thought is?? DIET! That's right! I've been contemplating dieting! And I don't consider it a diet when I'm just following weight watchers. But I'm seriously thinking about eating salad every day and soup every day just to lose weight.

How in the world can someone who has done weight watchers successfully for over 3 years fall apart so quickly!

So as much as I'm thinking about doing a DIET, I probably won't really be on one. Yes, I didn't eat much today, but I'm not starving either. And I'm trying to still get the required amount of veggies/fruit, dairy, water, etc. that you are supposed to have on WW. So maybe I'm just gaining control back instead of dieting.

In other news, I did a turkey trot today with Nick. This run last year was his first run ever. So we really wanted to be that time. And we also wanted to beat his personal record set in October.

And we did! Go Nick! 2009 5k turkey trot he did it in 37:49 (first ever run). His personal best in October was about 34:04. And this year? Nick did it in 32:34! Woohoo! Go Nick, Go Nick! And here is a wonderful picture of us before the run.

So that's it for me. I'm here, struggling, but trying to climb back up to the top.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Time

It's that time of year again. The Holidays! I vowed this week to track, track, track. Starting yesterday (Monday). There are approximately 6-7 weeks left before the New Year. That's plenty of time to keep things under control.

And I did great! For the first 3/4 of the day at least. Then at night, bread, bread and more bread! Ok. Today will be different, right?

Until I came in and found dozens of cookies. And without even thinking, grabbed several of them and ate them at my desk. Ok, here is my plan now. I'm tracking 15 points for them. I get 22 today. I'm also going to earn about 6 at the gym later. So after the 15 points deducted, I've got about 13 left for the day. I'm going to try to stick as close to that number as possible. If I use 15 instead of 13, that's ok. The important thing is that I would have tracked all of my food. I Well, I did eat a banana this morning so that's 2 points less. Now I've got 11 pts to use. I have my lunch prepared, a baked potato and chicken, which I weighed yesterday. My lunch rings in at 5 pts. I can make this work.

But that brings me to my topic at hand. Holidays. How do you prepare for the unexpected treats that are just laying around? Do you just have this fantastic willpower that you just say "no" and walk away?

Sometimes I get mad that I have to be so careful and refuse something when other people just walk around and eat without thinking! It just seems kind of unfair, you know?

So does anyone have any suggestions for me? My downfall is at work. I don't buy this stuff and keep it at my house. And I'm not even talking about all the wonderful Holiday food that you eat on the actual Holiday itself.

I should be posting tomorrow, but if not, hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Progress vs. Perfection

Thank you all for your words of encouragement over my last post regarding getting back to eating healthy.

I'm sure the question on your minds is...did I succeed? Yes and no. I started out that day great and lost it at the end. But I did succeed in that I started again the next day, and also today. I'm trying to work on Progress over Perfection!

I don't think I've ever met a perfect person. Have you? But what makes life great is that you can always strive for being better. There are always things you want to change or fix or improve on. It's how you handle those things that make you better. It's how you handle adversity that makes you stronger.

So, I'm starting...yet again. That's ok. There are 7 weeks left before the New Year. 7 weeks is a long time to get back on track. And yes, there are some holidays thrown in, or an occasional trip to see the out-of-state boyfriend, but that doesn't mean that I can't stay on track. And remember, it's not about perfection. So if on Thanksgiving, I eat a little too much mashed potatoes, that's ok. It's not what I do THAT day that defines who I am or how I'm doing, it's all the days surrounding it that count. That one day won't make or break me.

And another bit of news. I was notified that my blog (along with many others you may or may not read) was featured in an article from Nursing Schools. The title is 60 Amazing Blogs for Weight Watchers Support. My blog is located on number 41 on the list. The list is set up nicely because it separates the blogs based off of what information they provide. Are you a newcomer, trying to maintain after hitting goal, need new recipes? It lists a ton of good blogs for you to look at. Check out the article here. Kind of cool actually! And I'm looking forward to checking out some of those other blogs listed on there!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Starting Now!

I've been really struggling lately with my food. I can make excuses but that's all it would be...excuses.

Been Sick
Emotional Eating
Just don't care sometimes
No good food in the house
Bad choices at restaurants

Once I'm off track for a while, it's really hard to get back on track. Then I start feeling sluggish, depressed, guilty...the list just goes on and on. I hate this feeling and know as soon as I start eating right, I'll feel 10x better!

So why can't I start? Every day I say "this is the day!" And every morning I blow it at work and say "Maybe tomorrow." It's a never ending cycle.

So to try to get out of my eating funk, I'm starting RIGHT NOW! This morning I did my usual "This is the day" then I blew it and said "Maybe Tomorrow" but I know that will never happen. So what am I going to do? I'm confessing to all of you, right here, right now! I'm confessing to my morning sins, I'm writing it down and moving on for the rest of the day! This is the only way I will get back on track!

Morning 11/17/10
2 bananas (2 different times of the day) = 4 pts
1 regular bagel = 5 pts
part of a small taffy apple = 2 pts

So at 11:00 am, I have already consumed 11 pts. This is half of my day worth of points. I'm going to my "losing" points which is less than "maintenance" points. I get 22 pts.

I have my lunch planned already since I brought it from home. I'm having chicken and baked potato. I have to estimate the points since I didn't weigh anything. Better to estimate then to not count it.

Lunch 11/17/10
3 oz. baked chicken = 3 pts
3 oz. baked potato = 3 pts

rand total after lunch will be 17 pts used.

I'm not going to the gym tonight. I've been pushing myself to hard trying to work out when I've been sick and that's hindering me getting better.

So instead, I need to run to the store and thought I might run to the grocery store for a few items too. Just to get myself back on track. I need basics such as milk, cheese, lettuce and a few other items.

And I'm confessing that I never changed my weight from 158 after my last weigh in. I gained 3.2 lbs from the last two weeks which puts me at 161.2. That, luckily, is still within my healthy weight range for weight watchers (162 is the high end for me). So I'm changing my weight in my stats too. Might as well confess all the way!

So that's me confessing. Today is a new day. I'm starting today. You guys are my witnesses!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Turkey Trot

I had the Tinley Park Turkey Trot scheduled for this past Sunday morning. I was going to run it solo because I wanted to see what time I could get for a 5k. It's been forever (few years) since I ran a 5k by myself. My times before used to be between 32-35 mins! I really wanted to try for under 30 mins.

Unfortunately, I've been sick since last Monday. It's just one of those colds that won't go away. I was debating on whether I should even do this run. But, because I'm crazy and can't shy away from a run, I decided to do it.

I started close to the front. I usually start in the middle but I was going for time and decided to start near the beginning.

Because of this, I started out too fast. And with not feeling well, I felt it within one minute! I was sucking cold air into my lungs and I couldn't breathe properly. After realizing I wouldn't make it if I kept this running pace, I slowed it up a little. I'd rather finish and be a little slower, then not finish at all!

This run actually ran past my house twice! The website doesn't have the official results up yet (really guys!?!), so I don't know officially what my time was yet. But I do know that I finished it right about 28 mins. I think it might be a little less, around 27 mins 50+ seconds. That's my guess, so I'm very happy with that. Maybe I could have run it in less time if I wasn't sick and if it wasn't 30 degrees outside, but I have a personal best now for a 5k if I ever decide to run another one by myself.

**(UPDATE: times are now listed. I finished with a time for this 5k of 27:55 mins which comes to an average pace per mile of 9.01 mins/mile! This is a personal best ever!)

I'm also really having a hard time getting my eating under control. I mean, I don't eat bad meals necessarily, I'm just not paying attention to everything else I'm eating. I'm sure I'm eat more points than I should be. And I haven't been working out as much (which I'm trying to get back into the rhythm of), so it's a something I need to start focusing more on.

Other than that, my weekend was pretty boring. I did a lot of laundry. Nothing else really, since my energy was pretty zapped. I went to lunch with my cousins (Mr. Anonymous Nick and Jessie and their baby Elise). I have fabulous cousins!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Kind of off topic blog reporting to follow.

I've been totally MIA the last few days. In fact, my life has just been all turned around. My eating, sleeping, work day routine. It's been all thrown out the window.

Why? Well, you know why. That guy Matt came in from Nebraska. I filled you in a little the other day. I'll only fill you in a little today too. I will tell you that I have had the best time in a long time! My days are normally filled with normal, every day boring routines. Work, workout, tv, sleep. That's mostly the way my life is.

My life for the past 4 years was mainly focused on my getting healthy and feeling better about myself. So much so, that I neglect other areas of my life. Such as dating. And along with neglecting it, you start to fear it. You start to fear change.

So considering I just threw caution to the wind for almost the entire last week was so interesting for me! I thought this morning that I have no idea what's going on in the world because I haven't even watched the news, haven't checked to see what my DVR is recording or not recording, haven't done any laundry, haven't gone grocery shopping, haven't counted points, haven't watched my fruit/veggie, water, dairy intake, haven't worked out much, had fries several days, ordered an actual cheeseburger yesterday!

And even though I have no clean clothes, no fresh food, and may have gained 5 lbs (not sure), it was ALL SO WORTH IT! I think you have to change your life sometimes. You become dull and boring. You forget that life is short and you need to have fun while you can.

Am I completely over my normal boring life? No way! I can't wait to do laundry, can't wait to go grocery shopping, and definitely can't wait to workout!

But after a roller coaster week for me, I have to get on with it. Matt left this morning to go back to Nebraska. I was so sad. He tried harder than anyone to get my to drive back with him and call in the rest of the week and even though it was so tempting, I'm a responsible person and can't do that. We will just have to wait it out for a few weeks when I can visit him in Nebraska.

We had the best two days Tuesday and Wednesday. I called in sick, which is ironic because I kind of am sick. Wednesday we just went downtown with almost no plans, walked around Navy Pier, walked around Millennium Park, people watched, sat down, walked around, ate dinner. It was so nice not to have any plans. Just spent the whole day strolling. I don't think I've EVER done that. So peaceful and relaxing. I really needed that.

Now I need to get back to "normal" life. Work now. Running later, watch some of my recorded shows that I've forgotten all about. I really need to get back into a normal eating routine too.

Oh and bad news for my other guy Ken. I broke it off with him. It was irrespective of Matt. I was going to do it anyway. Ken took it good but not good. He really liked me. Doesn't want to be friends, only if it may lead to something more. I know that's not going to happen so that's his decision.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. It's just what's on my mind right now.

I do have the Turkey Trot 5k this weekend. I'm running it because I never run a 5k on my own anymore and want to see what my time could be.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Run Update and More

I had the Hot Chocolate 15k on Saturday. It's 9.3 miles. That's a long way! Yes, I've run half marathons, but usually only 1 time a year. Other than that, it's usually between 3-6 miles that I run at a time.

It was going to be cold on Saturday. And it was when I hit the road, maybe around 30 degrees! I didn't want to go, I didn't want to be there. I wanted to stay sleeping. But a runner has to do what a runner has to do!

I felt pretty good the whole run. Sure, I was tired and really wanted to quit between mile 3-5, but it's all mental. If you physically feel good, you have to push through mentally.

I was giving myself one rest break. I figured I would walk for 2 mins about mile 6. When I got to mile 6, I was making pretty good time and thought that I would wait and walk at mile 7. However, at mile 7, still feeling pretty ok and still making good time, I thought that there is only 2 miles left, I might as well finish. I didn't need to walk at all! Whoa! That's pretty incredible for me! I usually have to walk some time during long runs!

It also stopped being cold around mile 3! Beautiful day to run! So glad I went.

My goal for this run since I had never run this distance in a timed run before was 1 hour 40 mins. I just wanted to be under that time! I decided to set a harder goal (and one I really didn't think I would achieve) at 1 hour 35 mins. I figured for the distance, that would be hard to achieve.

I kept a pretty good pace of under 10 mins/mile for about the first 4-5 miles! That's incredible for me! And the last maybe 4 miles, I kept a pretty consistent 10 min/mile pace! I don't have one of those fancy watches that tell me this, but I use the clocks they have at every mile marker to determine how fast/slow that mile was.

So when I crossed the finish line, I knew that I made it in around 1:30-1:31! WHOA? Really? I killed the times I set for myself! I was so happy with that!

The official time is 1:30:15 with an average pace per mile of 9.41 mins/mile! For me, this is huge! I only compete with myself on time and I've never run a run of ANY distance with a pace faster than 10+ mins/mile! And to run a personal best with a distance of 9.3 miles? I'm speechless!

In other news: I had that big family party on Saturday evening. I was going to meet that guy Matt from Nebraska. I decided to swing by my cousin's house on Friday night to meet him and get any awkwardness out of the way before the party on Saturday. It worked! I was super nervous on Friday and it was kind of awkward, but was much better on Saturday.

I will tell you, he is cuter than I expected from his pictures on facebook. Also, at the family party, we spent much of the evening together. Well, that threw my family for a loop! They were cornering me and questioning me.

Who is this guy you are talking to? Why are you talking to him? Why are you eating with him? Maybe you should move to another table and not eat with him (what? seriously guys??)? Why are you talking to him if he is from Nebraska? It was funny at times but pretty ridiculous at other times! The funny questioning ones were ok. The judgmental, "you shouldn't be talking to him" comments really kind of pissed me off. I thought those comments were rude and inappropriate. But I know they are my family. They NEVER see me talking to any guys. I NEVER bring guys around them EVER! (This may be the reason for that!). But I know they have my best interests at heart.

Want a picture from that night? This is NOT the best picture of us, but it was the first one that was taken and the only one my cousin has made available to me right now. I'm in my "closed off/awkward/arms crossed/who's taking my picture" kind of mode right now. But as you can see, I was cold and he got his jacket for me to wear. Awww, chivalry is not dead! lol If I get my hands on a better picture, I will post it.

And we spent all day on Sunday together. Half of it was with my cousin and her family so it was normal stuff. The other half, we ditched them and saw half of a really bad movie (do NOT see Hereafter), went out to eat and tried to find something else to occupy our time but couldn't since my cousin lives in the middle of nowhere.

Today, he is coming to my area, checking out my house for a minute (minus the rooms that are not clean), then going to eat at my parent's restaurant. We will probably try to find something else cheap and easy to do afterward.

I'm going to be sick from work on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. Well...Matt leaves on Thursday and he did drive 7.5 hours, so it's the least I could do! So that's that.

No, you aren't getting juicy or not-juicy details! lol. And at Thanksgiving and a family baby shower later this month and in December, I'm KNOW I'm going to be cornered by my family again with LOTS of questions! They are so nosey!

And my eating? Well, I threw it all out the window this weekend. So even though I still may not be 100% perfect this week, I'm going to be more conscience of the choices I make. And NO CANDY! I know I have gained several pounds. The scale will not be happy!

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Post With No Title

Not feeling creative with the title for today's post!

What can I say, I stepped on the scale this morning and the number was not pretty! It's not my normal weigh in day but no one wants to see a number 5 pounds above the last one! Ouch!

I haven't been tracking AT ALL. I haven't even been trying to track. I'm in one of those "I don't care" moods. Needless to say, Halloween Candy has not been helping in the least! So, goal for today is NO HALLOWEEN CANDY (even though it was just refilled by evil office coworkers!).

I was determined to make this week better than last week. My mood a few days last week was grumpy! This week, I vowed to have a happy week regardless of issues at work/home, etc.

And it worked! The power of positive thinking! Now to get my eating under control. Also, I haven't been able to work out nearly as much as usual. No wonder the scale wasn't happy. So this morning, I got up early, rode the stationary bike in my living room for 25 mins, did another 5 mins of weights and then got on with my day. I'm going to try to do that a few extra times next week too since I think I won't have enough time with a certain friend coming into town from Nebraska this weekend and not leaving until Thursday!

I got my hair cut yesterday. It's still the same cut, short on an angle. I trimmed up my bangs. I almost think they are a teeny tiny bit too short but they grow so fast that it shouldn't matter.

I have the Hot Chocolate 15k this weekend (Saturday). Oh my goodness, it's going to be cold out there. SOOOO not looking forward to that! But I'm going to do my best.

Here are my goals for the run. I would like to, at a minimum, finish under 1 hour 40 mins. And to make me really happy, I would like to finish at about 1.35. I've never run just a 15k before so I'm not exactly sure what my time will be. If it's as cold as I think it is, I may be running faster just to finish as quickly as possible! Brrrrrr!!!!! Cold running is not my thing!

And, new friend from Nebraska is coming into town this weekend. Yes, Matt, the one that I have endless conversations on the phone with for the last two weeks. Whoa, can't believe this day is finally here! I'm really excited! I mean...really excited! But I'll be really nervous by about 3 pm today. I'm heading over to meet him at my cousin's house tonight around 7 pm. He should be getting there around 6 pm.

He told me he is bringing me a surprise. A gift that should make me laugh. Now why do people go and tell you they have a surprise! Kind of defeats the purpose of a surprise, doesn't it?? Uh! And it just makes me want to know what the heck it is! I was talking to him yesterday and he said he "got my surprise and was putting it together." What??? So curious! lol

Oh and lastly, had a date again with the first guy Ken the other day. I hadn't been out with him since I had started talking to Matt, so I really wanted to see what I thought about being out with Ken again. We went bowling and to eat. It was fine. I really love bowling! But yeah, no sparks with Ken at all. I kept looking at him and thinking..."Well? Maybe?? Anything??" But no, can't really find anything there. And I kept thinking about Matt the whole time too. That's never good when you are on a date with someone! And I always want the date to end early. So I think it may be time to cut Ken loose. And not because of Matt, just because of my lack of feelings for Ken.

So that's the details so far of my personal dating life. Definitely will be more to tell after this weekend! I'm seeing Matt for a few hours tonight, then tomorrow at the HUGE family party. I am spending the night at my cousins....which was planned LONG BEFORE Matt was coming and spending the night at my cousins (that was such a set up!). And my cousin, Matt and I will all be spending the day on Sunday together. If things are going well, I'll be taking off of work on Tuesday to hang out with Matt more before he has to leave on Thursday. If things don't go well, I'll be working that day! lol

I won't be posting until next week, maybe Monday. I hope you all have a great weekend! If you have anything exciting planned, please share!

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Run, Courtney, Run is currently having two giveaways! One is from Family Fan Club and the other is from Allied Steel for a Medal Hanger. Pretty cool items! Be sure to stop over at Courtney's blog and check it out!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Personal Best!

I needed to work out yesterday incredibly bad! I didn't work out Monday or Tuesday. I have been eating WAY too much Halloween candy at work. But I also feel really busy!

I decided to head to the gym in the City near my work yesterday so as not to make any excuses. I wasn't going to run because I have the Hot Chocolate 15k this Saturday and I don't like to run too close to any big runs. Instead of a rest "day", I like a rest "week".

But after eating nearly 223 pieces of candy yesterday (really!), I needed to kick my butt at the gym. So the best way to do that is to run. I decided to do run intervals on the treadmill. I don't normally like running on the treadmill. I find it boring and actually harder for me than running outside. I think that's contradictory to what some other people think but it's always been that way for me.

Anyway, I decided to do intervals on the treadmill. This is easier to do on the treadmill than outside because you can control the speed.

I decided to do a 2 minute interval on 6.2 speed (9.40 min/mile) and a 1 minute interval on 7.2 speed (8.19 min/mile). I was handling this speed well until about 10 minutes in. I started to get tired. I had scheduled 50 minutes on the treadmill because then I had to catch my train. To make sure I was able to complete the entire 50 minute run, I decided that around 25 mins, I would walk for two minutes.

And I did. But after that 2 minute walk, I decided to reduce my speed so I will be able to finish. I did intervals on 6.0 and 7.0. Even though I was tired, I felt pretty good and was able to finish all 50 mins.

I did 5 miles in 47.23 minutes! Wow! This is the fastest I've ever run a distance of 5 miles! I was pretty proud of myself. The closest thing I have to compare is the Shamrock Shuffle every March/April. It is 5 miles and the last two years, I've completed this in 50.27 minutes.

Yes, you heard me right. The last two times I've ran this run, I finished with the EXACT same time! Wow, talk about consistency! I was actually pretty angry that I tied my last time this year instead of beating it. I only wanted to beat it by 1 second! Oh well.

So next year, I would like to beat it. And if I can even shave off 30 seconds, I will be so happy!

I will spare you details of my love life for now. You can thank me later!

Do you prefer to run on the treadmill or outside?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Baby News!!

No! Not Me! Wow, that would be something huh??

My cousin Angel and her husband Brent adopted a baby girl! They have been married since 2000 and have been trying to get pregnant for at least 5 years or more. They decided to try the adoption process.

Things were not going well for them and they were discouraged. They decided to go through an attorney that my Aunt knows. Well, I'm not sure on the details but I do know a teenager was giving birth on Saturday and on Friday, they were informed they could adopt this unborn baby! So they took her home yesterday!

Her name is Elise Marie and she weighed 6 lbs 1 oz. I'm so happy for them! Here are some pictures I pulled off their facebook!

This is now the second baby cousin I have that was born this year that was named Elise! They are from different sides of my family. The first was Elise Claire which was born in April and was posted in her kitty costume in yesterday's post. She is about the cutest baby EVER!

Now I have Elise Marie born Oct. 30th. She is currently the cutest newborn baby cousin I have right now! I don't play favorites! They are ALL my favorites!

And in all my excitement, I have forgotten to post my weigh in results from last Saturday. I lost 1.2 lbs! So excited! Especially because I haven't been working the plan as good as I want to and this week I won't be able to exercise as much as normal. Need to make sure I gain control of my eating before things get out of control.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Recap and More!

How was everyone's Halloween? Do you even celebrate Halloween?

As you all saw from my previous post, my Halloween party was last weekend. Remember...

I've actually gotten a lot of comments on this photo! Including a "Damn girl! F'ing Gorgeous!" lol. Wow! Thanks! Must be the drunk smurf next to me!

This weekend, I had a party at my cousin's house for a house warming party. She is the one married to Mr. Anonymous Nick (aka my running partner) that frequents my blog. It turned out nice! Good food, good family/friends! They received some nice gifts (made me jealous!). I might have to borrow some of their new gadgets!

Some pictures. They are blurry. That's what happens when you take them fast with your phone! So sorry but it's all I have!

Me & Elise (Nick and Jessie's baby girl). She is so cute. I think I might keep her!

Me & Jessie at their new home!

After I left Jessie's house, I went to buy new gym shoes. While at the store, my cousin Toni calls me and begs me to go out with her. I said no, but then decided to NOT be an old lady and stay in on a Saturday night, so I went.

She wanted to go to the gambling boats in Indiana. I've been twice over 10 years ago. I'm cheap with my money and don't like to waste it. So after losing $20, I was done! Toni, however, run over $800 on a quarter slot machine!

After spending some of it gambling and giving me a total of $70 to spend throughout the night, she ended up with between $300-$500 winnings! Go Toni! And she was the one buying the drinks that night for us! lol!

Sunday was Halloween. Our trick or treat hours were 2-6. I wanted to go for a long run to prepare for the upcoming 15k this coming weekend. My plan was 7 miles. I didn't get home the night before until 2:30, so I set my alarm for 10 am and headed out.

It was slightly rough. After 3 miles, I really wanted to be done. I was going to cut the run short at 6 miles! But after 6 miles, I decided to stretch it out to the 7 miles I had planned. At 6 miles, I felt better than the whole run!

Ran some errands, then came home to pass out candy. I want to pass out candy because I remember when I was a kid, I wanted people to be home to give me candy! I'm returning the favor.

My cousin Jessie and baby Elise walked over for a bit!

I ran out of candy at 5:15 and decided NOT to go buy more. I was done. I put a sign on the door and left the house!

I went clothes shopping but didn't buy anything. I have the WORST shopper ever! I desperately need new clothes too. I'm trying again tonight! lol

I also lost my drivers license. I noticed it missing on Saturday. I never took it out of my purse that I can remember. I don't know the last time I had it!

My outside sensor light on the house is also permanently on since Sunday! I don't have a switch that I can find so I have no idea how to turn it off!! I have to figure it out before I get a huge electric bill! The problems with being a single woman homeowner! I have no idea what I'm doing.

And my doorbell doesn't work. How does one even figure out the problem for that? Sigh!

Going out with Ken tomorrow bowling.

Matt is coming in to town on Friday and staying until Thursday. I'm going to go to my cousins to meet him Friday night after work. Get the weird awkwardness out of the way before the weekend.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Anything on the agenda for the coming week?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Update: Food, Work, Life

So my life is having ups and downs. I'm trying to breathe and just take it all in stride. I can only control what I can control.

I can control what I put in my mouth. I can control if I write it down and track the points for it. Now, have I been? No. Not really. I actually haven't done too bad though. Yesterday I stopped eating dinner when I was satisfied. I knew I really didn't need to eat the rest and I was going to be fine.

Also the late night phone calls/messaging with a certain someone in Nebraska makes me forget about eating at night. That's a plus! :)

And I have been stepping on the scale to see where I am this week. My official weigh in day is tomorrow but so far, the scale is looking ok. I may have only stayed the same but I'm confident I shouldn't have gained anything. Not bad considering I haven't been tracking.

So I can do better in the food department but at least I'm being mindful of what I'm eating and how often I'm eating. It's kind of the way "real life" works with food.

What can I say. This is an area that I can't control. I can only control how I perform at work but can't control the management's decisions.

A friend at work was fired. She was part-time. The one attorney here never liked her and wanted to fire her when she was pregnant but couldn't legally. I liked her more than anyone else at this stupid place!

Today, I came into work to be told that "things are going to get much worse around here." Yeah, thanks. Don't they know you can get more bees with honey. I just don't get it. But again, I can't control it. I can only control the fact that I can look for a new job!

My cousin is having a house warming/Halloween party tomorrow night. Unfortunately, a tree fell over during the storms in the Midwest earlier this week and knocked their power out. Hopefully Mr. Anonymous will check in here and let me know if they have been able to have it restored. Fingers crossed!

I have been having an internal struggle regarding my personal dating life. I'm an over analyzer. I think and rethink and dissect everything in my life. I do it to the point that things aren't fun anymore but a huge struggle. I'm trying to rid myself of this behavior. Sometimes you just don't have to think. Sometimes you should just do. Life is about having fun!! Not thinking so much you're depressed and your head hurts and you want to curl up in a ball and never leave the house!

So, Ken called (guy #1...the one that lives near me) and asked if I wanted to do something next week on Monday or Tuesday. I said sure. I mean, I don't dislike Ken. I like him, he's nice. I had fun the last time we went out. Maybe there aren't "sparks" there right now, but that's ok. I told him I wasn't sure where I was "at" with this and we agreed to take it slow and get to know each other. Then Ken asked if I wanted to go out to dinner later in the week for his brother's birthday. way! I'm not going to meet the family! lol. Hm...sigh!

Then we have Matt (guy #2...the one that lives 450 miles away in Nebraska). If I said that we "got along", that would be an understatement. We clicked from minute one. Of course, it's only phone calls and chat messaging. This is where my internal struggle has been coming in to play. I talk to him for hours, then the next day I think to myself that I don't want to talk to him anymore. I don't want to because we live hours away from each other and I don't want to like him!

I've decided that I'm not going to fight with myself about it. It's ok if we talk and get along great and have fun via phone/computer. There is nothing wrong with that. Why do I have to think so much? He is coming into town the weekend of November 6th for my cousin's party. We are both really looking forward to meeting each other. Hey, if nothing else, I have a new friend. I didn't "waste" my time by talking to him for two weeks. If we meet and there is really something there, then we will have to make decisions. But right now, there are no decisions to be made. I just need to remember that.

So that's my Food, Work, Life in a nutshell! I've learned through all of this that I can be a bit of a control freak. I think it's out of fear. But sometimes you have to just let go and just live life.

Are you a control freak??

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Running Goals

I added a section to the side, see... ---------------------------------------->

that tells me what runs I have coming up that I've paid for and are definitely running.

Some people have the cool tabs on the top of their page to post things like this on. I don't know how to do that :(

I think maybe I can't do that with blogger?? Does anyone know?

Anyway, I'm signing up for so many more runs than normal that I feel as though I might forget them all. I do, after all, have early stages of Alzheimer's! Those with family members that have it, I know it's hard, so please don't be offended by my joking use of the term.

I sometimes feel as though I have it! I know I don't. I do like to joke around though. My grandmother did have dementia in the late stages of her life. My dad took the test and it was determined that he does not. I'm saying it is skipping a generation! lol. I forget EVERYTHING! :-p

Back on topic...I'm doing more runs and I like to keep track of them. I thought that was a good way to do it. Post it on my blog!

I'm doing the 15k in 1.5 weeks. I'm kind of excited. It's less than a half marathon, which is good. And I know with the half marathons, I pretty much hit a wall at around mile 9! So this run is 9.3 miles! Perfect! But I have a huge party to go to later that day so I'll be in a hurry!

Then I have 2 Turkey Trot 5k's. The first one (Tinley Park) is one I'm running alone. I haven't run a 5k on my own in so long! Normally, I run with other people to encourage them along on the 5k. I'm pretty interested to see what my 5k time would be on my own!

When I first started running, I ran 5k's in about 35 mins (sometimes more, sometimes less). I think the fastest I ever ran one in was 32+ mins. I think I can do it under 30 mins now. What do you think? I'm anxious to find out!

The second Turkey Trot (Beverly) I'll be running with Nick (Mr. Anonymous on these boards!). Go Nick! This run was the his first one ever last year! He wants to beat his previous time! I know he can do it! He just needs to find his running shoes after he moved...

And today, I signed up for the Capital City Half Marathon in Columbus, OH in May of 2011. My nephew lives there and I thought it would be an easy one to go to since I can stay at his house and he can pick up my packet for me (hopefully).

Runs that I don't have on the "scheduled" list that are either definites or maybes are the Chicago FULL Marathon next year (definite!) and the Atlantic City Half Marathon that a few fellow bloggers were thinking of doing as well. That one would be difficult for me as I would need airfare and a hotel, but if I plan ahead, it may be doable!

I have a Goal for the Half Marathons. I thought of this myself but have since seen this as many runner's goals. I want to run a half marathon in as many states as possible. So far, it's been just Illinois. Next year, I'll add Columbus at a minimum!

I'm not even going to get into my guy troubles. Sigh. Maybe in another post. :-/
Actually nothing has changed. I'm just in a "I-have-less-stress-when-it's-just-me" mode!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Party

I haven't been posting much. I have been doing what I'm supposed to be doing lately in terms of eating. I wasn't tracking, I wasn't planning my meals, heck...I didn't even go grocery shopping! In hopes of sparing the men on here some uncomfortableness, it was a "female" issue.

I hate using that as an excuse though. It's not! I need to learn to manage and control myself during certain times!

Starting Saturday though, I've done much better. I still didn't track, but I'm paying more attention to if I'm hungry. We had a Halloween party at my cousin Angel's house and her husband Brent. They have a party every year and it's a theme party. This year's theme was a nursery rhyme/fairy tale theme.

Unfortunately, we only got the invites a week in advance. And I really wasn't feeling the theme. I'm poor and didn't want to spend $50 on a costume and didn't have much time to improvise.

I decided to be Little Red Riding Hood. I was Red when I was like 5 years old. I used the old cape and just added ribbon in the front to tie it together. I carried a basket and put flower pins in my hair. Then I just wore a black shirt and jeans.

What was funny was that half way through the night, Brent's coworker showed up as The Big Bad Wolf from the story! OMG, we were dying laughing. This was not planned. I didn't know him. But it was perfect. He completes me! lol

And I did pretty great on not overeating! So pleased!

Here are a few photos from that night...

Me and my cousin Andrew. He was a smurf. And the next picture is the 3 blind mice.

Me and my Wolfie friend! :) I'm such a bad actress.

My cousin Angel and Brent. She always has to be the star of the show!! They were Hansel & Gretel. Then there was Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter

Also, Old Mother Hubbard and the dog made an appearance!

Nice legs Uncle Jan! lol

Then on Sunday, we celebrated my Grandmother's 81st birthday. My grandparents look so great for their age! We just went to my parents restaurant for lunch. Nothing big. But we did make her cry!! :p

**Off Topic Personal Life Dating News Report: Um...Um...Houston we have a problem! I really like this guy in Nebraska that I've been chatting with online. My cousin knows him and introduced us on Facebook. Since Friday we cannot stop talking online! I didn't get to bed until 3:30 am on Saturday night because of this! I don't talk to anyone for that long (over 4 hours straight). Oh dear! And he is coming in town on Nov. 6th for a huge family party (even though he isn't part of it). It's my cousin's party and since she was meddling trying to get us together, she invited him.

I was HUGELY resistant on even talking to him on facebook in the beginning. I mean, he lives two states away! We have been FB friends for a few months, but not until Friday did I really say anything to him. But he is SO NICE! Yesterday he told me that talking to me was like a "breath of fresh air." Swoon! We will call him Matt (because that's his name!).

And yes, Ken is still waiting in the background. I'm not making any rash decisions until I meet Matt. But I will tell you that I would SO much rather talk to Matt then Ken. Oh dear, when did I start juggling two guys! Since I'm not officially dating either one of them, I think it's ok. Matt knows about Ken (although Matt did tell me to break up with Ken!! lol). And there is nothing to tell Ken about Matt right now. I'm playing it by ear. And when/if there is something to tell, I will.