Thursday, July 14, 2016

But who's counting!

I apologize for my lack of posting. I've been busy. Busy with work, wedding, cycling. I've been reading all your posts though!

So it's only 30 days now until my wedding!  But who's counting anyway, right?  (Me!)  I'm in pretty relaxed, yet excited, but a little nervous state. I guess that's pretty normal, right? Well, normal except the "relaxed" part. I'll admit, I might get stressed over one random thing...(like where the hell I'm going to be on my wedding morning to get ready! lol), but then I talk about it, figure it out, and move on. I haven't been a bundle of nerves too much.

I had my shower...

And bachelorette party...

 So ... all in all, thing are going well!  I had my makeup trial, my hair trial, and my first dressing fitting. Yikes! It's getting real!

And now there are only 30 days left... but who's counting anyway!

And guess what else??  I did a 75 mile bike ride on the 4th of the July too!  The ride was 68 miles but my friend Karen and I decided to add on a few extra to get to the nice even number. 75 miles.... but who's counting anyway!

I'm counting, that's who!! 

Next up?  A 100 mile (century) ride this weekend with the love of my life!  Our first one. But who's counting anyway!