Sunday, June 11, 2017

Pregnancy Update - Weeks 30 & 31

Pregnancy Update - Weeks 30 and 31
How far along/size of baby: I'm 32 weeks today.  But this blog post is from the last 2 weeks (weeks 30 and 31)!!

Baby weighs about 3.3 lbs (about the size of a coconut) and is over 16 inches, all according to the apps.  Yup. I'm feeling every bit of this baby right now.
30 Weeks

31 Weeks
31 Weeks
And here is my husband at 30 weeks...because he likes to take pictures of himself instead of me! lol

Luckily he got a haircut and has shaved since this photo! Derek at 30 weeks.....
Sleep: I had a few good nights recently. It's sad when a "good night" means I only woke up 2 or 3 times. The rest still aren't the greatest. I have some hip pain, calf cramping, and my belly always hurts during the night. So just getting up or turning from side to side hurts. I was recommended to drink some sports drink before bed and have been trying that but calf cramped a bit yesterday morning so... yeah.

Best moment of the past 2 weeks: My husband refurbished the baby furniture we got from my cousin and we put them in the baby room. So the baby room has only baby stuff in it! How about that? Minus some of our clothes in the closet (along with my wedding dress...oops) so we need to take care of that. But it looks so nice! I love it! Made me so happy!

Miss anything:  Being normal and feeling normal. I'm now a walking topic for anyone and everyone. Everywhere I go, someone is asking me questions about my pregnancy (which really is fine), and asking me if I'm due soon (no, 2 months, thanks a lot).

Movement: Yes, definitely. There are still some kicks and jabs but I'm feeling a lot more rolling/movement of the baby where I can see my whole belly just shift. It's very interesting but also feels very weird and usually stops me in my tracks  It can definitely get distracting at work too. I have not seen a foot or hand yet...

Symptoms: Minor lower back pain if I stand too long. Some calf cramps in the early mornings. Feet and finger swelling. The baby likes to step on my bladder. All the fun stuff, clearly!

I've been having some nausea in the mornings or on the train to and from work, especially if it's warm in the train car. Not sure if the motion of the train is getting to me or what. Strange, I haven't had any nausea the entire pregnancy and now I'm having some. But it's "relatively" minor and no other issues with that.

I'm definitely finally hitting that "hot flashes" stage, or just being warmer in general. I'm generally a very cold person all the time. I still am sometimes, but have been having very warm moments.

Looking forward to: I'm getting a 32 week ultrasound on Monday! Always fun to see the baby. A lot of people only get 2 ultrasounds during their pregnancy and I'm getting 4 so that's pretty fun. And it just makes me feel more relaxed to see that he is doing ok. Hope he looks good for his picture!
Food Cravings or Aversions:  Nope, I'm pretty good on this one for now.

Belly button in or out: In! Still in. I'm happy about that. Ha! It's the little things.

Wedding rings on or off: On. But my fingers are sometimes more swollen and I have shoved them on a few times, which isn't probably good. I better be careful or I might not get them off one day!

Running/Working Out:  I have definitely had some good runs in the past couple weeks. I ran 3 times one week a couple weeks ago, which is unusual these days. But...1 or 2 times a week is pretty normal. I actually ran last Sunday and did great on a 2:1 interval but haven't run again all week.  I've noticed my recovery after running is not as good. The next day I'm usually pretty sore and very tired. So I'm definitely not pushing myself to run, especially if it will be warmer (like this weekend/next week).
30 Weeks - After a walk
Other workouts this week included walking and a 10 mile bike ride on my bike trainer. I have been going to a barre class generally on the weekends too, if I can make it. So I'm still trying to stay active.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Pregnancy Update - Weeks 28 & 29

How far along/size of baby: I'm 29 weeks 4 days today. Baby weighs about 2.5 lbs (about the size of a butternut squash) and is over 15 inches, all according to the apps. Now, looking at my belly, I'm sure my baby is WAY bigger than that and is going to be over 12 lbs at birth! Ha! I've given it a max weight limit of 8 lbs so we will see what happens.
28 Weeks

29 Weeks
Obviously the baby will not be getting too much more length in the next 11 weeks but will be packing on the weight and filling out with some baby fat! Can we all just visualize those cute baby cheeks for a minute...  ..... ok... let's move on.

Sleep: I know I said it's pretty awful last time. And yes, I still don't get much sleep. Between my body, the potty breaks, and other outside factors, I'm generally up every 1.5-2 hours on average. I'm sure this accounts for some crabbiness.

Best moment of the past 2 weeks: Gosh, I'm not sure. A lot happens every day and if I don't write it down, I kind of forget. There are a lot of good moments with baby movements and I had a good run the other day so there's that.

Miss anything:  Not being tired. But this has generally been a reoccurring theme in my life. Being able to bend down comfortably.

Movement: I've been feeling A LOT more moving, rolling, jabbing, kicking. Sometimes I'm just not expecting it and it's such a weird feeling that I just have to stop what I'm doing for a minute because I'm momentarily confused. lol. I know the baby is bigger and it's no surprise I'm feeling more movement and jabs in multiple spots at once. Still not "seeing" it yet, except a brief jump in my belly (like it just hiccupped or something).

Symptoms: I have more lower back pain especially if I'm just standing around. I might have had some Braxton Hicks contractions the other night but at first I wasn't sure if that's what I was feeling or if it was the baby. I'm pretty sure it was BH because it was more of a "tightening" feeling and my belly was just contorting weirdly during this brief time. First time mom here so I'm never quite sure what I'm feeling until things are stronger.

Also, the weather was in the 80's for about 5 days and my feet were just SO SWOLLEN! I'm not used to having sausage feet so it was pretty amazing (not in a good way). They are back to normal now. Thankfully.

I also can get pretty moody or depressed at times (like this morning). Some days are very good days, some days are not. I can be tired physically but also mentally. I can handle physically but the mentally tired can wear on me sometimes. There is a lot going on besides the pregnancy and sometimes I just need to cave and let it out.

Food Cravings: I'm adding this back in for a minute. I'm not a huge hot dog person. And you are not supposed to eat hot dogs when pregnant. Should be easy right? Except when you are told not to do it, it makes it harder to resist. I have had a craving for hot dogs for months. My husband gets them every once in a while and I just want to take a delicious bite! So I did have a polish sausage at my parent's restaurant on Mother's Day to make up for that craving and it was delicious! Onions, mustard, relish! Yum!

Belly button in or out: In! I'm pretty sure it will stay that way, to my husband's dismay. He likes to tease me and so he knows I do not want an outie, therefore, he wants me to get an outie. Thanks for the support hun.

Wedding rings on or off: On, but dear God, it was a struggle for a bit when the weather was in the 80's for almost a week. And they are still definitely a bit tighter to get on around the knuckle.

Running: There has been a more definite "lack of running" lately. I'm still running but it moved down to 1x a week last week. This week I had a good run. And I'm supposedly running tonight so depending on how I feel, we will see if it's a run/walk, a walk, or what. I decide to let my body tell me what to do.  And I have a 5k (Food Truck 5k... because I'm all about serious running these days) on Saturday. Will I walk? Or run/walk? Time will tell. So I have a potential of running 3 times this week. But more realistically, one of these will probably be a walk instead.

Before a good run

Supporting my husband and sister-in-law at a duathlon.
I just think this picture is so funny and needed to be on my blog.
Other: I think the baby has been hitting my bladder the last couple days. I work in the city and when I was walking to the train, there was movement and then "Whoa! Let's not pee yourself!" It was so severe, I had to stop walking for a minute. And right now, I think this baby is kicking my bladder as I have sudden urges to pee and it goes away. Stop baby. I'm already struggling with the pee thing. This is definitely not fun.

I also think some of this post has some "complaining" in there. I need to let it out sometimes but I'm not fooled. I know I've been very fortunate during my entire pregnancy so far and my "symptoms" are minor compared to some. I feel very grateful pretty much all the time.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pregnancy Update - Weeks 26 & 27

I'm currently in my 3rd trimester starting at 27 weeks. To be fair, some things say 27 is 3rd trimester and some say it's 28 weeks. However, when I hit May 6th and realized I only had 3 months left, I figured 3rd trimester it is. And my doctor's report also lists the same so there you have it.

I seriously can't believe it. It's FLYING by, I'm VERY overwhelmed by that. There is a ton of stuff that needs to be done. But I guess that's the way it always is, right?

I'm currently 27 weeks and 4 days. And some days, I'm feeling every bit of that. Bending over is not as easy and let's not talk about putting on my right sock (yes, just my right one). I'm sighing, moaning and groaning a lot more!

But I really can't complain. I'm still feeling pretty good. I know I've had a much easier pregnancy than a lot of people and am very grateful.

Left - Week 26/ Right - Week 27
For the record, I absolutely LOVE the tank top from Old Navy on the left. It's really comfortable and I will probably buy a few more heading into warmer weather.

Also, I realized I'm wearing the same shirt and pants in my week 27 picture as I was in my week 23 picture. Boy, that baby has grown (ok, and so has my tummy)...

Week 23 versus Week 27
And just for fun... my weekly pictures don't always turn out this spectacular. They usually also include pictures like this from my wonderful husband (and/or me)...The one on the right, he was supposed to be taking the picture of me. Thanks hun.

I'm sure he's going to love that I added these!'s life.
So let's get down to it. I took out some of the obvious questions (yes I'm showing, yes I'm wearing maternity clothes and regular clothes, no weird food cravings or aversions, and my beautiful baby is a boy!)...

How far along/size of baby: I'm 27 weeks 4 days today. Baby is as big as a head of lettuce or cauliflower. The baby, according to the apps, measures around 14.5 inches long and is about 2 pounds!

Sleep: It's been pretty awful to be honest. Like I've said, I've never been a good sleeper so I'm somewhat used to it, but the past few days, I've gotten up about every 1-2 hours to pee. If my husband gets home late from work, I'm having a really hard time falling back asleep. I'm not hugely comfortable and have some back pain or hip pain, although this isn't too terrible. It's just getting a bit rougher. Sadness. I really like sleep.

Best moment of the past 2 weeks: My cousin was kind enough to give us her old baby furniture! I want to do a little work to it before we put it all together but I was excited to get it! It makes things feel that much more real. She gave me a crib, dresser, changing table, glider, and tons of maternity clothes to go through (we are different heights and sizes so I picked through what might work for me).

I also heard the baby's heartbeat again on Monday at my doctor's appointment and it sounds strong and healthy. I'm sorry, but that sound melts my heart and never gets old.

Miss anything: Running comfortably without having to worry about shortness of breath or where the bathrooms/port-a-potties are (if any!).  I'll talk more about running below.

Movement: Yes! Especially this past week. I've been feeling much more movement throughout the day. The baby is definitely getting bigger, which is most likely why I'm feeling more of his movement. He actually seems most active during the workday. I haven't "seen" any movement yet, with the exception of my belly jumping once at a kick but I know that will come soon.

Symptoms: Week 26 I was having a lot more round ligament pain. It's not as bad this week (27). This week I've having more back aches, however.

Running: Still running at 27 weeks. I tend to go week by week to see how I feel and will stop if I ever feel like I should. Since I'm still doing ok, I'm shooting for at least running through the end of May. I'll reassess as the summer approaches because I'm a bit paranoid about running in the heat and getting too warm. But if I'm still able to, I might keep going. However, the mental thought of it gets exhausting sometimes. Since I don't know how I'll feel during my run that day, if I can make it through the run or need the bathroom, etc. Last Tuesday, I thought I was nearing the end of my running but this past Tuesday, I wanted to run forever (I ran 2 miles, haha).

I'm typically running 2 days a week now around 3 miles each. This varies depending on how much time I have after work since running takes me longer now.  By running, I mean run/walking. Some days I will do a 2:1 run/walk interval. The other day I felt pretty good and just ran what I could and walked what I needed, even running 6 minutes, 5 minutes, and 4 minutes at a time! I know, seems so easy right? Until you are lugging around my little guy who I joke around is... "sucking the life out of me!" and "smashing my organs!" Kidding little guy! (Not really).

Instead of running the 3rd day now, I'm probably just going to walk that one.  Still hopping on the bike trainer one day a week but my bike shorts don't fit and my bike seat just hurts so I'm not as inclined to do this as much right now.  I also would like to hop back in the pool, so we will see.

Oh and I signed up for barre classes again so I'm hoping to go to those 1 or 2 times per week when I'm able to get there.

That's it for now! Happy running, walking, cycling, whatever! Just get out there and move!