Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Big News!

So I eluded to BIG NEWS on my last post. And since it's been shared with family and it's been shared on facebook (it's not official until it's facebook official, amiright?), now it's time to share with my blogging family!

My husband and I are expecting a little runner in the beginning of August! Everyone keeps telling my husband "good work," like he really had a hard job with this one! lol.

I'm about 11.5 weeks pregnant now. My ultrasound last week put me at 10 weeks. I have a half marathon on January 28th (F^3 Half Marathon), which I'm still planning on doing. I've gotten in two 10 mile training runs. I'm just planning on taking it easy and walking when necessary.  More on this half and another half soon. But baby is happily running with me in the womb! Go baby go!

I was just excited to share my news with you all. As much as I know not everyone wants this to turn into a baby blog, it's part of my life right now so it will be there. Hoping to have a good balance of baby, running, and life in the blog.

Baby is upside down - 10 week ultrasound

Our facebook announcement was triathlon themed. "New triathlon relay team member makes its debut August 2017!" Let's just say, some didn't get it or scrolled right past it. Oh well, we tried to be creative! In this photo, I'm the swimmer, Derek is the cyclist, and baby is the runner (we got baby shoes on clearance. Score!)

The below picture was taken before the one above and is considered the cutest "outtake" ever! I probably like it better than the original. Our dog, Camo, came and sat down like this with the baby shoes between her paws, ALL ON HER OWN! This was not a posed photo. I think it looks like she's protecting the baby. Awwww!!!! So much cuteness!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I know, I know!

So I know I had November #Goals. I actually worked on them and did pretty well with most. I stopped tracking near the end of the month.

I didn't do well on stretching. I did 1 or 2 major (10 min long) stretching days. I did do a few shorter stretching days after runs, etc. but I wasn't including those in my tally. But I did do better than previous months. (Let's not talk about December).

I got in my 80 oz of water most days. I always seemed to miss about 2 days out of the week. Weekends are hard for me and so are my weight watchers days (since I weigh in in the afternoon and I don't drink a ton those mornings). But I still consider this a win. (Trying to keep up my water intake in December).

Strength training was a bust in November. I think I did maybe 2 or 3 actual workouts that I found on my own. An improvement, yet. But not up to my goal. I did just get classes again at The Dailey Method for barre classes and went to my first one in a long time this week. My abs and triceps are still sore 2 days later. I'm hoping to make this a 2 day thing but right now, I can only go once a week.

I was in a minor car accident the Thursday before Christmas. Thankfully no injuries (that I know of) and it was the other persons fault, but it's still a pain in the rear and I am still working on getting a rental. The holidays really screwed me up on this one.

Right now, I'm just training for the F^3 Half Marathon in Chicago at the end of January. I'm hoping the weather that day will be unseasonably warm! I can always hope, right?

Big things are in the works for 2017! I'll let you know what that might be very soon!

Hope you all had a nice Christmas and have a great New Year!

Running with Friends

Santa Baby
Running after a bad day

My poor car



Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Goals

Happy Fall! It's November! I always say I love the warm weather of summer and hate the cold, but I do love the fall colors and leaves changing. So beautiful!

Anyway, back to things. My healthy eating got away from me on my honeymoon (obviously!) and hasn't quite recovered. So I need to get that back on track. But running is going well.

I ran the hot chocolate 15k last Sunday (recap to come, hopefully), and even though I'm not as fast as I was when I ran this in 2010, so I wasn't planning on a PR, it's amazing to me how much just losing a bit of weight helps with running. I felt pretty good and actually ran the whole thing, not even a stop for water (someone handed me a bottle of water which I kept with me a until mile 6).

First, 9.3 miles is my longest distance since my last half in May. It's a good hike for me these days. So to be able to run it non stop is pretty amazing for me right now. I haven't done that in a long time. A LONG TIME! Like at least a couple years I would imagine. I did run 8 miles a month ago with only 1 stop in the middle, which was why (by mile 3), I thought maybe that could be my goal for the race. 

So I've lost between 35-40 lbs since the beginning of the year. And since then, my pace has improved and clearly so has my cardio endurance.  You know, I know this already. Since I lost weight in 2010. But you kind of forget. You don't think maybe that's why my knees are hurting more while running and my breathing is more labored. You kind of know, but don't realize what a difference it really does make.

Since losing weight isn't everything when it comes to improving your running... I have been thinking of things I want to get better at and decided to slow start that by making some November goals.


1. Incorporate strength training/core work. I'm combining this one right now since I'm doing neither right now. I don't want to say I want to do both and then do neither. So for the month of November, I want to incorporate 1 strength training workout or core workout per week. I know that's not a lot. But it's more than I'm doing now and I have to start somewhere. If I do more, bonus. Hopefully I can up this by December.  I'm also going to say that I will do this on Tues or Wednesday during the week. If I don't pick a day, before I know it, it's Friday and I'm just saying "I'll start next week."

Any advice on a good video or website that I can use that has a good routine?

2.  Stretch more. This could be general stretching, foam rolling, etc. or yoga. My hamstrings and calves are super tight as well as my IT band and hips. Basically everything. Foam roll. Stretch. It's needed!  I'm going to try to incorporate that right now on Monday. And I'm going to put a minimum time of 10 mins! None of this 3 mins foam roll and I'm done. lol.

3. Continue on my healthy eating plan. I still have 10-15 lbs that I want to lose but I know those last 10 lbs can be stubborn. Since I was eating crap for October, I think I can make my November weight loss goal of 5 lbs. Normally I wouldn't put a number on it but for this month (after my October), I think it's necessary. It's not a huge number but it's big enough to matter! I need to be working on it!

4. Drink my water. I'm typically good at getting 40-50 ounces of water in a day but have been slacking on that in October too. And I typically like that number to be closer to 80 ounces of water. So my November goal is to hit 60-80 ounces of water daily. I just realized I've only had about 14 ounces today so I better get moving!

I think these are very doable goals for November. I don't want to make too many or make them too hard because then they probably won't get done.

Hope you all have a great start to the month!