Thursday, March 5, 2015

Three Things Thursday!

Whoa! Where have I been?'s too cold outside!

Anyway, just for a short update, I thought I'd do a Three Things Thursday to fill you all in on what's going on in my world!

1. This is "old" news for those that I'm friends with on facebook or that follow my page but...for those that don't... I'm engaged!  Yay!! 

I had to get it sized though so I've been without it for almost 2 weeks. Luckily, they called me today and I'm getting it back! I'm really excited to be engaged to the love of my life which I never thought would happen!

2. I re-joined weight watchers. For those that have long time followers, I originally lost 90 lbs on weight watchers back from 2007-2010 and hit my goal weight (according to their system).  Hello marathons, dating, and several other excuses and I put back on 30-40 lbs. I've tried several different tracking systems and clean eating methods, etc... and nothing ever stuck.

Finally, with the proper motivation (to look awesome in my wedding dress), I re-joined weight watchers 2 weeks ago and have been doing very well.  Before you get all on my case about weight not really mattering and I should be happy with my body... I am. Mostly. BUT... I know I've gotten into some unhealthy habits that I need to change. My running is harder, clothes don't fit, and on and on.  So my goal is to be HEALTHY. Not just a number on the scale. Plus, I want to like the way I look in my wedding photos. Let's be honest. Who doesn't.

3.  I have several giveaways I've been procrastinating on since I've slacked on blogging (plus I was on vacation, my computer is making things hard on me in the blogging front, and I was in the hospital.. I'm ok by the way). So I hope to get one of my giveaways out this weekend! Stay tuned!

Tomorrow is happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, January 26, 2015

My own 30 day challenge!

I'm not very good at getting any strength training in unless I'm going to a barre class or something of that nature.

I see all these 30 day challenges but they get to like 1,000,000 squats (a bit of an exaggeration)... and I can't do things like that. Plus I really just want to strengthen my core. I want to be better at planks. I used to be really good and could hold a plank like no one's business. In fact, we had a challenge at my house once and all held planks until people gave up. I won! I held that plank for like 5 mins! 

I can't do that anymore. Especially after I hurt my shoulder, and then last year, hurt my back. I lost A LOT! 20-30 seconds of planking is hard for me. Not to mention all the plank variations.

So to try to increase my plank endurance and do it consistently, I decided to create my own 30 day challenge.  I also threw in some wall sits for good measure, because I like them and I couldn't think of anything else.

I also understand that some of this might seem very basic and very minimal to some of you that are strength training beasts. Hey, everyone needs to start somewhere. I will be doing this with a few of my friends who have decided to join me. Friends = accountability. I will also be doing this in addition to all of my other weekly/daily workouts. Just a little something extra. It's not too extreme that I know I should be able to do it but it's still challenging enough that I will be feeling it and have to work hard.

If you like 30 day challenges, feel free to join me! If you do, let me know how it's going for you!

You will have to excuse my picture. I was having trouble on the computer and had to upload the picture through a screenshot on my phone. Ugh.  Anyway, the challenge starts today with 20 second planks (3 times) and 20 second wall sits (3 times). Fridays are rest days (I'm flexible, use whatever rest day works best for your schedule), then Saturday is always the increase for the next week. So starting Saturday, it will be 30 second planks (3x) and 30 second wall sits (3x). Every Saturday, I increased by 10 seconds.
Since I'm so flexible (and forgetful), I added a couple extra days at the bottom. So if you forget to do it one day (that always happens to me), you didn't ruin the 30 day challenge. Simply add it to the days at the end. Try to limit these as best you can and try to not forget more than 3 if possible!  This is designed to just help me get stronger and better.
Anyway, happy Monday!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

One Major Holdup - What's In Store For 2105?

I'm reading a lot of your blogs and am hearing about all the wonderful and challenging goals you all have for 2015! Way to make me feel like a slacker! lol. Seriously, you guys are awesome and motivating!

For the past (almost) 2 weeks, I've taken a break from running. Mentally and physically I needed it. As you saw from my last post, I did a LOT of races. Which in turn involved a LOT of running. I may not have been fast, but 1,000 miles at any pace is still 1,000 miles, right?  Eleven half marathons, a full marathon, and an ultra are still all those things whether you are fast or slow.

My plans nearing the end of last year were to take 2015 much easier. And then my boyfriend pointed out I already have races/runs planned from April through August. But it's only 1 per month so that's progress!  Here is what I already have planned. P.S. you have to excuse my sidebar that still has races from last year listed. I can't change it from this computer and keep forgetting to do it elsewhere.

2015 races on tap so far...

February 8: Frosty 5 miler, Channahon, Illinois - I did this race last year and it was ok. But believe it or not, my crazy friend is planning this as part of her bachelorette weekend. We are going out on Saturday night and this race is on Sunday at 1:00 p.m.  Let's just say, my goal is to finish and not throw up from my hangover.

April 4: Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon, Springfield, Illinois - This one has been on a small bucket list for a couple years. Should be a good time!

May 3: First Midwest Bank Half Marathon (aka Palos Half), Palos, Illinois - I did this one last year and it's local and basically almost all of my run friends do it. It was half off for a special deal price and I scooped it up!  My initial goal is to PR this race. But... see my hold up problem below. PR = TBD.

June 14: Marion Rotary Marathon for Shoes, Marion, Iowa - I won this marathon entry from Too Tall Fritz. So I guess I'm doing a marathon this year. Ideally, I would have tried to say "no marathons for 2015" but when you get a free use it. I have no goals for this race. Easy, peasy, get through it without dying.  Anything can go in June as far as weather goes so I'm not planning on a PR or anything. Just going for a little 26.2 mile run (up some hills and through a cemetery...seriously. Through a cemetery. Hey, I didn't make the course).  They actually have a video you can watch of them driving the course so that was cool.

July 18: Sister Lakes Triathlon (Olympic Distance) - Woohoo!!  Here I come Olympic Distance. My goal is to not dislocate my shoulder. Hey, that's a pretty good goal considering what happened at the Esprit De She last year.

August: St. Jude Chicago To Peoria Relay - I haven't signed up for this yet but it's essentially similar to Ragnar where you have a team and you each run a leg and repeat until you get to your destination (Peoria). My boyfriend's sister has a team and I told them I'd do it this year.

So there you have it. My list of races as of right now. This might even seem like a lot to some people but it's a far cry from last year. Although it's hard to say no if free races pop I reserve the right to change this list at any time!

So what's the One Major Holdup I was talking about?  Weight. I know everyone should be happy with their body, etc, etc. And I am. BUT...I want to fit in my pants again. And I know it's a major factor on why I'm running much slower right now.  I need to get it together. Badly.

Ideally, I'd like to lose about 30 lbs. But I'm happy with any downward movement in the scale that holds. So I'm taking steps to achieve this right now (started yesterday). I will fill you in on those in a week or so.

I'm also having a problem figuring out how to PR my half marathon when I don't like running fast. I don't like running outside of my comfort zone. I need to put steps in place to figure this one out soon as I need to get a move on.  Any ideas how to get started on this goal?

Thanks for all your motivation and encouragement! Here is to a fabulous 2015!