Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am breathing, I am calm.

Sometimes people really test your strength!  Your internal strength!  I realized a few moments ago, that I was chanting, "I am breathing, I am calm. I am breathing, I am calm" over and over again today at work.  It is taking everything in my power NOT to go and beat my coworker down.  And I am NOT a violent person.

So I got up and went and ate my yogurt.  I will control myself and not give in to this woman's baby attitude.  It's so hard sometimes!  lol.  Sigh!

I'm looking forward to the Shamrock Shuffle coming in less than 2 weeks, on April 10th.  It's the first major run of the running season and it always has such a positive energy to it!  It's an 8k (5 miles).  I'm looking to beat my previous time of 50:27, which I had for the last 2 years!  Who ties their old time to the second anyway??  *Raises hand!

I'm still keeping my running log.  I've been a little low on the mileage.  I want to pick it up.  Once the weather remains nice (I hate running in the cold), I'm sure that will happen.  My miles per week are only about 10-12 miles.  That sounds kind of sad.  I'm shooting for 13 this week for a minimum.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"My Run"

Good Tuesday morning!

I was informed by my hairstylist that there is a movie special in Theaters for one night only on this Thursday, March 31, 2011.  The name of the movie is My Run.  It's about a 57 year old man who loses his wife and is a single father.  He decides to do 75 marathons in 75 consecutive days to raise awareness for single parents.  It's a true story, a documentary.  He is not a "runner" and certainly doesn't fit the stereotypical look of a marathoner who can accomplish such a feat!

I think it sounds very motivation and inspirational, especially since I'm going to be doing my first marathon this year.  So, yes, I'm going with my hairstylist and her running group to the theater.  That should be interesting!  lol

So if you want to be inspired, check out that movie this Thursday!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

WI Results!

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for listening to my crappy whining the past week.  I promise not to dwell on it on here anymore!  I'm trying to get over it.  I mostly am doing good but I have my moments of weakness.

On to the results!

I knew I lost weight this week.  I tracked most of the week.  I stepped on the scale a few times and knew I was down at least a little bit.  I was hoping for a pound (secretly hoping for two pounds but didn't want to get greedy!).  And ....  drum roll please....

Down 3 lbs!  

My cousin told me it was 3 lbs of dead weight (meaning Mr. Nebraska).  I concur.

I did was I set out to do this week since Monday and that was control what I can.  I can't control what others are going to do so I decided to control what I can!  And it worked!

I've been feeling kind of snacky today.  Didn't work out either, although might go bowling with Tony (my nephew) tonight.  But hopefully I can reign in my eating and just track it all and we should be good to go.  Also meeting my cousin and her family at my parent's restaurant tonight for dinner.  I usually get the chicken sandwich.  There isn't a whole lot of healthy options and I really like the grilled chicken sandwich.  I will also probably have 1 scoop of the most delicious ice cream on the planet for dessert while I'm there too!

Friday, March 25, 2011

A shining light...

My nephew is coming in from Ohio tomorrow for his spring break.  He is 16 years old and a sophomore in high school. 

A brief history, I was 15 years old when my nephew was born.  And I lived with him, my parents and my brother until he was 12 (I moved out when I was 27).  I was kind of like a mother for him.  My parents and I did everything.  I would pick him up from day care and feed him dinner and read him bed time stories.  He and I were inseparable.

When he was about 14, his father moved him to Ohio.  I miss him, but he does so well in school.  He is about the best 16 year old kid ever!  It's really the truth.  I see him a few times a year.  He comes out here, we might go on vacation, or I might go there to visit him. 

So he will be here for a week.  Couldn't have come at a better time.  A bright light to cheer up my broken heart.

In other news, Oprah's peeps contacted me again yesterday.  This time by phone.  I was trying to get on a weight loss success show.  They just asked me some more questions and some of the same questions as in the email.  They said they don't know if they are really going to do a show yet or not, they are trying to get their database all squared away and they will evaluate.  That would be wild if I was on the show!

Also, my weigh in is tomorrow.  I've done pretty good since my heart was broken in a million pieces, well, I've done good with eating, I mean!  lol.  So I'm expecting a loss, hopefully at least a pound.  I'll take anything!

Lastly, mother nature is cruel!  It was 60's-70 degrees last week, now is C-O-L-D! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Motivation!

Hi guys,
Thanks for your kind words about my break up.  I since sent him a message saying that I didn't want to "take a break", that we needed to completely break up because one of the things that he said to me was that he "was looking forward to our visits anymore."  I think he meant all the stress with the traveling issues, but I took it personally.  It would be too hard to overcome him saying that to me if he wanted to continue seeing me.  So I ended it completely.  No further contact.

I'm debating on being a "total girl" and sending EVERYTHING he ever gave to me back, even the Ipod Shuffle I got for my birthday.  I actually really like it but don't want to be reminded of him every time I listen to it.  People keep telling me to keep it.  Not sure what to do.

But in further "healthy eating" news, due to the stomping of my heart, I'm actually eating WAY better!  I'm tracking all of my food for a change (since Monday).

Also, get this!  Last fall I sent an email to the Oprah show to see if I could be in a weight loss success show for their final season.  In all truthfulness, I rarely ever watch her show.  But I thought, it's worth a shot!  How cool would that be!

Well, after forgetting about sending this email months ago, they contacted me for more information!  They are doing a weight loss success show for their final season!  Wow, wouldn't that be cool!!

I'll tell you something, it really motivated me at the gym last night too!!  Must get these 10 extra lbs I put on back off!

I figured I can't control Matt and the relationship aspect, so I will focus on things I can control.  Eating and exercise is one of them.  I can feel myself getting back down to goal in no time now!  (I hope!!)

Thanks everyone for all the support!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Off Topic Relationship Post

So sorry, I'm going off topic for a minute.

Matt and I have broken up or taken a break or something.  I think it's for good though. 

I think the long distance thing has taken it's toll and I asked for honesty, he doesn't really look forward to our visits as much anymore (ouch!).  I asked and I wanted to know.  So that's that.  I'm not going to cry (if I can help it).  I told him he knows how I feel but I can't change his feelings on it.  I'm not going to beg.  I'm going to move forward.

I guess it's time to refocus on myself again.  No distractions. 

Thanks for listening.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Best Run Times

How's everyone doing this weekend?  I'm doing pretty ok.

My office is still at their temporary location.  The dates to move back to the old office keep getting pushed back.  Here's a few pics of my temporary digs:

The office I'm currently sitting in.  Four of us crammed in one small space.

My temporary desk!
But I have this awesome view!!

Anyway, I've been trying to run a little more.  I have that Columbus Half Marathon in May that I have to work up to.  I normally don't have a big run like that so early in the running season.

But I've been doing great on my runs this week!

Wednesday, I had an unplanned run due to a dinner cancellation with a friend.  I decided to do a 10k.  Since I have that wonderful Garmin Forerunner 305 (which I love, by the way!), I can schedule it for me to do a 10k!  I love that.  No guessing how far I'm running.

And I ran that 10k (6.22 miles) in 1:00:38 for an average pace of 9.45 mins/mile!  Whoa!!  Really???  That's my best pace ever! And for a run of over 6 miles?  Well, I was elated!  I was happy the entire rest of the evening!  It helped that the weather was warmer Wednesday and Thursday too.

I had run plans for Thursday with Nick but he couldn't make it.  I decided to try to go for a short run even though I really wasn't feeling it after the prior day's run.  So I did a 5k (3.11 miles).  I did good for this run too but since it was a shorter distance, I wasn't as thrilled as the other one.  I was still happy about it but, well, you know.

Now, I was trying to figure out if I should run today.  It's going to be the last really nice day for at least a week.  It's going to be rainy and going to get colder later in the week.  That made up my mind.

After my weight watcher meeting (and my gain, cry, cry!), I decided to go for a 5 mile run.  I wasn't sure how this run would go because I'm kind of beat from the 10k and 5k in back to back days.  I decided to try anyway.

I ran 5 miles today, in 47:43 mins with an average pace of 9.33 mins/mile!  Uh what??  Is my Garmin broken??  I seriously did that!

My running log. 

I guess I did do it!  My Garmin seems to be working.  The miles are correct.  The time seems correct.  Wow, I'm really impressed with myself actually!  The warmer weather definitely helped my running mood!

Now I have the Shamrock Shuffle in a few weeks.  If I keep the pace of today's run, I'll definitely beat my old times.

Now, the only thing I need to get in check is my eating.  I'm starting over again today.  The 1000th time is a charm, right!?!  Tracking...check!  I can do it.  I need to stop gaining weight every single week!  I've gained about 15 lbs!  Enough is enough!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fundraising Help

Hi everyone!

I'm not a person that typically likes to ask for help or money, but this is for a good cause!  The last 4 years, I have run for a group for the half marathon called UPS for DownS.  This year I will be running the Chicago Marathon in support of this group.

This group is a group that helps children with down syndrome.  They provide literacy groups and other learning activities to help the children with down syndrome.  It's a not-for-profit small local organization.  I have meet many great people through this organization and some really wonderful kids!

I have a webpage created if you would like to help and donate money.  Even $5 would help tremendously!  Visit the below website to donate or learn more about this group.  If you would prefer to mail a check, let me know and I'll provide the mailing address.

Click below to help and donate!

Amanda's Fundraising Page

2010 Rock N' Roll Half Marathon Group

Again, I really appreciate any help you can provide.  Feel free to spread the news on your blog as well!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life and Running Update

I'll start with running:

I'm in desperate need of new workout and running clothes!  I don't wear the proper breathable fabrics.  Good workout clothes tend to be so expensive though.  But I think I'm going to suck it up and go workout shopping!  Yay!!

I started a running log as per a comment I received the other day.  I think it's a great idea and I'm really looking forward to keeping track of everything.  I don't have a home computer so I'm just using a paper notebook for now.  I'm keeping track of the date/time, weather conditions, location, how I'm feeling that day.  Just whatever might affect my run.  A

And of course, I'm tracking miles and pace.  I did great on two runs, both were under a 10 minute mile, even on a long 6 mile run.  But last week I ended up doing a quick 5k late at night (I worked late and at the spur of the moment decided to run when I got home).  I was tired and my run wasn't the best.  I ended up that 5k with a 10.12 min mile pace.  Oh well, we all are allowed our off days.

Do any of you keep a running log? 


We are still in a temporary location for work and will be here for at least the rest of this week.  Possible move back in day to our regular office is Monday of next week.  For those that didn't read my post about it, there was a fire at the high-rise that I work in in downtown Chicago.  Luckily no one was injured as it happened on a Sunday and there weren't many people around.

There was one attorney from my office there that day and he is a crazy one!  Never goes down for our fire drills or anything.  Figures he was there on a Sunday.  The fire marshalls had to escort him out as he wasn't going to leave!  And he was grabbing files and stuff on the way out.  Crazy Man!

Matt and I had our differences last week in a horrible argument which left me crying for 1.5 days.  That was worked out and I went to see him last weekend.  We had a great weekend.  And everything is going good for now.  The only bad thing is flights and gas are so expensive right now so it's a toss of on next meeting.


I haven't been doing weight watchers AT ALL.  Mostly I've been eating ok.  We've been ordering lunch out at work every single day since we have been in the new office because the owner is paying for it.  I've been trying to make pretty good decisions.  But without counting points, I'm not always the most food conscience person.  I'm just plugging along!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Burning Building

Well, it's been an eventful weekend plus!  My building at work caught on fire Sunday.  The work in the city and there is a Bank of America in the building.  That's what caught on fire.  It was closed and no one was in the Bank but there were people in the building (about 15).  Scary because the fire alarms didn't sound!  We have regular fire alarm drills so knowing they didn't sound is pretty scary!  No one was injured though.

So needless to say, the building is closed and I had no work the last two days.  Yay!  But I have to go back to work tomorrow and we are working from a different law firm.  It's not going to be fun, that's for sure.  We don't have our files and we have to download our backup information.  Therefore, I will not be posting for the rest of the week.

Um...also, Matt and I had a HUGE fight on Sunday that lasted to Monday and I was crying for a day and a half!  Yes, I'm such a girl.  I actually really thought we were going to end things.  And with a flight this weekend, I was really upset.  But we worked things out last night, when calmer heads were at work.  So, still together.

And like I said, Omaha is in my sites for the weekend. 

As far as food goes, I was having a relationship pity party for myself and didn't want to eat just to torture myself.  Don't worry, I ate and got in all the good health guidelines.  But I feel that today especially, I have a little better handle on my eating.  Hope I can continue this.

On the exercise note, I've been exercising regularly.  Since I had off today and it was in the 40's, I decided to do a long run of 6 miles.  I ran a pace of 9.58 min/mile.  Not too bad.  My toe was still hurting but not terribly bad so I ran through. 

Here's to good things in the future!  Positive things to come hopefully!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Scared Straight!

I really hope you all enjoyed the Chicago pictures from my last post that Matt took while he was out here.  I think he's a great photographer, that's why I keep him around!

Had a run-in with the scale this morning.  It's not my official weigh in but I kind of wanted to see where I was at.  I knew it wouldn't be good.  Lots of sodium, lots of candy, lots of bread, lots...lots...lots...

Here is how the run-in with Mr. Scale went:  Stepped on scale, saw number, rolled eyes, vowed never to eat again!

I'm very frustrated at myself.  How can I gain this much weight so fast!  Just 4 short months ago, I was about 15 lbs lighter.  Really!

So that's the story of my life right now.  And I really would like to get a personal trainer.  Incredibly bad, but I can't see spending $50 per session for it!  What's a girl to do?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chicago Pictures

These were pictures that were taken by Matt during his week stay in Chicago.  I think he is a wonderful photographer.  It's not his job, it's his hobby.  Thought you might enjoy some of the pictures he took.

A couple we enjoyed watching by the bean in Millennium Park on Valentine's Day

The Bean at Millennium Park

Me bowling downtown at Lucky Strikes

Matt made me a cute little note via cards

View of the city from the Sears Tower

Um...only in Chicago...

Went to the House of Blues for dinner

Me at the Bean

The side of the Sear Tower, view of the sky ledge

Me and Matt under the Bean - how cool is this picture!?!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's time!

First of all, thanks for listening to my post about my feet!  I mentioned to my mom what the last post was about and she said, "People have to be pretty bored to want to read about that!"  Thanks Mom!

But I said that I have some "blogger friends" who know that I run and work out and also try to eat healthy and get my weight back down.  So my feet are a big impact in my life!  And I know you all understand that and may be able to offer words of encouragement and advice.  So thanks for reading and any support you have.

A quick update on my feet, I'm trying little things to make them feel better.  The doctor insert thing didn't really work.  In fact, I think it felt worse.  I tried it for several days and the results were not good!  So I bought something else that my dad uses and it definitely feels better than with the doctor's thing.  It still hurts but is more manageable.  I'll go with it for now!

But guess what time it is??  It's time to get serious again about my running!  In a little over a month, I have the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle, which is an 8k.  Then in May, I have a half marathon in Columbus.  I've never done a half marathon this early in the season.  I've also never run more than one half marathon in a calendar year!  And this year, I have 3 planned.  The one in Columbus in May, the one in Chicago in August, and the one in Omaha in September.  All leading up to the Chicago Marathon in October!!  It's a big year for me!

What I might do is record ANY run that I do on here starting with March.  If it's a slow run, a long run, a short run...I'll record it.  That way I can see where I am and how I'm doing.  I'll also include an update on how I felt during the run. 

The last 3 days have been great workout days for me.  I haven't been motivated with the gym lately because of my foot and that, combined with not eating great, has caused me to gain...gain...gain!  So now that I'm getting my workout back in order, I need to focus on my eating.  Starting today.  I'm tracking!

I know, you have all heard that before!  But the key to success is to keep trying, right?  What I have finally learned after 3+ years on weight watchers is that I'm a stress eater.  I just found that out!  Now that I know, maybe I can do something about it!