Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Best Run Times

How's everyone doing this weekend?  I'm doing pretty ok.

My office is still at their temporary location.  The dates to move back to the old office keep getting pushed back.  Here's a few pics of my temporary digs:

The office I'm currently sitting in.  Four of us crammed in one small space.

My temporary desk!
But I have this awesome view!!

Anyway, I've been trying to run a little more.  I have that Columbus Half Marathon in May that I have to work up to.  I normally don't have a big run like that so early in the running season.

But I've been doing great on my runs this week!

Wednesday, I had an unplanned run due to a dinner cancellation with a friend.  I decided to do a 10k.  Since I have that wonderful Garmin Forerunner 305 (which I love, by the way!), I can schedule it for me to do a 10k!  I love that.  No guessing how far I'm running.

And I ran that 10k (6.22 miles) in 1:00:38 for an average pace of 9.45 mins/mile!  Whoa!!  Really???  That's my best pace ever! And for a run of over 6 miles?  Well, I was elated!  I was happy the entire rest of the evening!  It helped that the weather was warmer Wednesday and Thursday too.

I had run plans for Thursday with Nick but he couldn't make it.  I decided to try to go for a short run even though I really wasn't feeling it after the prior day's run.  So I did a 5k (3.11 miles).  I did good for this run too but since it was a shorter distance, I wasn't as thrilled as the other one.  I was still happy about it but, well, you know.

Now, I was trying to figure out if I should run today.  It's going to be the last really nice day for at least a week.  It's going to be rainy and going to get colder later in the week.  That made up my mind.

After my weight watcher meeting (and my gain, cry, cry!), I decided to go for a 5 mile run.  I wasn't sure how this run would go because I'm kind of beat from the 10k and 5k in back to back days.  I decided to try anyway.

I ran 5 miles today, in 47:43 mins with an average pace of 9.33 mins/mile!  Uh what??  Is my Garmin broken??  I seriously did that!

My running log. 

I guess I did do it!  My Garmin seems to be working.  The miles are correct.  The time seems correct.  Wow, I'm really impressed with myself actually!  The warmer weather definitely helped my running mood!

Now I have the Shamrock Shuffle in a few weeks.  If I keep the pace of today's run, I'll definitely beat my old times.

Now, the only thing I need to get in check is my eating.  I'm starting over again today.  The 1000th time is a charm, right!?!  Tracking...check!  I can do it.  I need to stop gaining weight every single week!  I've gained about 15 lbs!  Enough is enough!


  1. Congrats on your times! Hope you are able to get a handle on the eating, it is a constant battle for me.

  2. Those are rockin' times, Amanda!!! I feel like I'm back to square one with my running - my pace is even slower than normal! LOL!

  3. Great job on your times!! You rock!!! Take things slowly girl, you don't wanna get hurt!!! Make sure to rest good on your rest days :)