Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Motivation!

Hi guys,
Thanks for your kind words about my break up.  I since sent him a message saying that I didn't want to "take a break", that we needed to completely break up because one of the things that he said to me was that he "was looking forward to our visits anymore."  I think he meant all the stress with the traveling issues, but I took it personally.  It would be too hard to overcome him saying that to me if he wanted to continue seeing me.  So I ended it completely.  No further contact.

I'm debating on being a "total girl" and sending EVERYTHING he ever gave to me back, even the Ipod Shuffle I got for my birthday.  I actually really like it but don't want to be reminded of him every time I listen to it.  People keep telling me to keep it.  Not sure what to do.

But in further "healthy eating" news, due to the stomping of my heart, I'm actually eating WAY better!  I'm tracking all of my food for a change (since Monday).

Also, get this!  Last fall I sent an email to the Oprah show to see if I could be in a weight loss success show for their final season.  In all truthfulness, I rarely ever watch her show.  But I thought, it's worth a shot!  How cool would that be!

Well, after forgetting about sending this email months ago, they contacted me for more information!  They are doing a weight loss success show for their final season!  Wow, wouldn't that be cool!!

I'll tell you something, it really motivated me at the gym last night too!!  Must get these 10 extra lbs I put on back off!

I figured I can't control Matt and the relationship aspect, so I will focus on things I can control.  Eating and exercise is one of them.  I can feel myself getting back down to goal in no time now!  (I hope!!)

Thanks everyone for all the support!


  1. Keep the ipod shuffle. This feeling will pass. Perhaps soon you will not think of it as a gift from your ex.

  2. Keep the shuffle. I kept the boombox (<-- haha shows my age) that my high school ex boyfriend gave me even after I dumped him. Still works 20 years later and I never think of him. Plus what you put on it can help you move on!

  3. KEEP the shuffle!!! You'll move past it and everything will be fine! That would be awesome to get on the Oprah show!! SWEET! Keep us updated. Way to go for calling it completely off. You shouldn't have to put up with that sh**!

  4. lol, ok! I'm keeping it all. I'm not going to have any contact with him and I won't be a baby and send it all back.