Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life and Running Update

I'll start with running:

I'm in desperate need of new workout and running clothes!  I don't wear the proper breathable fabrics.  Good workout clothes tend to be so expensive though.  But I think I'm going to suck it up and go workout shopping!  Yay!!

I started a running log as per a comment I received the other day.  I think it's a great idea and I'm really looking forward to keeping track of everything.  I don't have a home computer so I'm just using a paper notebook for now.  I'm keeping track of the date/time, weather conditions, location, how I'm feeling that day.  Just whatever might affect my run.  A

And of course, I'm tracking miles and pace.  I did great on two runs, both were under a 10 minute mile, even on a long 6 mile run.  But last week I ended up doing a quick 5k late at night (I worked late and at the spur of the moment decided to run when I got home).  I was tired and my run wasn't the best.  I ended up that 5k with a 10.12 min mile pace.  Oh well, we all are allowed our off days.

Do any of you keep a running log? 


We are still in a temporary location for work and will be here for at least the rest of this week.  Possible move back in day to our regular office is Monday of next week.  For those that didn't read my post about it, there was a fire at the high-rise that I work in in downtown Chicago.  Luckily no one was injured as it happened on a Sunday and there weren't many people around.

There was one attorney from my office there that day and he is a crazy one!  Never goes down for our fire drills or anything.  Figures he was there on a Sunday.  The fire marshalls had to escort him out as he wasn't going to leave!  And he was grabbing files and stuff on the way out.  Crazy Man!

Matt and I had our differences last week in a horrible argument which left me crying for 1.5 days.  That was worked out and I went to see him last weekend.  We had a great weekend.  And everything is going good for now.  The only bad thing is flights and gas are so expensive right now so it's a toss of on next meeting.


I haven't been doing weight watchers AT ALL.  Mostly I've been eating ok.  We've been ordering lunch out at work every single day since we have been in the new office because the owner is paying for it.  I've been trying to make pretty good decisions.  But without counting points, I'm not always the most food conscience person.  I'm just plugging along!


  1. Good job keeping a running log!! It works wonders... I love my running log! I use a notebook and an online log at runnersworld.com because it's free. I love buying workout clothes! A lot of times I find good deals at TJMaxx or Marshalls so you should check if you have them nearby. Otherwise, I try to hit up outlets or Dicks Sporting Goods sales racks!!

  2. I keep a running log of sorts on www.dailymile.com. It's a Facebook-ish kind of place, but lots of support! I really like it!

    Glad you are able to work things out with Matt. Hang in there with everything!

  3. Good job keeping up on the running! It's hard, especially with the weather as variable and in between winter & spring as it is right now.

    I keep a google spreadsheet for my running log. For a long time it was in a paper booklet, but I switched last year. I've had different devices (Nike+, GPS) and prefer to control how I end up tracking my mileage.