Saturday, July 31, 2010

T-15 hours!

You may be sick of hearing about my half marathon but it will be over soon! It's tomorrow! I have to get up before the sun is shinning!

This is a really bad picture of the course map. The course is in red on the right. It's mostly along the lake (Lake Michigan).

I went to pick up my packet this morning. If you are familiar with Chicago, it's at McCormick Place. In the goodie bag, there was a small bottle of extra virgin olive oil and a small bottle of balsamic vinegar! Maybe they want us to eat a salad?

I went to my weight watchers meeting this morning. I was nervous because my snacking was out of control this week. Lots and lots of candy! But I lost 0.6 lbs. Very happy with that!

On my way back from McCormick Place, I was feeling a little hungry. I didn't really want to eat, so I decided to get one of my favorite Starbucks drinks. Since I don't like coffee (sacrilegious, I know!), I get the iced chai latte with skim milk! Delish!

Whoops! Next time I will take a picture BEFORE I drink it :p

I will post more tomorrow after the run! I'll try and take a few pictures but I'm really going to try to beat my last years time of 2:23!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Have you eaten quinoa before? My cousin made me dinner last night prior to going on our Thursday walk and it included quinoa! I was excited since I had wanted to try quinoa but was afraid...very afraid! lol. No I really wasn't afraid, I just never bought it.

Quinoa is actually a protein. I thought it was just a grain or something. Here is what I found online...

"Most commonly considered a grain, quinoa is actually a relative of leafy green vegetables like spinach and Swiss chard. It is a recently rediscovered ancient "grain" once considered "the gold of the Incas."

Also from online sources...

Not only is quinoa high in protein, but the protein it supplies is complete protein, meaning that it includes all nine essential amino acids. In addition to protein, quinoa features a host of other health-building nutrients. Because quinoa is a very good source of manganese as well as a good source of magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorus, this "grain" may be especially valuable for persons with migraine headaches, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

That's enough for the quinoa lesson! It was delicious. My cousin made it with vegetable broth, diced red peppers and some herbs.

On another note, it's T-41.5 hours until my half marathon!

Soooooo, on another note (again), the cops are out to get me! I'm evading the police! lol. Apparently, someone's car across the street was hit as there was a dent in the door last weekend. The car was parked on the street all night long.

Sunday, the police came by and were asking questions to my neighbors. I was not home. My neighbor told me about it when I got home because the police were probably going to come back. I said ok.

All week, I work during the day and go to the gym or run in the evenings. I've been getting home around 8:00 pm. The cops never showed up when I was home. Yesterday, I saw my neighbor and he asked what happened. I said nothing, the police never showed up. He was surprised and said the police have been by every day (at 1:00 pm or 6:00 pm). lol. Some people work, you know! So, I'm hiding out. Don't want to get arrested! lol. Just kidding! I'll probably have a run-in with them this weekend!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just call me...Meanie Mandy!

Meanie Mandy is coming your way today! No really, I'm not mean. SHUT UP, I'M NOT! :)

Let's get off the "healthy way of living" topic for a minute, shall we? Actually, this is still probably adding to my good health. Remember, good health isn't always just about the food you put in your mouth or how many calories you burn at the gym! It's also about your stress level and the people around you that affect it!

I'll make this brief and not get into too many details and bore you all. The 24 year old assistant to the owner is disrespectful to a lot of people all time. I'm nice to her because it's easier to deal with everyone at work if you have a good relationship with them.

This morning she said something that was incredibly disrespectful to me today. I was fuming! DO NOT talk disrespectfully and like I'm 2 years old to me! I get along with EVERYONE. It takes an awful lot for me to get angry... really, really angry! But I was. So I decided to confront her.

I simply said, "I do not appreciate the way you spoke to me this morning!" To which, she gave me the eyebrow implying (I have no idea what you are talking about). I responded, "You know exactly what I'm talking about. I understood you the first time and you didn't have to say it 3 times." Then I said, "You know (let's call her K), You have to give respect in this office to get it." Then I walked out.

So why am I "Meanie Mandy?" Because after I left, she was sobbing in her office. Then she was in the bathroom crying. Look, I don't care! She is mean to everyone here! All I said was I didn't like the way she was talking to me! Good lord!

Well, then we find out about an hour later that her grandfather passed away this morning. Whoops! Well, I feel bad that her grandfather passed. But there is still no way I'm apologizing to her for what I said! She needs to learn to play nicely!

I guess that wasn't as short as I wanted it to be! Sorry for the drama post, but it was probably necessary for my health that I told her how I felt! I was so mad, I was shaking! Can't be good for the health!
Yesterday, I went to the gym after work even though I didn't want to. I don't want to run to give my knees a break before the half marathon this weekend. I wouldn't have even gone but candy and chocolate got the best of me at work and so I needed to go.

I had two options, go for about 1/2 hour and leave to catch the earlier train, or stay for about 55 mins and catch the later train home. The conversation I had with myself for about 30 mins went something like this:

"Maybe I should leave early. It's only about 20 mins difference but then I can lay on the couch and watch TV."

"No, I should stay the full time and take the later train. I ate WAY too much chocolate and candy today!"

"But I'm so tired, I think I'll leave for the earlier time."

"No, you have to stay the whole time, you need it. Otherwise you will go home and just eat more!"

It went on and on for the full 30 mins! At that time, I decided it would be good to stay! lol. Aren't you proud of me!

It's funny what you try to talk yourself out of!

Do you listen to yourself when you try to talk yourself out of going to the gym?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Half Marathon Countdown!

It's that time of year again! Half marathon time. This will be my 4th half marathon. It's also about this time I wonder why I subject myself to this torture every year! :p

This is a repeat for some of you but some of my blogger followers are new so bear with me! My first half marathon was in 2006, before I started weight watchers (for the final time in 2007). The year before, my friend ran the full marathon and I helped her out by running the last half of that full marathon with her (hence a half marathon). This was 2005. Since I was able to do that, I figured I could do a regular half. And I did, in 2006. It took me 2 hours 55 mins.

Of course it was hard. I didn't do any type of training program and I'm not really a long distance runner naturally. And I have bad knees. And I was probably at least about 235 lbs. So yes, it was hard. But knowing I was able to do it gave me such a good feeling!

So that was it. I was hooked on half marathons. Unfortunately, I hurt my knee in early 2007 and didn't do much running that year, no half marathon. But my only goal when doing a half marathon is to first... finish it, and second... beat my previous time.

Here are how my times stack up so far:
2006 2:55
2008 2:39
2009 2:23

Do you see a trend? Each time I beat my previous time by 16 mins! That's huge actually! But this year, it's going to be hard to beat 2:23! My goal is between 2:15-2:20. You've got to have a goal!

I ran last night for the last time before my half marathon on Sunday. I wanted to do 8 miles. I ran 7.8 miles and walked the last .2 miles for a cool down. I was out for about 1 hr 30 mins. And I burned 1,000 calories (exactly!). At one point I looked to see how many calories I burned and it showed 666! I am a little devil sometimes! :)

Sorry for the boring running post. It's what's on my mind right now.

Friday night, I have a pasta dinner with the charity group for the run.
Saturday, I have to venture downtown to pick up my packet.
Sunday, 6:30 am is the run! Yes 6:30! I hate that, I'm soooooo not a morning person! But they want to do it before it gets too hot. Ugh!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


And I'm not referring to the chick movie channel "Lifetime". I'm talking about the fact that I made Lifetime at my weight watchers meeting this morning! For those that don't know what this is, it's when you can finally stop paying for weight watchers! :p

Really, this is what lifetime means. When you hit your goal weight, you have to maintain that goal weight for a minimum of 6 weeks in order to make lifetime. You can go 2 lbs above or below your goal weight and still make lifetime. This is just so that you can prove to weight watchers that you can maintain your weight. Also, when you make lifetime, you can stop paying for weight watchers.

I've been paying for weight watchers for over 3 years now. I joined this last time in May of 2007. I get the monthly pass which is $39.95 per month. That's a whole lot of money! It's worth every penny, but I am glad not having to pay it.

Also with lifetime, you really only have to weigh in 1 time per month. You can weigh in every week if you want to, but if you go above the 2 lbs above your goal, then you have to pay for that week and every week until you get back under.

Ok, so what did I do after the meeting? Well, I had a cleaning at the dentist. But after that, I was hungry! I didn't eat before the meeting or my cleaning. I was going to my parents house to let their dog out but thought I should grab something to eat first.

So, where do you go when you make lifetime? Go to McDonald's of course! Ahhh, double quarter pounder with cheese and large fries! Wait? Can you supersize that? Ahhhhh!!!

What? No way! I didn't do that! I stopped and got a side salad with low fat balsamic vinaigrette and a fruit and yogurt parfait! Paired with my parent's homemade pickles from their garden and it's a meal!

Sorry for the bad picture! It's taken with my phone. Well, I had to top it all off with two bulls-eye candies. But I'm stopping there. I'm not screwing this lifetime thing up now that I'm here!

Thanks for all your support. I was down and out a few days ago. I'm definitely feeling a little better today :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bad Blogger!

I feel like a bad blogger. I have been shirking my blogging responsibilities! How, you ask? I'm glad you asked! Let me count the ways...

1. I wanted to make this a food blog and take pictures of my food everyday. I haven't done that. Not having a home computer makes this difficult unless I just take the pictures with my phone.

2. Not blogging every day (or even every other day!).

3. Not catching up on all of YOUR blogs (which I love, by the way)!

So see? There you have it! Bad blogger! I'll try to be better, maybe starting next week? Maybe?

But, I've also been in a bad mood. Just a funk. Partly due to family issues that my parents are having at their restaurant. It's seems they get screwed no matter what they do!

Also, I've been in a funk because I just haven't been eating right. I haven't been counting points. I've been snacking on tortilla chips at work all week (thankfully they are gone, yup, I finished them off) :/

Lastly, I've had that rash/bite marks all over my arms and legs. I feel like a leper! I'm not a vain person. I generally don't care what I look like, but I don't want people looking at me like I have some weird contagious disease. Because of this, I haven't gone to the gym. I have been working out outside, running, walking. But I've been wearing pants and big t-shirts. And it's been about 90 degrees! That puts me in a bad mood.

But my bite marks/rash thing is getting better. All the marks are still there, but they are getting lighter. My legs still look the worse. All the bite marks/rash spots have blended together and I have big red blotches instead of smaller spots. This picture was taken on Tuesday evening of my arm and leg. (The first picture is my arm, the second picture is my leg).

So, I have to snap out of the funk. Working out helps me with this! Like I said, I've been running and walking. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday I ran. Wednesday, I walked with a cousin. My half marathon is only 1 week away (from Sunday). I'm thinking a LONG run is in order in the near future. I dislike long runs! :/

This picture is of the 5k I did yesterday with a friend and her friend. I'm on the left. I really don't like this strange picture of me! But it was hot and I was sweaty before we even started!

Here is a picture of the meal my cousin made for me before we went walking on Wednesday! Breaded chicken breast, rice and veggies. Delish! She can cook for me anytime! She thought I was a freak taking a picture of the food! lol

And this picture is just a picture of me that I took a few weeks ago. I think I look like "slim jim"! Whatever that means! lol

My weigh in is tomorrow. I almost don't want to go! It's the 6th week and I should be making lifetime, but I don't know that I will fall in the 2 lb +/- from my goal weight. I fell off this week. Horribly upset about that. I almost want to just ditch.

It's really not like me to let my weight control my feelings about myself! So I'm going to go and grin and bear the outcome! Whatever it says, I can work on it for the future. There is always next week.

I did buy a scale the other day (see...obsessed!). And I weighed my kitties! lol

My one cat is a Snowshoe (cross between a Siamese and American Shorthair). She is short and stocky. I call her fatty! Her real name is Hazel. The second one is a Calico cat. Her name is Isabelle. She's luckier than Hazel because she is taller and the weight stretches out better! lol.

(Isabelle is on the top and Hazel is snoozing on random papers!)

Oh, so I weighed them. Hazel (short/stocky fatty) weighs 11.4 lbs. Isabelle, long and lean (with some fat) weighs 12.4 lbs. And they are on kitty diets! lol

Do you have pets? Do they need to go on "furry friend weight watchers"? :p

Monday, July 19, 2010

California Chronicles

Just "some" pictures of my vacation. When you take 200, you have to consolidate!

The Hollywood sign (obviously). The hotel featured at the end of the movie "Pretty Woman" when Richard Gere goes to "save" Julia Roberts. Remember "Come down my princess!" I love that movie!

Me at Venice Beach. Also, muscle beach. This is an outdoor gym where "muscle" people work out. You can actually buy a day pass and work out for $10. Maybe next time. Pay no attention to the medical marijuana sign in the background :p

This is my new California Love muffin! Don't we look cute together. The next picture is me in front of Dodgers Stadium. We left in the 7th. We were cheering for the Cubs but they played awful! The final score (and the score for most of the game) was 7-0 Dodgers.

My breakfast from Denny's the morning we were going to universal studios. It was a 10 point breakfast (they had the nutritional information to the side on the table for everything on the menu! Love that!). It was 2 whole wheat pancakes, egg whites, turkey bacon, fruit cup. I wanted to hit lots of protein and stuff to keep me going in the park. Did a good job!

Next photo is Me and Tony in front of the Universal Studios Globe. A cute, nice Frenchman took this photo :)

I ran up this flight of stairs at Universal. There are 3 sets of these stairs. I ran of the first one, took the escalator up the second and raced my nephew up the 3rd! Always trying to fit in exercise!

The next picture is from the Universal Studios Lot. This cabin is where they filmed the movie "The Great Outdoors" with John Candy. I love that movie!

We went to Six Flags Magic Mountain on Thursday. It was about 105 degrees! We weren't prepared b/c the day before at Venice Beach, it was about 75! I almost passed out waiting in line on the first ride. I actually left the line after 1/2 because I thought I was going to pass out from dehydration or heat exhaustion. My nephew stayed and went on the ride. I called my mom from a store with air conditioning and started to cry! We felt awful. Barely went on any rides, went to the hotel at 4:00 and just laid in the air (see next picture). We went swimming and ate dinner at subway. I went back (alone) at 7:00 and went on 3 more rides (I'm a sucker for amusement parks). I love them!

One of the times I got up before my nephew and went to the hotel gym.

In the Hollywood Hills overlooking the city below. At the Kodak Theater where they film the Academy Awards and the American Idol finale. We took a tour of the Theater but they wouldn't let you take pictures. It was a fun tour though.

In line at Pink's, a popular hot dog place. They have been open since 1939. Their standard dog has chili, mustard and onions.

And that's what we got!

Hope you enjoyed my vacations pictures. These were only a select few. We also have tons of pictures of the stars on the Walk of Fame, Hand prints/feet from Celebrities in front of the Chinese Theater, more pictures of the Hills, more pictures of the sets in the back lot at Universal Studios. And Celebrity Houses from our tour. Well, mostly big gates and hedges, can't hardly see the houses!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm Back!

Hi everyone!
I'm back from my California vacation! How did I do? I did ok. The first half of the week, I counted all my points. I did very well with making healthy choices, I was working out in the fitness center at least every other day. The days I didn't were days we were out and walking all day long.

Then I started slipping a little. Not a lot. I stopped counting all my points the last half of the week. I was still trying to make the best decisions I could "most" of the time, but definitely didn't track all my meals. I'm not going to stress about it. It is what it is!

The last day I got up at 6:00 am to go hike in the Hollywood Hills. A ton of people work out there. I was just going to walk but some people walk and some run! I don't know how the runners do it! Well, I had a nice 1 hour and 20 min hike. But when I got back to the hotel, after about another hour, I noticed all these "bite marks" on my arms and legs. They are all over my arms and legs!

I was concerned. Is it poison ivy? Most of the hills had no grass or weeds. Only 1 section had something I had to brush past. Is it insect bites? How is that possible? They are all over! I was toying with going to an urgent care today (since it's Sunday) but didn't want to go if I don't need to. I went to a pharmacist and asked him. He said that if it doesn't spread and it doesn't have red lines going through it, then I should be fine. I'm just really mad about it! I look like I have leprosy! I'm very self conscious!

I'll just post a few pictures right now. I'll fill you in more on vacation in later posts.

Picture #1: Me with Matt Damon's Star, I love Matt Damon!
Picture #2: Me and Tony horseback riding in the Hollywood Hills
Picture #3: Me and Tony at Venice Beach! The waves were huge that day!
Picture #4: Eggplant parmasen. The eggplant was not breaded (good!) but it was cheesy (bad). This meal was excellent!
Picture #5: From the house of Blues. Rosemary Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans. I ate half of the chicken, all the mashed potatoes and half the green beans.

Have a great day!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Disappointed + Vacation Goals

I weighed in today instead of tomorrow because my flight is at 7:20 am, which means I have to get up around 4:30! I gained, of course. Was there any doubt? I was up about 4.8 lbs! I know, I know, I didn't REALLY gain 4.8 lbs! You know how many extra calories you would have to consume? About 16,800! No way! But I am disappointed in myself. Really, really disappointed.

I have learned NOT to let the scale control my emotions. One week on the scale doesn't account for the progress I've made up until now. And like I said, I didn't gain 4.8 in one week! So, now that I'm disappointed and said very mean things to myself, I have decided to learn from it and make different choices next time.

I actually wouldn't have been so mad at myself if #1... I wasn't almost at lifetime #2...I was going on vacation next week. So what did I learn? I learned that I didn't do what I was supposed to. I didn't count my points. I ate too many processed foods. I probably had too much sodium. I didn't drink enough water. I got my 6 glasses a day but barely. I normally drink at least 8 glasses. And I didn't exercise as often as the week before (when I was a machine!).

So, now that I identified the cause for my gain, what can I do differently this coming week? Well, for starters, it's Vacation Time Baby!!! Woohoo!! I'm so excited! Now I can throw out my eating and exercise plan and eat until I can't stand up!

Do you believe me? No way! Of course you don't! I'm making goals for vacation. Come the Sunday I get back, I'll let you know how I did on those goals.


1. Eat what you really want! This doesn't mean to eat with abandon. But you can't deprive yourself either. You don't want to be miserable on vacation! But if you don't really want it, don't eat it.

2. Look at the menu ahead of time and see if they post nutritional information. Being prepared is the best way to handle eating out. Look at the menu online if they have it and see if they have nutritional info for their food. Even if they don't have the NI listed, you can still see what you think your best options are.

3. Use the hotel fitness center. I always make sure I get hotels with fitness centers! This time, I'm going to use it more than 1 time! :) I'm shooting for at least 20 mins (hopefully more) of real fitness center exercise a day. Then on top of all the walking, I should be doing pretty good! And not to mention the horse-playing in the pool.

4. Try to attend a WW meeting to at least weigh in. This one is iffy. Not sure if I will make it but I'm planning to. Even if I've gained, at least I know where I stand for the following week.

5. Have fun and take lots of pictures! :P

So I will see you all back on Sunday, July 18th! I'm excited to go and so is my nephew (that's who I'm going with). We are going to Los Angeles for those that don't know. Never been (except when I was a baby)!

Now, you guys be good too, ok? :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Wish I Had One of Those Buzzers!

I've fallen and I can't get up! I wish I had one of those buzzer things!

Really, I haven't fallen physically. I'm OK physically. No need to call for physical help. Do you see where I'm going with this?

My eating fell off the track a bit. There is one thing I HATE worse than when I don't eat good. It's when I don't eat good but it's all crap. It's not that I ate bad food that I LOVE! I just snacked on crap at home, eating countless points for no reason until I went to bed. Why do I do that? So frustrating. I did try to count everything though so that's a plus.

I didn't workout yesterday. That was planned. I wanted to try to get done a bunch of stuff for vacation. Do some packing, some cleaning! In the words of my 15 year old nephew: EPIC FAIL! I couldn't seem to get my butt off the couch after work (except to go to the fridge!).

After a phone call from my delightful cousin, I mentioned to her that I was trying to get motivated to do something. After I got off the phone with her (it was already 8:45 pm), I got up, turned the radio on REAL LOUD(!!) and did some cleaning for 40 mins (mostly kitchen stuff).

Then plopped back on the couch and continued to do my squats and walks (up from the couch...walk to the fridge...walk back to the couch...squat down to sit on the couch). Does that count as exercise?

I may or may not post much the rest of the week. It depends if I have something to say and if I have the time.

Next week (starting this Saturday), it's vacation time! I'm so excited! Going to Los Angeles/Hollywood Area (and surrounding areas). I'll try to get a post out later in the week about my plans for that week. I definitely WON'T be posting at all next week.

I'm kind of bummed that the weather in CA hasn't been sunny or hot (only 60's!) What's up with that? The sun better make an appearance when I'm out there and those temps better climb a little! It's hotter here in Chicago (90's) or even you East Coasters (100's)!! Mother Nature is so weird!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Weekend Recap

Hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July weekend! Sorry for the lack of posting. I'm a blogger without the proper tools! I don't have a computer at home and I didn't feel like posting from my parent's house this weekend!

Saturday was a beautiful and HOT day in the neighborhood. I decided to try the public pool with Tony my nephew and it was just what the doctor ordered! We were only there a few hours but it was so refreshing! And since there is a huge waterslide there, I got in my exercise by climbing the stairs to the platform over and over...and over again! I got in additional exercise that night with about 1 hour of walking.

Sunday was the 4th of July. I wore a new shirt, new earrings and new shorts. The shorts are actually 1 size larger than I wear but you have to dress for comfort, not size right? Here is me and my mom.

Yes, my mom is a skinny mini. She has been that way all her life. It's her jeans, I mean gene's! I take after my curvy, fuller sized dad's side! :/

My grandparents came over and we had the most delicious food on the face of the planet. Well, it's the most delicious food next to ice cream, that is :) RIBS! Yummy! And grilled corn. My dad also made stuffed mushrooms. There may have been other things but to tell you the truth, I can barely remember past the ribs!

Oh, cucumber salad, that's what else we had. So it was pretty healthy minus the BBQ ribs but I planned for it and counted every single point!

Strawberry shortcake was for dessert! Yummy!

We walked to my neighborhood's fireworks. It was so crowded. I had never been there before! But got in some exercise with the walking and I did mow the lawn in the morning and did some cleaning. Always trying to fit in some extra activity where I can!

Monday I slept in late! Really late for me! I woke up at 10:40! Ahhhhh, felt nice! After breakfast, I went to my parent's house to search for hotels for my vacation, then picked up my nephew and drove him to my parent's restaurant. I went to the gym for 45 mins of kickboxing class and 1 hour powerflex (weights). It was so great!

Now it's Tuesday but it SO feels like Monday. I'm tired and a girl is on vacation and I have to cover for her this week. But only 4 days and I'm on vacation! Woohoo! Can't wait!

How was your 4th of July?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Beast

The Beast is a food challenge, you know, similar to the show "Man vs. Food." I know, I shouldn't talk about food challenges on a weight loss, healthy eating/living blog! The Beast is a creation my parent's restaurant has, my dad created it. It's a gigantic sundae.

It contains the following ingredients:
18 scoops of ice cream
6 bananas
2 apples
3 brownies
nilla wafers
brazil nuts
hot fudge
chocolate sauce

It's pretty gross! I love all the stuff in it but seeing it being made and all together, blah! I've seen the tail end of one of these challenges but never start to finish. The poor guy got a little less than half way done. My mom "felt bad for contributing to his obesity." :(

The challenge is for one person to finish the whole sundae in 1 hour or less. He had 20 mins left and gave up. Then threw up in the bathroom to which the toilet flooded and my poor dad has to clean up now :( The mental picture of this is gross, huh? So sorry.

Today I went to the public pool with my nephew Tony. I've never been to this pool since I moved here in November. It actually has a huge water slide separate from the pool area. The pool area has another slide and diving boards. It was a beautiful day!

Oh, I forgot, I lost 3 lbs! How could I forget! Now I'm two pounds under goal. I needed this because I'm going on vacation in a week and wanted to try to have a little cushion "just in case." I have two weeks left before lifetime but it falls on vacation. I actually going to try to weigh in on vacation but I'm not going to do the lifetime paperwork until I get back so my leader can do it. I am going to try to maintain as much as possible on vacation. We shall see how that goes! Working out will be my savior!

Have a good 4th of July!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Counting 1 to 7

Spanish: uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete
Italian: uno, due, tre, quattro, cinque, sei, sette
French: un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept

(I knew the English and Spanish. I knew most of the Italian because I took a semester in college but forgot some of the spelling. I needed total Google help with the French)!

Why am I counting in Spanish, you ask? Because that's the number of miles I ran last night! Woohoo! 7 miles is good for me. I never usually run past 5.5 miles and I really don't like doing more than 4 miles! I'm a running baby! I cry and cry! But I decided that I needed to do a "longer" run than normal in preparation for my half marathon, which is 1 month away! August 1st!

Yes, I've run it before, 3 times to be exact. But I am not a huge runner. I don't run more than 2 times a week normally.

But yesterday's 7 miles went relatively good! I didn't have a plan on where to run. I just started running my neighborhood and just saw where that took me.

I actually have a new app for my phone! I'm super excited about this one. I don't have a pedometer. My new app tells me the distance that I've gone. It uses a GPS function and is completely accurate (I tested it out the other day). So I didn't have to worry about knowing the distance beforehand.

So I just ran and if there was a dead end, I turned and kept running. I tried to go 3.5 miles and turn around. It pretty much worked out but when I got back by my house, I had only gone 6.5 miles! But my goal was 7! So I'm running around my house, down this block and back until finally...7 miles! I pretty much stayed on the couch with my feet up the rest of the night.

Except...when I went to cut up a watermelon! Why is it that it's easier for me to run 7 miles than it is to cut up a watermelon! I didn't fuss while running but, man, give me that watermelon and I'm crying like a baby! I don't wanna! I don't wanna! It's sad really. Then I called my mom and told her I missed the days she used to cut up my fruit for me! lol

When you run (or workout in general), do you have a plan? Do you know what you are doing for how long you are doing it? Or do you just fly by the seat of your pants?

Mine was kind of both. I knew I wanted to do 7 miles, but other than that, I just flew by the seat of my pants.