Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Beast

The Beast is a food challenge, you know, similar to the show "Man vs. Food." I know, I shouldn't talk about food challenges on a weight loss, healthy eating/living blog! The Beast is a creation my parent's restaurant has, my dad created it. It's a gigantic sundae.

It contains the following ingredients:
18 scoops of ice cream
6 bananas
2 apples
3 brownies
nilla wafers
brazil nuts
hot fudge
chocolate sauce

It's pretty gross! I love all the stuff in it but seeing it being made and all together, blah! I've seen the tail end of one of these challenges but never start to finish. The poor guy got a little less than half way done. My mom "felt bad for contributing to his obesity." :(

The challenge is for one person to finish the whole sundae in 1 hour or less. He had 20 mins left and gave up. Then threw up in the bathroom to which the toilet flooded and my poor dad has to clean up now :( The mental picture of this is gross, huh? So sorry.

Today I went to the public pool with my nephew Tony. I've never been to this pool since I moved here in November. It actually has a huge water slide separate from the pool area. The pool area has another slide and diving boards. It was a beautiful day!

Oh, I forgot, I lost 3 lbs! How could I forget! Now I'm two pounds under goal. I needed this because I'm going on vacation in a week and wanted to try to have a little cushion "just in case." I have two weeks left before lifetime but it falls on vacation. I actually going to try to weigh in on vacation but I'm not going to do the lifetime paperwork until I get back so my leader can do it. I am going to try to maintain as much as possible on vacation. We shall see how that goes! Working out will be my savior!

Have a good 4th of July!


  1. Man vs. Food is the craziest show! Maybe he'll come visit your Dad now!

    Great job on your loss, Amanda! So happy for you!!!

  2. The worst part of seeing it is knowing I could finish it. When it comes to ice cream I swear I could eat a gallon easy.
    YEAH on the 3 lbs!!

  3. Anonymous7/07/2010

    Criminy, 18 scoops? That's just nasty. :)