Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just call me...Meanie Mandy!

Meanie Mandy is coming your way today! No really, I'm not mean. SHUT UP, I'M NOT! :)

Let's get off the "healthy way of living" topic for a minute, shall we? Actually, this is still probably adding to my good health. Remember, good health isn't always just about the food you put in your mouth or how many calories you burn at the gym! It's also about your stress level and the people around you that affect it!

I'll make this brief and not get into too many details and bore you all. The 24 year old assistant to the owner is disrespectful to a lot of people all time. I'm nice to her because it's easier to deal with everyone at work if you have a good relationship with them.

This morning she said something that was incredibly disrespectful to me today. I was fuming! DO NOT talk disrespectfully and like I'm 2 years old to me! I get along with EVERYONE. It takes an awful lot for me to get angry... really, really angry! But I was. So I decided to confront her.

I simply said, "I do not appreciate the way you spoke to me this morning!" To which, she gave me the eyebrow implying (I have no idea what you are talking about). I responded, "You know exactly what I'm talking about. I understood you the first time and you didn't have to say it 3 times." Then I said, "You know (let's call her K), You have to give respect in this office to get it." Then I walked out.

So why am I "Meanie Mandy?" Because after I left, she was sobbing in her office. Then she was in the bathroom crying. Look, I don't care! She is mean to everyone here! All I said was I didn't like the way she was talking to me! Good lord!

Well, then we find out about an hour later that her grandfather passed away this morning. Whoops! Well, I feel bad that her grandfather passed. But there is still no way I'm apologizing to her for what I said! She needs to learn to play nicely!

I guess that wasn't as short as I wanted it to be! Sorry for the drama post, but it was probably necessary for my health that I told her how I felt! I was so mad, I was shaking! Can't be good for the health!
Yesterday, I went to the gym after work even though I didn't want to. I don't want to run to give my knees a break before the half marathon this weekend. I wouldn't have even gone but candy and chocolate got the best of me at work and so I needed to go.

I had two options, go for about 1/2 hour and leave to catch the earlier train, or stay for about 55 mins and catch the later train home. The conversation I had with myself for about 30 mins went something like this:

"Maybe I should leave early. It's only about 20 mins difference but then I can lay on the couch and watch TV."

"No, I should stay the full time and take the later train. I ate WAY too much chocolate and candy today!"

"But I'm so tired, I think I'll leave for the earlier time."

"No, you have to stay the whole time, you need it. Otherwise you will go home and just eat more!"

It went on and on for the full 30 mins! At that time, I decided it would be good to stay! lol. Aren't you proud of me!

It's funny what you try to talk yourself out of!

Do you listen to yourself when you try to talk yourself out of going to the gym?

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  1. you go girl! sometime people just don't have a bloody clue.