Monday, July 19, 2010

California Chronicles

Just "some" pictures of my vacation. When you take 200, you have to consolidate!

The Hollywood sign (obviously). The hotel featured at the end of the movie "Pretty Woman" when Richard Gere goes to "save" Julia Roberts. Remember "Come down my princess!" I love that movie!

Me at Venice Beach. Also, muscle beach. This is an outdoor gym where "muscle" people work out. You can actually buy a day pass and work out for $10. Maybe next time. Pay no attention to the medical marijuana sign in the background :p

This is my new California Love muffin! Don't we look cute together. The next picture is me in front of Dodgers Stadium. We left in the 7th. We were cheering for the Cubs but they played awful! The final score (and the score for most of the game) was 7-0 Dodgers.

My breakfast from Denny's the morning we were going to universal studios. It was a 10 point breakfast (they had the nutritional information to the side on the table for everything on the menu! Love that!). It was 2 whole wheat pancakes, egg whites, turkey bacon, fruit cup. I wanted to hit lots of protein and stuff to keep me going in the park. Did a good job!

Next photo is Me and Tony in front of the Universal Studios Globe. A cute, nice Frenchman took this photo :)

I ran up this flight of stairs at Universal. There are 3 sets of these stairs. I ran of the first one, took the escalator up the second and raced my nephew up the 3rd! Always trying to fit in exercise!

The next picture is from the Universal Studios Lot. This cabin is where they filmed the movie "The Great Outdoors" with John Candy. I love that movie!

We went to Six Flags Magic Mountain on Thursday. It was about 105 degrees! We weren't prepared b/c the day before at Venice Beach, it was about 75! I almost passed out waiting in line on the first ride. I actually left the line after 1/2 because I thought I was going to pass out from dehydration or heat exhaustion. My nephew stayed and went on the ride. I called my mom from a store with air conditioning and started to cry! We felt awful. Barely went on any rides, went to the hotel at 4:00 and just laid in the air (see next picture). We went swimming and ate dinner at subway. I went back (alone) at 7:00 and went on 3 more rides (I'm a sucker for amusement parks). I love them!

One of the times I got up before my nephew and went to the hotel gym.

In the Hollywood Hills overlooking the city below. At the Kodak Theater where they film the Academy Awards and the American Idol finale. We took a tour of the Theater but they wouldn't let you take pictures. It was a fun tour though.

In line at Pink's, a popular hot dog place. They have been open since 1939. Their standard dog has chili, mustard and onions.

And that's what we got!

Hope you enjoyed my vacations pictures. These were only a select few. We also have tons of pictures of the stars on the Walk of Fame, Hand prints/feet from Celebrities in front of the Chinese Theater, more pictures of the Hills, more pictures of the sets in the back lot at Universal Studios. And Celebrity Houses from our tour. Well, mostly big gates and hedges, can't hardly see the houses!


  1. looks like you had fun! Glad to see you back!

  2. Looks like a great time was had by all!