Friday, July 9, 2010

Disappointed + Vacation Goals

I weighed in today instead of tomorrow because my flight is at 7:20 am, which means I have to get up around 4:30! I gained, of course. Was there any doubt? I was up about 4.8 lbs! I know, I know, I didn't REALLY gain 4.8 lbs! You know how many extra calories you would have to consume? About 16,800! No way! But I am disappointed in myself. Really, really disappointed.

I have learned NOT to let the scale control my emotions. One week on the scale doesn't account for the progress I've made up until now. And like I said, I didn't gain 4.8 in one week! So, now that I'm disappointed and said very mean things to myself, I have decided to learn from it and make different choices next time.

I actually wouldn't have been so mad at myself if #1... I wasn't almost at lifetime #2...I was going on vacation next week. So what did I learn? I learned that I didn't do what I was supposed to. I didn't count my points. I ate too many processed foods. I probably had too much sodium. I didn't drink enough water. I got my 6 glasses a day but barely. I normally drink at least 8 glasses. And I didn't exercise as often as the week before (when I was a machine!).

So, now that I identified the cause for my gain, what can I do differently this coming week? Well, for starters, it's Vacation Time Baby!!! Woohoo!! I'm so excited! Now I can throw out my eating and exercise plan and eat until I can't stand up!

Do you believe me? No way! Of course you don't! I'm making goals for vacation. Come the Sunday I get back, I'll let you know how I did on those goals.


1. Eat what you really want! This doesn't mean to eat with abandon. But you can't deprive yourself either. You don't want to be miserable on vacation! But if you don't really want it, don't eat it.

2. Look at the menu ahead of time and see if they post nutritional information. Being prepared is the best way to handle eating out. Look at the menu online if they have it and see if they have nutritional info for their food. Even if they don't have the NI listed, you can still see what you think your best options are.

3. Use the hotel fitness center. I always make sure I get hotels with fitness centers! This time, I'm going to use it more than 1 time! :) I'm shooting for at least 20 mins (hopefully more) of real fitness center exercise a day. Then on top of all the walking, I should be doing pretty good! And not to mention the horse-playing in the pool.

4. Try to attend a WW meeting to at least weigh in. This one is iffy. Not sure if I will make it but I'm planning to. Even if I've gained, at least I know where I stand for the following week.

5. Have fun and take lots of pictures! :P

So I will see you all back on Sunday, July 18th! I'm excited to go and so is my nephew (that's who I'm going with). We are going to Los Angeles for those that don't know. Never been (except when I was a baby)!

Now, you guys be good too, ok? :)


  1. The scale can be such a jerk! Your right there could be a lot of factors in that gain- sodium is a huge one! :( Im sorry! Go enjoy your vacation, and I like your plan to not be depriving yourself. When you get back Im sure you will get back to things as normal! :) ENJOY!

  2. I love your goals and you can can vacation with out a gain no problem!

    Enjoy your time and remember vacation is not all about food!

  3. Hi, we were in the same WIDTH post @ Jack's so I thought I'd stop by to say hi.

    Enjoy your vacation - I think it's GREAT that you have a plan, for me just thinking things through ahead of time is the best strategy possible to manage challenges.

    I travel over 50% of the time for work, so I have a lot of travel tips (plus I live in France & we have 5 weeks of vacation, so I have tons of vacation tips too).

    For your first goal, if it was me I would do better with a cap on the number of "things I really want". Like one a day, or one a day plus one extra for a breakfast, one extra for a lunch, dinner, snack each during the whole trip. I can justify myself into a lot, and that 'eat what you really want' could open a LOT of doors if I don't put some restrictions around it!

    Enjoy your trip, and then a week or two later enjoy getting to your goal!

  4. so exciting about your vacation. great goals! i love the one about using the hotel fitness center. that stinks about the weigh-in. i know how that feels!

  5. Anonymous7/10/2010

    Don't worry about the scale and love your vacation plan.

    Can't wait to see the pics! :D