Saturday, July 31, 2010

T-15 hours!

You may be sick of hearing about my half marathon but it will be over soon! It's tomorrow! I have to get up before the sun is shinning!

This is a really bad picture of the course map. The course is in red on the right. It's mostly along the lake (Lake Michigan).

I went to pick up my packet this morning. If you are familiar with Chicago, it's at McCormick Place. In the goodie bag, there was a small bottle of extra virgin olive oil and a small bottle of balsamic vinegar! Maybe they want us to eat a salad?

I went to my weight watchers meeting this morning. I was nervous because my snacking was out of control this week. Lots and lots of candy! But I lost 0.6 lbs. Very happy with that!

On my way back from McCormick Place, I was feeling a little hungry. I didn't really want to eat, so I decided to get one of my favorite Starbucks drinks. Since I don't like coffee (sacrilegious, I know!), I get the iced chai latte with skim milk! Delish!

Whoops! Next time I will take a picture BEFORE I drink it :p

I will post more tomorrow after the run! I'll try and take a few pictures but I'm really going to try to beat my last years time of 2:23!


  1. Good luck tomorrow, Amanda! Hope you smash your time!

  2. Thanks Marisa! I know I won't "smash" my time, but even 3 minutes would be nice!