Tuesday, May 24, 2016

And the Wedding Planning Continues!

There won't be much photos on this post... well... because you don't show all your wedding stuff to the world before the big day! But I thought I would fill you in on how it's all shaping up. If you have no desire to read about my wedding stuff, feel free to close your browser now.

I have been engaged for over a year (since 2/14/15). At first I thought, "There's TONS of time! I have well over a year!"

Then it became, "I have a WHOLE year to plan."

And I started working on some small things. I shopped for a dress and found the one last October. We started shopping for Save the Dates, but those technically don't go out until about 6-8 months before. I chose 8 months because my whole family was getting anxious at this point!

We sent the STD's (as they are referred to, lol) out in mid-January. It's really hard because I want to invite everyone, all my run friends, all my work friends, but we are trying to limit the guest list so it's mostly family and just a few friends. 

By the way, my friend Jill took the engagement photos, which is where the picture on the back came from. Love so much. Thank you Jill! Also, our wedding color inspiration ended up coming from my sweater in the picture. Up until that point, we hadn't officially decided on colors. 

I also have to say that I am an indecisive person. Truly 100% indecisive. So when one of our wedding decisions officially gets made and/or done, I am definitely excited about it! I keep saying...one more thing checked off the list!

And also, as much as I am an indecisive person, I am a VERY OCD person when it comes to lists for important things. I have a guest list, a wedding shower list, a spreadsheet for finances, a budget spreadsheet for things that we still need to do and spend money on (with estimates on how much things might cost, even though I really had NO CLUE!). And I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself on our budget. We are a little over budget but that's because of one major thing, which is more of a gift than for our own wedding planning. But otherwise, we have done very well with staying in our budget!

Then our wedding was 6 months away, and 4 months away, and now...HOLY SH%T! It's LESS THAN 3 MONTHS AWAY! It's 81 days away! EIGHTY-ONE DAYS!

Yes, that's how I feel right now when I say it. I say it in ALL CAPS!  It's so close now! How is it that close!?  Wow wow wow wow wow!

Ok, sorry, freaked out for a minute. But as you can see, things go by fast. Before I know it, the day will be here. I'm definitely excited to just get to the big day, you know? I'm only a bit anxious about things right now. I haven't been a bridezilla yet and I'm trying not to be...but I can tell I definitely am starting to get anxious about things.

Most of our planning is going well. We have the DJ, venue, food, hair person, makeup person, dress, tux and florist all done. We just got the invitations in the mail and those will go out next month. My dress fitting will be next month, my shower is next month. I have hair and makeup trials in July along with the bachelorette party. I just bought my shoes for the wedding last night! I LOVE THEM! I'm not normally a shoe person but they made me happy! lol. There are still a few small(ish) things I need to take care of but all in all, I'm very happy with how things are going so far. Before you know it, I'll have a new last name! Eeeekkkk!!

One thing I have no idea about, first dance song. We better start figuring that stuff out or we might just be dancing to Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back"....!!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016


A little not so brief update on what's been happening with me lately!  Maybe if I post this and catch up, I will post more regularly! Maybe!


I completed the Southwest Half Marathon (aka Palos Half Marathon) on May 1st. I hadn't planned to run this half but I was training for a different half and was going to run 10 miles this weekend. Needless to say, I ended up running it last minute. I mean, 10 miles, 13 miles, it's all the same, right?  I did take it easy. I did stop at every water stop for a quick drink. I ran with a few friends for most of it. I wasn't going to PR and it was a training run for my upcoming half so that's what happened.  It was cold and a bit drizzly at the beginning but I warmed up for the middle and was very comfortable but started freezing again the last two miles. I couldn't wait to get home and take a hot shower!

FNRC - pre race

Waiting in the corral - (L-R: Me, Julie & Jill in the back, Tiffany & Sarah up front)
Kathy, Tiffany, Myself (L-R)

I've been swimming! Yay me! I swam about 3 times. The first time I did 6 lengths, then I did 12 lengths, then I did 20 lengths! Shoulder is feeling pretty good each time. Trying not to push it but trying to keep increasing it. Working on "pulling" as well, not just "doing the motion". I have a triathlon in June so I want to try to swim 2x a week.  Sorry, no goggle pics of me in the pool!


I have the Starved Rock Half Marathon this Saturday. I'm no where near PR material right now so I'm just going to do my best and see what that is.

I was talked into a duathlon on May 22nd by "the Mr."  It's the Silver Lake Duathlon in Prairie Path, Indiana.  It consists of a 3 mile run, 12 mile bike, 3 mile run. The run is "cross country" meaning it's on grass with lots of hills. Ugh! I mean...fun!! No really, it should be fun. It's actually a really small race so if I were a smig faster and the 35-39 age group wasn't so competitive, I could place! lol

I have the Ridge Run 10k in Beverly on Memorial Day. I love this race so I'm looking forward to it. Plus a 10k sounds so much better right now than a half marathon! lol