Thursday, May 12, 2016


A little not so brief update on what's been happening with me lately!  Maybe if I post this and catch up, I will post more regularly! Maybe!


I completed the Southwest Half Marathon (aka Palos Half Marathon) on May 1st. I hadn't planned to run this half but I was training for a different half and was going to run 10 miles this weekend. Needless to say, I ended up running it last minute. I mean, 10 miles, 13 miles, it's all the same, right?  I did take it easy. I did stop at every water stop for a quick drink. I ran with a few friends for most of it. I wasn't going to PR and it was a training run for my upcoming half so that's what happened.  It was cold and a bit drizzly at the beginning but I warmed up for the middle and was very comfortable but started freezing again the last two miles. I couldn't wait to get home and take a hot shower!

FNRC - pre race

Waiting in the corral - (L-R: Me, Julie & Jill in the back, Tiffany & Sarah up front)
Kathy, Tiffany, Myself (L-R)

I've been swimming! Yay me! I swam about 3 times. The first time I did 6 lengths, then I did 12 lengths, then I did 20 lengths! Shoulder is feeling pretty good each time. Trying not to push it but trying to keep increasing it. Working on "pulling" as well, not just "doing the motion". I have a triathlon in June so I want to try to swim 2x a week.  Sorry, no goggle pics of me in the pool!


I have the Starved Rock Half Marathon this Saturday. I'm no where near PR material right now so I'm just going to do my best and see what that is.

I was talked into a duathlon on May 22nd by "the Mr."  It's the Silver Lake Duathlon in Prairie Path, Indiana.  It consists of a 3 mile run, 12 mile bike, 3 mile run. The run is "cross country" meaning it's on grass with lots of hills. Ugh! I!! No really, it should be fun. It's actually a really small race so if I were a smig faster and the 35-39 age group wasn't so competitive, I could place! lol

I have the Ridge Run 10k in Beverly on Memorial Day. I love this race so I'm looking forward to it. Plus a 10k sounds so much better right now than a half marathon! lol


  1. Sounds like the Southwest Half was fun (except for the last two cold miles)! A hot shower after those kind of runs is the best! Good luck in the half this weekend!

  2. Wow! Way to go, Amanda!!! The weather was definitely challenging the weekend of the Southwest Half and I know that feeling well of wanting to take a hot shower (and never come back out) afterwards. Congratulations on your swimming and I am thrilled to hear your shoulder feels good. Can't wait to hear more details about Starved Rock!