Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am breathing, I am calm.

Sometimes people really test your strength!  Your internal strength!  I realized a few moments ago, that I was chanting, "I am breathing, I am calm. I am breathing, I am calm" over and over again today at work.  It is taking everything in my power NOT to go and beat my coworker down.  And I am NOT a violent person.

So I got up and went and ate my yogurt.  I will control myself and not give in to this woman's baby attitude.  It's so hard sometimes!  lol.  Sigh!

I'm looking forward to the Shamrock Shuffle coming in less than 2 weeks, on April 10th.  It's the first major run of the running season and it always has such a positive energy to it!  It's an 8k (5 miles).  I'm looking to beat my previous time of 50:27, which I had for the last 2 years!  Who ties their old time to the second anyway??  *Raises hand!

I'm still keeping my running log.  I've been a little low on the mileage.  I want to pick it up.  Once the weather remains nice (I hate running in the cold), I'm sure that will happen.  My miles per week are only about 10-12 miles.  That sounds kind of sad.  I'm shooting for 13 this week for a minimum.


  1. Take a deeeeeep breath. LOL Then go to a kickboxing class and release those frustrations!

    Oh, I feel ya on the running. I have *got* to get out there too. Looking forward to hearing about the Shamrock Shuffle!

  2. Keep breathing!! I love the vibe of the Shamrock Shuffle - I haven't done it since I moved out to the "sticks" - I am 50 miles NW of Chicago now.

    Hang in there!

  3. My theory is that everyone these days thinks that they are the only one that matter. Just know that you are doing what's right and that she is not even on your playing field.

  4. Anonymous3/31/2011

    You cant beat your time if I take you out at the start or if I jump on your back. So watch out.

  5. Lol "anonymous", we shall see about that!