Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's time!

First of all, thanks for listening to my post about my feet!  I mentioned to my mom what the last post was about and she said, "People have to be pretty bored to want to read about that!"  Thanks Mom!

But I said that I have some "blogger friends" who know that I run and work out and also try to eat healthy and get my weight back down.  So my feet are a big impact in my life!  And I know you all understand that and may be able to offer words of encouragement and advice.  So thanks for reading and any support you have.

A quick update on my feet, I'm trying little things to make them feel better.  The doctor insert thing didn't really work.  In fact, I think it felt worse.  I tried it for several days and the results were not good!  So I bought something else that my dad uses and it definitely feels better than with the doctor's thing.  It still hurts but is more manageable.  I'll go with it for now!

But guess what time it is??  It's time to get serious again about my running!  In a little over a month, I have the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle, which is an 8k.  Then in May, I have a half marathon in Columbus.  I've never done a half marathon this early in the season.  I've also never run more than one half marathon in a calendar year!  And this year, I have 3 planned.  The one in Columbus in May, the one in Chicago in August, and the one in Omaha in September.  All leading up to the Chicago Marathon in October!!  It's a big year for me!

What I might do is record ANY run that I do on here starting with March.  If it's a slow run, a long run, a short run...I'll record it.  That way I can see where I am and how I'm doing.  I'll also include an update on how I felt during the run. 

The last 3 days have been great workout days for me.  I haven't been motivated with the gym lately because of my foot and that, combined with not eating great, has caused me to gain...gain...gain!  So now that I'm getting my workout back in order, I need to focus on my eating.  Starting today.  I'm tracking!

I know, you have all heard that before!  But the key to success is to keep trying, right?  What I have finally learned after 3+ years on weight watchers is that I'm a stress eater.  I just found that out!  Now that I know, maybe I can do something about it!


  1. Hi there,
    Just read up on your foot problem. oy. well, I have those asics and love em'. they're the best for me of my ~4 current pair.

    and the walking barefoot and not trying to think about my feet as 'problems' I think is helping.

    oh...and stretching. I'm sure there are feet stretches that could help too;-)

    It'll happen!;-)

  2. Wow! You have some serious races coming up!! I'll be cheering for you. :)

    Hope those feet are feeling better.

  3. Hey Amanda! I hope your feet feel better soon. I too have problem feet and it can be frustrating. If you freeze a 2/3 full water bottle and roll it under your foot it does give some relief.

    New running shoes always help my feet do better.

    Wishing you well!

  4. Thanks guys! Tami, great idea. Won't help with my problem toe necessarily but maybe will be good for my feet in general!

    AM - thanks! And yeah, I like Asics too. That's the latest pair I got. Now I just need cross training shoes for the gym!

  5. Lady you need a running journal!!! I keep track of every run, long, short, easy, tempo, race, no matter what it is! I write down the time of day, temperature (it outside), mood, what shoe I use and how I felt afterwards. It is a GREAT way to reflect!!!! I love looking back at my 5 mile "long runs" :)

  6. Best of luck to you on your events! I haven't done races in a while, but I always did the Shamrock, The Ridge Run, A race called Dam to Dam in Iowa (20k - we have relatives there), the Chicago Distance Classic and I've done the Chicago marathon in 2005 and 2006. Are you training by yourself? My husband and I did Team in Training, running on the lakefront, it was so much fun with other people!

    You can do it!

  7. Jenn, yes right now I'm running alone (mostly) but am going to try to hook up with a group when I start training. And yes, I do the Shamrock Shuffle, Ridge Run and Chicago Distance Classic (now Rock N. Roll Half).

    Mallory - you are absolutely right!

  8. I love your race schedule! I am running the Omaha 1/2 too! (I live in the area) good luck, and thanks for posting on my blog =)

  9. Oh Anna - you live in Omaha? My boyfriend lives there (we are long distance). Very cool!