Sunday, February 27, 2011


Feet.  Such a sexy topic of conversation.  But what can I say, we all have them.  So they deserve a spot on my blog!

Actually, my feet are not the best feet in the world (don't tell my feet though).  I've inherited bad foot genetics.  And the past 3 weeks or so have been really bad.  It's hindering my working out and creating a downward spiral!

My foot problems include (bear with me and these disgusting foot topics!) plantar warts, bunions and pain in my second toe.  So I finally made an appointment with the podiatrist.  With me signing up for a full marathon for this year, I have to make sure my feet are in the best shape they can be in.

Apparently, I have great mobility in my toes...the best ever!!  That's jealous!  Actually, the doctor did say that.  He was very intrigued by my "toe mobility".  Thanks Doc!!

But that doesn't help my current foot problems.  He did address my plantar warts.  No need to talk about those ugly things.  I told him my main source of pain right now is the pain in my second toe on the left foot.  It hurts just to even walk.  That apparently is a direct result from the bunion.  And really the only thing to truly correct it is to have surgery.  I'm not having foot surgery right now.  My dad has had foot surgery in the past and it's a very painful thing to go through.

So he gave me a few things to try and wear to see if it will help relieve some of the pain.  I've been wearing it now for about 2 days.  I'm not sure if it's helping at all!  I've gone to the gym and I'm still working out with major toe pain!  There is one more thing I may try that my dad is trying right now.  I will see if that helps too.

Another thing I needed to prepare for the full marathon is new shoes.  Good running shoes.  I wanted to get fitted by an actual place to give me the proper shoes for the way I run.  My parent's were kind enough to give me a gift certificate to a new running store by their house for my birthday.  I finally decided to go.  I was a little intimidated to go and have someone watch me run on the treadmill.  But these people were very nice and made me feel immediately comfortable.

They had me strip my feet naked and walk on the floor.  Then they had me walk on the treadmill and run on the treadmill.  They videotaped it and showed me my feet as I was walking and running.

She said that I don't roll onto my arches.  She said that my feet stay in a pretty neutral position as I run.  I think that's a good thing.  She said a cushion shoe would be better for my feet as opposed to an arch support shoe because, I have a slight arch but not a high arch.

She brought out three brands of shoes for me to try on.  I tried each pair on and ran on the treadmill.  Finally, I decided on a pair of new running shoes!

Aren't they beauties!  I wore them today while running on the treadmill at the gym.  They feel pretty comfortable.

So that's the steps I have taken so far in an attempt to be fully prepared to train for the marathon.  I have to go back to the podiatrist in 2 weeks.  Hopefully my toe issue will get better.  It's really hard to get motivated to work out when you are in excruciating pain!

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  1. Great new shoes! Glad they feel good so far! You will be great at your marathon!!

  2. Getting properly fitted for running shoes is a must!! I hope that helps you out! Sorry you are having so many foot problems. Hopefully they all get worked out soon!!

  3. Hooray for getting proper foot wear - that will make all the difference.

    Thanks for the shout out Amanda! :D