Thursday, February 10, 2011


I really did it this time guys!  I might complain.  I might whine.  I might lose a limb. 

I registered for THE CHICAGO MARATHON 2011!!!

It's on October 9, 2011.

If you have run a marathon before, please share your training tips!  From fuel to shoes to clothing to hydration to a training program!  I need it all!

I actually am really scared.  After I registered, I put my head in my hands and (I don't care if you are not a religious person...), I prayed to GOD that I will not die!  lol.

I am running for a charity.  I will post further information on that.  It's a great charity and I run the half marathon for them every year.

Please share with your blogger friends who may have some tips for me!  Send them my way!  I need help! 


  1. Congrats!! That's awesome! You CAN do it! I've never run a marathon but it looks like it has been a nice progression for you. Best of luck!

  2. Hey I just saw that you started following my blog and commented on the interview on Jodi's blog. Anyway, if you really do want a RoadID, I have a $5 off giftcard that I've been looking to give to someone. It expires 3/31. Let me know if you're interested!

  3. Hey Mallory! Sure I would love the coupon for the Road ID. Do you have an email address? I can send you my address. Or you can go to my blog, click on the contact me link and email me your email address!! That would be fantastic!! Thanks!

  4. Holy!! You can totally do this. I know you'll do great. Good luck!

  5. Good for you, Amanda! Yeah! I'm waiting for a big paycheck so that I can register for my first half-marathon ever, October 16th in Atlantic City, and maybe also the half-marathin in Philadelphia five weeks later.

    Let me know when you get your Road ID. That's on my "wish/treat-yourself list", but have to come up with registration fees first!

  6. Congratulations!! That's such exciting news :)

  7. Congrats! I'm training for the Illinois Marathon (Apr 30) and a big factor in my success has been running with a group! I joined a running club that meets twice a week and it's been a lot of fun and helped with accountability toward "just showing up". There will be a ton of running groups training for the marathon later this spring/summer. Let me know if you want any suggestions...

  8. Anonymous2/12/2011

    New reader and you can SO DO THIS! While you have to train long and hard - the biggest part is mental. My advice:
    Body Glide - I put it on my feet, the inside of my arms and under the band of my sports bra.
    Liquid - buy something you can wear around your waist. You won't want to carry your liquid in your hands. I used a pack with four bottles that had a zippered pouch for fuel.
    Food - I would feel sick if I didn't eat within 30 minutes of a long run (over 12 miles). Bring 1/2 a p-nut butter sandwich, banana or something similar for after the run (if you drive to your workout spot) or have it waiting for you if you run from home.
    Massages - Get one after your long runs. You will feel like you didn't do a long run!
    Fuel during the run - you will have to try out different kinds to find out what works best for you. I liked Gu Vanilla Bean because I found it difficult to chew and run and you could just swallow. To be honest though, they all taste gross after a while. Also, play with how often you need it. I had my first at 6o minutes, then every 30-40 minutes until the end of my run.

    Good luck and enjoy the process. You will be amazed at what your body can do.

  9. Thanks anonymous! That's great advice!