Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blizzard and Check me out here...

Wow, we had the 3rd biggest blizzard in Chicago history yesterday (started Tuesday evening).  I am a blogger without a computer so forgive me for not posting!  It took me a while to dig out part of my driveway!  My back is a little sore.  I do have a snowblower but shoveling is required part of the time.  I will post pictures over the weekend.

I have still been trying to work out every day for my 100 day challenge (see the tab above).  I missed one day here and cheated a few days (with just walking around a city).  But even the last two snowy days,  I managed to ride my stationary bike at home.

My eating was great Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  I slipped up on Tuesday and didn't track that day or Wednesday.  I'm going to blame the stress of the blizzard and being home all day.  It's my fault, yet, I know.  I'm getting back on track today.  I really hope to see a loss come Saturday's weigh in because I'm tired of gaining weight!  I need to get back to my goal weight!

**Also, Jodi from Run, Jodi, Run has kindly asked me to be a featured guest on her blog!  Check me out over there today.  I really appreciate the opportunity Jodi! 

Are you snowed in?  Did you have ice storms?  Or are you fortunate enough to live in a nice warm sunny area??


  1. I found your blog through Jodi's feature today. I live near Chicago as well. And am happy it's not snowing right now!

  2. My arms and lower back are sore today - when I put in shoveling for 60 minutes, it said I only earned 4 activity points - WTF?!

    Hope you were able to get out today - it was one lane all the way to work today - normally takes me 10 minutes to get to work, took almost 35!

  3. Being home all day messes me up, too. I fear we are creatures of habit...