Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Happy Wednesday!

Wow, these last two weeks have been flying by for me!  Work is super crazy busy.  But the good news is, it's a little better for me.  I don't feel like crying when I'm there right now.  But I'm still looking for a new job.

My eating?  Well, again, I have not been tracking my food. What is my problem??  Well, I'm hanging in there. 

Matt is coming in town on Friday evening for my birthday.  Yes, my birthday is Friday!  I'll be the BIG 3-2!  32 years old.  Oh my!  So Matt's coming in and he is staying for a whole week.  Through the next weekend!  Wow, wonder if we will survive this!  lol.  I took Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off of work.  I have to work on Thursday and Friday. 

Due to this little factor, I will not be posting to my blog!  Look for me to post sometime after February 20th.  Thanks for all your encouragement in everything! 

And the Chicago Marathon registration is open.  I guess I'm going to sign up!  I'm a little nervous!  I have to find a training program to follow!  I don't want to injure myself!

Have a great weekend and next week!


  1. Happy Birthday, Amanda!!! Enjoy your time with Matt!

  2. Happy Birthday Amanda! Have so much fun with Matt - we'll be here when you get back!