Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Recap and More!

How was everyone's Halloween? Do you even celebrate Halloween?

As you all saw from my previous post, my Halloween party was last weekend. Remember...

I've actually gotten a lot of comments on this photo! Including a "Damn girl! F'ing Gorgeous!" lol. Wow! Thanks! Must be the drunk smurf next to me!

This weekend, I had a party at my cousin's house for a house warming party. She is the one married to Mr. Anonymous Nick (aka my running partner) that frequents my blog. It turned out nice! Good food, good family/friends! They received some nice gifts (made me jealous!). I might have to borrow some of their new gadgets!

Some pictures. They are blurry. That's what happens when you take them fast with your phone! So sorry but it's all I have!

Me & Elise (Nick and Jessie's baby girl). She is so cute. I think I might keep her!

Me & Jessie at their new home!

After I left Jessie's house, I went to buy new gym shoes. While at the store, my cousin Toni calls me and begs me to go out with her. I said no, but then decided to NOT be an old lady and stay in on a Saturday night, so I went.

She wanted to go to the gambling boats in Indiana. I've been twice over 10 years ago. I'm cheap with my money and don't like to waste it. So after losing $20, I was done! Toni, however, run over $800 on a quarter slot machine!

After spending some of it gambling and giving me a total of $70 to spend throughout the night, she ended up with between $300-$500 winnings! Go Toni! And she was the one buying the drinks that night for us! lol!

Sunday was Halloween. Our trick or treat hours were 2-6. I wanted to go for a long run to prepare for the upcoming 15k this coming weekend. My plan was 7 miles. I didn't get home the night before until 2:30, so I set my alarm for 10 am and headed out.

It was slightly rough. After 3 miles, I really wanted to be done. I was going to cut the run short at 6 miles! But after 6 miles, I decided to stretch it out to the 7 miles I had planned. At 6 miles, I felt better than the whole run!

Ran some errands, then came home to pass out candy. I want to pass out candy because I remember when I was a kid, I wanted people to be home to give me candy! I'm returning the favor.

My cousin Jessie and baby Elise walked over for a bit!

I ran out of candy at 5:15 and decided NOT to go buy more. I was done. I put a sign on the door and left the house!

I went clothes shopping but didn't buy anything. I have the WORST shopper ever! I desperately need new clothes too. I'm trying again tonight! lol

I also lost my drivers license. I noticed it missing on Saturday. I never took it out of my purse that I can remember. I don't know the last time I had it!

My outside sensor light on the house is also permanently on since Sunday! I don't have a switch that I can find so I have no idea how to turn it off!! I have to figure it out before I get a huge electric bill! The problems with being a single woman homeowner! I have no idea what I'm doing.

And my doorbell doesn't work. How does one even figure out the problem for that? Sigh!

Going out with Ken tomorrow bowling.

Matt is coming in to town on Friday and staying until Thursday. I'm going to go to my cousins to meet him Friday night after work. Get the weird awkwardness out of the way before the weekend.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Anything on the agenda for the coming week?


  1. Love the babies dressed up - even though I only got 8 trick or treaters, one of the little babies was a pig - it was the cutest thing!

    I have no idea how to fix things around my house either - thank goodness my husband is handy - not sure what I would do!

    Oh, you have an exciting week ahead of you!

    I have nothing going on this week, which sometimes I don't mind! :D

  2. Yeah, I need to get one of those "husband" things just to help me fix this stuff! lol

  3. Way to crank out that run, Amanda!! After coming home at 2:30, I think it would be brutal. But, then again, I AM an old lady! LOL!

    I have no idea how to fix house stuff, either, so you are in good company :) Maybe, Ken does though...or Matt...*wink wink

  4. Great job on the run after being up so late!!