Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Starting Now!

I've been really struggling lately with my food. I can make excuses but that's all it would be...excuses.

Been Sick
Emotional Eating
Just don't care sometimes
No good food in the house
Bad choices at restaurants

Once I'm off track for a while, it's really hard to get back on track. Then I start feeling sluggish, depressed, guilty...the list just goes on and on. I hate this feeling and know as soon as I start eating right, I'll feel 10x better!

So why can't I start? Every day I say "this is the day!" And every morning I blow it at work and say "Maybe tomorrow." It's a never ending cycle.

So to try to get out of my eating funk, I'm starting RIGHT NOW! This morning I did my usual "This is the day" then I blew it and said "Maybe Tomorrow" but I know that will never happen. So what am I going to do? I'm confessing to all of you, right here, right now! I'm confessing to my morning sins, I'm writing it down and moving on for the rest of the day! This is the only way I will get back on track!

Morning 11/17/10
2 bananas (2 different times of the day) = 4 pts
1 regular bagel = 5 pts
part of a small taffy apple = 2 pts

So at 11:00 am, I have already consumed 11 pts. This is half of my day worth of points. I'm going to my "losing" points which is less than "maintenance" points. I get 22 pts.

I have my lunch planned already since I brought it from home. I'm having chicken and baked potato. I have to estimate the points since I didn't weigh anything. Better to estimate then to not count it.

Lunch 11/17/10
3 oz. baked chicken = 3 pts
3 oz. baked potato = 3 pts

rand total after lunch will be 17 pts used.

I'm not going to the gym tonight. I've been pushing myself to hard trying to work out when I've been sick and that's hindering me getting better.

So instead, I need to run to the store and thought I might run to the grocery store for a few items too. Just to get myself back on track. I need basics such as milk, cheese, lettuce and a few other items.

And I'm confessing that I never changed my weight from 158 after my last weigh in. I gained 3.2 lbs from the last two weeks which puts me at 161.2. That, luckily, is still within my healthy weight range for weight watchers (162 is the high end for me). So I'm changing my weight in my stats too. Might as well confess all the way!

So that's me confessing. Today is a new day. I'm starting today. You guys are my witnesses!


  1. Okay, kiddo. So other than the bit of candy apple, I don't think you're morning was that bad. Two bananas is certainly a much healthier choice than say a giant blueberry muffin with streusal topping or hitting the Halloween candy, right? And a 5 point bagel could also have been a lot worse too, say a bacon egg and cheese bagel.

    So stop beating yourself up, and stop thinking that a few higher point choices in the beginning of the day means "you blew it". Let it go and move on, right? Stick with it, don't throw the whole day down the tubes.

    See, by deciding on the chicken and potato for lunch, you're alerady back on track and you still have choices to make for dinner.

    Good for you for acknowledging it and moving on.!

  2. Thanks Reen, you are so right about the morning food.

  3. OK. We're witnesses. You can do it. You've come so far to slip into bad habits. Good for you for making the commitment to start eating healthy again.

    The best thing is that you got back on track at lunch like Reen said. One meal at a time. :)

  4. I agree with Reen! And I can totally relate to everything you said! It's crazy how a few days of throwing all caution to the wind can make us feel so defeated! You have lots to be proud of Amanda and I think being sick probably has played into a lot of the overeating, too. Like Reen said, don't beat yourself up because you are moving on and getting back on track. I think you've heard me say this a hundred times, but I truly believe it - Every Good Choice Counts! So even if you feel like you blew it with some bad choices, I bet there were quite a few good ones in there :)

    HUGS and feel better!

  5. Amanda, you have done such a great job and have come so far. I know you can do this! At the same time I understand where you are because I'm in that place too. I can't wait for the new WW plan to come out because I really think that'll help me refocus on my goal.

    Best of luck to you. One meal at a time!

  6. Thanks guys! I was going to make some bad decisions but thought better of it. Makes me happy when I do the "right" things!

  7. Sounds like we are in the same boat. Sounds like you are tired of the same old, same old. I heard WW is switching up their plan, maybe the changes in it will be enough to get the spice back into things. Sometimes change is what I need to slap me back on track. Good Luck! :)

  8. I love your honesty, even with changing your weight because you were up!

    Hang in there - I agree, it is so hard to get back on track. I worked through lunch yesterday and didn't work out at all. I didn't feel like working out today, but I knew if I didn't, the next day would be even harder to get back to it.

    And never once after I worked out have I said "that was a waste of time!" I always feel better after exercising.

    Glad you are back on! :D