Friday, November 19, 2010

Progress vs. Perfection

Thank you all for your words of encouragement over my last post regarding getting back to eating healthy.

I'm sure the question on your minds is...did I succeed? Yes and no. I started out that day great and lost it at the end. But I did succeed in that I started again the next day, and also today. I'm trying to work on Progress over Perfection!

I don't think I've ever met a perfect person. Have you? But what makes life great is that you can always strive for being better. There are always things you want to change or fix or improve on. It's how you handle those things that make you better. It's how you handle adversity that makes you stronger.

So, I'm starting...yet again. That's ok. There are 7 weeks left before the New Year. 7 weeks is a long time to get back on track. And yes, there are some holidays thrown in, or an occasional trip to see the out-of-state boyfriend, but that doesn't mean that I can't stay on track. And remember, it's not about perfection. So if on Thanksgiving, I eat a little too much mashed potatoes, that's ok. It's not what I do THAT day that defines who I am or how I'm doing, it's all the days surrounding it that count. That one day won't make or break me.

And another bit of news. I was notified that my blog (along with many others you may or may not read) was featured in an article from Nursing Schools. The title is 60 Amazing Blogs for Weight Watchers Support. My blog is located on number 41 on the list. The list is set up nicely because it separates the blogs based off of what information they provide. Are you a newcomer, trying to maintain after hitting goal, need new recipes? It lists a ton of good blogs for you to look at. Check out the article here. Kind of cool actually! And I'm looking forward to checking out some of those other blogs listed on there!


  1. How great being in the article 60 Amazing Blogs for Weight Watchers Support!!! Congrats!

  2. For years my motto on my blog (and in life) has been PROGRESS, not Perfection.

    I'm a perfectionist, and learning to let go of that is hard. But life is so much better, easier, more rewarding with a more generous mindset towards myself.

    I read your post on struggling to get back on track - It's a hard thing to do. I was off track for 5 days a week ago & really struggled to get back on track but rather than going for perfect I just acknowledged the good (or better) choices I made. At breakfast I didn't have all the things I wanted - one good choice. Then I passed up Starbucks (because self control was lagging & I thought I'd go haywire). Then I had some decent choices at lunch, and snacks, and then somehow by dinner I was able to tell myself I'd made so many good choices I was back on track. That day I was WAY OFF my usual eating plan - but I was much better than the days before, and unlike the other days it was a day of Progress and therefore it was Perfect!

    Congrats on the blog honor!