Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'm back!

Hi fellow blogging world. I've returned. Returned from my weekend ... hm... (hitting google to find out how to spell the next word...). Hm...no, can't find it. Maybe you can help me. It's maybe another term for weekend getaway. It might be french and begins with the letter "S"...Who knows what I'm talking about.

Ok, let's start again and just rephrase...

Blog "I'm Back"...Take 2!

Hi fellow blogging world. I've returned. Returned from my weekend getaway with my boyfriend. For those that don't know or forgot, I'm in a long distance relationship, and went to Omaha to visit him.

Last week I was in a quandary. I've gained weight since the beginning of November and was over my goal weight (and over the 2 lbs leeway weight watchers allows you). I haven't weighed in. I haven't gotten my new materials. I was just going to try to lose a few lbs and then weigh in this coming Saturday. If I'm over, then I'll pay for the meeting. I need to get the new materials.

But my quandary was, should I count points while away with my boyfriend? I don't see him much. I don't want to stress about food while I'm with him. I wasn't sure. Many of you chimed in and gave your opinions on what I should do. You can read this post and comments here.

So, how did I handle the weekend? Well, I really did think about tracking my food. But of course, I didn't. But in all reality, I don't eat much when we are together. He doesn't eat a lot of food. Granted, his cooking involves butter but if you are only eating breakfast and dinner and barely anything in between, I almost feel ok about it. It might not be the best way to handle the situation in the future but I'll work up to it. Right now, the relationship is new. I'm kind of out of my element and comfort zone on everything. My world has been turned a little upside down. It's just the adjustment phase. I'll work on it.

So last week, I was weighing in at about 165+ consistently. It was actually my time of month too, and that may have attributed for a few extra pounds. Last night when I got in, I weighed myself and was about 162+. This morning, I was 161+. So we will see throughout the rest of the week how I do with my food and exercise. I would love to be at or below 162 come Saturday since that's what I need to do in order to not pay for the meeting.

Regardless of where I am, I'm going and weighing in at the meeting.

So that's where I am now. Oh and not to make this a relationship blog but to keep it a healthy living blog, I'll just say one more thing about the weekend. He is so nice. He made a candlelit dinner for me and breakfast and dinner again. Who does that? Now to get him to cook healthier! lol. Actually he really wants to learn. I don't know if he will, but he has mentioned it a few times. He wants to get a easy healthy cooking cookbook.

Actually, not a bad idea. Maybe I can buy him that?? Hm...Do you have any recommendations? Not something weird, like a weight watchers cookbook or anything. Just something that has easy but delicious healthy recipes. Doesn't even have to be the healthiest recipes ever. Just something that would be an easy transition, something to ease him into the healthy cooking ways!!


  1. LOL! I think you were looking for the word "soiree" ?? That might be wrong. I failed French in high school :)

    So glad things are going well, Amanda! I love hearing about New Love!!!

  2. Thanks Marisa!! Yes, that's the word! Man! I couldn't figure out how to spell it and since I butchered it, google couldn't help me either!

  3. Marisa beat me to it! LOL

    Glad you are happy in your new relationship. Sounds like things are going well.

    As far as a cookbook how about America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook?


  4. Thanks Kelly, I'll check it out.

  5. Ah, new love.....been so long. What to do after being married 20 years to get that "newness" feeling. Any suggestions?

    Oh, sorry, I'm supposed to be commenting on your post, Amanda. Got a little wrapped up in the whole dreaming of how it felt to be in a "new relationship". Sounds like you having a great time. And a guy who cooks? Well, isn't that a plus? And if he WANTS to learn how to cook healthier, ANOTHER PLUS (angels singing).

    I'm sure that now that you're back in your own element, you'll drop the few little pounds. You CAN do it!