Thursday, December 2, 2010

What Happens When...

What happens when a good weight watcher goes bad? That bad weight watcher kicks herself in the butt and goes good again!

Then what happens when the reformed good weight watcher types a post titled "Back on Track" and subsequently falls off the face of the blogging planet afterward? Let me tell you!

First of all, I know! There is no such thing and "good" or "bad", just good choices and not so good choices. But let's put all that aside for the sake of today's post.

To say I've been struggling since about the beginning of November (and even a little before that) is an understatement! But the good thing about it is that I don't give up. I'm never giving up! What would happen if I gave up? I've been there, done that and the results aren't pretty! So as much as I beat myself up for the "bad", I give myself credit for the "good"!

My post on Monday was titled "Back on Track," and I was back on track! It felt so good to count all my points, even if I slipped up and ate a cookie, I tracked it. For about 2 days.
Ahhhh, it was a great 2 days too! I stayed in my points without going over! I almost felt like it was a new beginning!

And then I slowly slipped off track. Again, it's just with snacking. I just need to stop. I can be a binge eater so when I start, I don't stop. For me, it's best just not to start!

Another thing I've been working on is my anxiety and fear. This has been coming up more and more because of the new relationship I'm in. But I also think that because of the anxiety I'm feeling, I'm eating. I'm nervous, so I eat. I'm fearful, so I eat. I'm stressed, so I eat. I really do think a lot of this is emotional eating! I don't realize it at first but when I think about it, it makes perfect sense. So I need to deal with my emotions in some other way than with food. I've never really considered myself an emotional eater but the more I look at it, I think I am!

So, I'm starting over again today! That's all I can do. I am going away for the weekend so I'll just try to do my best.

I haven't started the new weight watcher program yet. I'm not going to a meeting until next Saturday, so I'm just following the old one still. I'm hoping the new program will give me a renewed outlook! I think after 3.5 years of the same thing, I really need a change. I need something that will make me think more than I do now. It may give me some control back. I'm a person that thrives when I'm in control.

If you are on weight watchers and started their new program, how are you liking it? I've read some blogs about it and am really excited! Are you finding it difficult to know how to "eyeball" nutritional information to determine the points, if necessary?


  1. No need to beat yourself up over it. The most important thing is that you never give up.
    The new plan sounds great from what I've read. Maybe it's just what you need to get you back in the right frame of mind. Are you still exercising? It's a good anxiety reducer and calorie burner.

    Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!

  2. Well, today is day number 4 and I find it difficult to eat all my points. In general I eat a hefty amount of veggies so they fill me up and i am not hungry, so eating all my points is hard. However, with holiday parties, weekend and such i am sure those times i will not have enough and will be dipping into the extras. Just keep trying that's all we can do.