Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Blues

Wow, to say I've been in a funk lately would be an understatement! I'm feeling lazy, irritated and having been just plain eating WAY TOO MANY holiday cookies at work. I feel like I could have consumed 4 dozen cookies yesterday alone! Well, clearly it wasn't that many but it felt like it. I ate cookies all day long!

I haven't been working out as much and when I'm at the gym, I leave early than I anticipated. I've had a stomach ache for a week that isn't just food related but medical related. Dr. appointment, medication received, so it should go away. Now to just get my eating under control and I'd be peachy!

Today at the office building I work at, they had a holiday breakfast for the entire building. They do it a few times a year. I bee-lined for the yogurt and fruit and made a parfait. Then didn't even bother looking at the rest of the items! I didn't want to partake in any of it! Seriously, I feel like I've gained 10 lbs!

I got to my desk and found an expensive bottle of wine. My boss gets things from his clients and spreads it around the office! So sweet!!! Free alcohol and free breakfast.

I think I'm going to make today a good day. I'm in need of one. Depression sucks!

I brought my gym clothes to work so I can go straight to the gym. Working out hard today and tomorrow. Then another weekend trip to Nebraska. Couldn't he live further south where it's warmer instead of in a climate that's almost exactly like mine!

So today is going to be a totally On Plan day! Is anyone else making today a totally On Plan day??


  1. Hope you're feeling better after your workout. How cool to get a bottle of wine!

    I'm with ya. Totally on plan.

  2. Anonymous12/16/2010

    I am totally on plan! The holidays are the worst when it comes to free (and unhealthy) foods. Good for you for resisting temptation with the free breakfast.

  3. Thanks guys! Yeah, I resisted temptation but then got to emotional eating after a disagreement with my boyfriend. I can't blame the eating on him though, totally my fault!!

  4. Sounds like you are doing good with your plan. The holidays are always so full of temptations(I have been indulging myself) Just keep your head on plan and you should do fine! :)

  5. I have been doing great - counting points for everything (including wine which I never did before!) and I lost -2.6 my first week on WW - and I went out for pizza one night! :D

    Hang in there! :D