Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Time

It's that time of year again. The Holidays! I vowed this week to track, track, track. Starting yesterday (Monday). There are approximately 6-7 weeks left before the New Year. That's plenty of time to keep things under control.

And I did great! For the first 3/4 of the day at least. Then at night, bread, bread and more bread! Ok. Today will be different, right?

Until I came in and found dozens of cookies. And without even thinking, grabbed several of them and ate them at my desk. Ok, here is my plan now. I'm tracking 15 points for them. I get 22 today. I'm also going to earn about 6 at the gym later. So after the 15 points deducted, I've got about 13 left for the day. I'm going to try to stick as close to that number as possible. If I use 15 instead of 13, that's ok. The important thing is that I would have tracked all of my food. I Well, I did eat a banana this morning so that's 2 points less. Now I've got 11 pts to use. I have my lunch prepared, a baked potato and chicken, which I weighed yesterday. My lunch rings in at 5 pts. I can make this work.

But that brings me to my topic at hand. Holidays. How do you prepare for the unexpected treats that are just laying around? Do you just have this fantastic willpower that you just say "no" and walk away?

Sometimes I get mad that I have to be so careful and refuse something when other people just walk around and eat without thinking! It just seems kind of unfair, you know?

So does anyone have any suggestions for me? My downfall is at work. I don't buy this stuff and keep it at my house. And I'm not even talking about all the wonderful Holiday food that you eat on the actual Holiday itself.

I should be posting tomorrow, but if not, hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Fruit and veggie snack packs! Keep them in you purse, in a mini cooler, whatever, stave off the mindless eating of cookies and bread.

  2. Willpower? I have none when it comes to holiday treats everywhere! But, one thing that helps a little is that I try to choose something that I really want, put it on a plate and enjoy it without guilt. Something about plating it makes it more special and helps me savor it more. If I start shoveling, it brings back those feelings of guilt and "sneak eating". Total dealbreaker. Then, if it's not tied down, I'm on it :)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Amanda!

  3. I agree...it really does seem so unfair. I don't have to worry about temptations at work, but my husband is a snack aholic and brings a ton of stuff in the house. It's hard sometimes, but if I can find something that I LIKE and is an acceptable replacement for the junk and over the top sweets, then I have an easier time saying no. It's a hard thing, no doubt.

    Come and check out my food blog with recipes and POINTS and maybe you can find something to make that will be that thing to satisfy you!


  4. When there was a lot of halloween candy at work I would pick things I loved and save them for the end of the day or stick them in my purse for later. If I ate them when I was home I couldn't go back for more.

    I also keep healthy alternatives around - interesting fruit to snack on. Someone turned me on to frozen pineapple, it's really delicious.