Sunday, December 12, 2010

WI Results and New WW Plan

I finally went back to my weight watcher meeting Saturday after 2 weeks of not being able to attend. I haven't weighed in though since the middle of November. Well, how did I do? Not too bad considering. I knew I was going to have a gain. I just didn't want it to be over 165. I had actually only gained 2.2 lbs and weighed in at a reasonable 163.6. Ok, I can deal with that. Moving on. Hoping next week I can get back down to 162 so I don't have to pay again!

Well, with going to my meeting, I finally got the new materials for the weight watchers new plan. I was pretty excited! I wanted a fresh start and this was how I was going to get it. I stayed after the meeting for the "new member" information. And I found that by reading the blogs here and by reading the weight watchers message boards, I pretty much knew what I needed to know.

I am having a pretty hard time determining what I should eat! Especially because I left the calculator and books at home when I was out yesterday and I do not have e-tools at the present time. But I made a decision as best I could and it turned out pretty good. I still snacked one too many times. And I hadn't gone grocery shopping yesterday so I had NO fruits to much on instead. But lucky, I wasn't home most of the day to snack.

I had that police exam yesterday. I was there from about 2:00-7:00 and then got home around 8:00. I was running on oatmeal and an apple. That's it! I actually left my house around 12:45 and wasn't able to eat lunch. So I was pretty hungry afterwards and made a stop at Panda Express for dinner. I opted for the mixed veggies, mushroom chicken and string bean chicken for a total points plus of 11. Seems high but there was a lot of food! And I hadn't eaten so I thought it was not too bad of a choice since I just guessed at what I should eat. After the test though, I was pretty mentally exhausted. I was hungry, tired, grumpy, cold, you name it!

Today is a messy day! Snow, cold, windy...perfect day to stay inside. Oh well, I can't. But it would be nice!

It's still snowing but it's not too horrible right now. I did shovel by hand my entire driveway! The worst part right now are the winds! It makes for blizzard like conditions out there when driving!

I did go grocery shopping today. I got some fruits and veggies and a few other things. I realized I didn't buy a whole lot to make an actual meal so I may have to dig some stuff out of the freezer. But I do love that on the new plan, fruits are 0 points. That's got to be my favorite part!

I was going to have toast for a snack today but decided that a banana and mango were healthier options, more delicious, and 0 points! We will see how I do the rest of the week. This new plan is definitely keeping me a little more focused on what I'm eating and what the points are. That's a very good thing!

Going to get a x-mas tree in a little bit with the parents. Seems we always pick a bad weather day to go!! :)


  1. Oh, that wasn't such a bad weigh. You'll get that off quickly.

    Brrrrr....that looks so cold. Why don't you come to Texas for a few days and we can hang out and you can warm up? LOL

  2. Oh Kelly! Can I? Be right there!

  3. The winds were so bad yesterday - so crazy - but I don't mind the cold, its the snow I can't stand.

    Love the new plan - I got a monthly pass so I got eTools for free and love it.

    Turns out my wine and peanuts I have on the weekends comes up to 15 points! And my serving sizes have gotten bigger lately - my kitchen scale hasn't had this much use in a long time!

    Happy Monday!