Monday, December 13, 2010

Pizzelle Time!

I do not make cookies. You would know that if you read my Epic Fail Post!

But there is one type of cookie I do make. It's a family tradition to make them around the holidays. They are pizzelles!! If you have never had them, they are Italian waffle cookies. Traditionally, they are anise flavored. I'm not an anise fan. Our recipe is an old one with our old time pizzelle grill and it's a vanilla flavored.

I've experimented in the past with making them low fat. But sometimes you have to make a full fat version! These are one of those times!

And like I said, they are made on a pizzelle grill, not baked in the oven. Behold the wonderful pizzelle making experience!!!!

Clearly, I was not expecting to have pictures taken of me!! lol. And I was already advised that those sweat pants are too big! What can I say, I lost weight since I bought them two years ago! lol.

These are the best cookies ever! So light and airy. Too bad they are still fattening! I was going to calculate the points but forgot and started dividing them up to give away!

I did really good at first without eating any of the batter (uh, yes, the batter is one of the best parts!). I was chewing gum! But once you lick your fingers, it's all over! Then I ate 3 of them. Then later I ate two more! Luckily I didn't bring any others home for me!

So last night was a disaster. But I did get a x-mas tree! Yay!!! Now to get it upright and decorated!

Today was a semi-disaster when I devoured some homemade cookies that someone gave me! But I'll estimate the points and count it.

Do you make holiday cookies? Do you make them full fat or a low fat version??


  1. Why? WHY?! Why must this time of year be filled with cookies and candy? It's killing me. And I've always wanted to try a pizzelle. Seriously. They're so pretty.

  2. Looks like fun! I make bark for the kids teachers and such but try not to have much, too tempting!

  3. This year, two cookies on the list, biscotti and pizzelles! Well, there is a third on the list actually. Hubby wants to make "snowballs"?????

  4. I do both. I'll put up some of the 'healthy' recipes on my blog in the next few days. There will be one batch each of the healthy cookies, half of which will get tossed after New Years and I'll make dozens and dozens of the unhealthy ones and they'll all get eaten by Christmas :)

  5. Look at you, go!!! You are a pizzelle making machine, too! Can you believe they are the one cookie that does nothing for me?! I know...what kind of Italian am I?! :)