Friday, April 16, 2010


I had a mini-meltdown yesterday. It wasn't food related, so that's good! Like I said before, I take sign language interpreting classes twice a week. Now, let me draw you a map. My house is southwest of the city where I work. I take classes far northwest of the city. So on these two days (Tues. and Thurs.) I drive downtown in the morning to work, and after work, I drive northwest to school. Got the mental picture?

They are doing construction (because it's construction season, right?) on one of the expressways. I take a different one to school but they sort of run parallel and so my expressway has been much busier too. Yesterday, it was unbearable. So I tried to take streets a little bit just to get further ahead before going on the expressway. BIG MISTAKE! The traffic was horrible, I got all turned around because the streets weren't straight. After almost 1 hour, I had virtually gone nowhere! At this rate, I would make it to class maybe by Monday!

I called a friend in class and left a message saying I was going home, but because of all the frustration, I started to cry! Good lord! I think it's time for the semester to end! And I sent a message to my teacher's pager.

Want to know the best part? She said she wasn't going to be there and there was a sub! What? All that for nothing! A wasted hour of my life, crying, gas, parking money, for what?

Another thing though, my friend said they got to leave at 8:00 (instead of 9:15). So if I would have got there late, maybe around 7:15 and left at 8:00, I would have been furious! Maybe it worked out for the better.

The next best part? I went for a run with my cousin's husband to relieve stress. I wouldn't have normally been able to exercise on school days, so I was excited about that.

Now on to the food! It's been boring lately. I'm sorry about that. I'll try to spice it up next week!

Breakfast (7 pts)
Oreos (oh my!)

Lunch (6 pts)
1 cup ronzini smart taste pasta
1/2 cup sauce
parm cheese
roasted broccoli w/ olive oil

Snacks (3 pts)
Yoplait Yogurt
mini twix
1/2 cup grape tomatoes

Pre-Workout (2 pts)

Dinner (7 pts)
1 cup brown rice, diced chicken, salsa, green peppers
(all sauteed together! Yum!)
1 cup FF Milk

Snacks (3 pts)
bagel thin

Total Pts Used: 28 pts

Exercise Pts Earned: 3 pts
35-40 mins run/walk

I've got weigh in tomorrow. Ugh, 0.8 away from goal. Not sure I'll make it, but hopefully I won't gain! Wish me luck!

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  1. Oh you poor thing, that was an awful time you had!

    I hope things go better for you today. Sometimes we just need a good cry so we can move on!