Thursday, April 15, 2010

Summer Days!

I love days that feel like summer! I wish every day was like yesterday and today. Here in Chicago, it's about 80 degrees (although, not for long). I'll take it! It really puts a spring in your step!

As I said before, I moved from an apartment to a house in Nov, 2009. I set out to mow my lawn (the back part) yesterday after work. I did the front last Sat. and it took me forever and I burned over 300 calories! I figured I would burn at least that much doing the back because it looks bigger than the front. I was wrong. I only burned 200 calories. Really could have used that extra 100 big ones!

Anyway, before I mowed the lawn, I decided to change out of my work clothes into shorts and a tank! Pull out those old shorts and dust them off! Big bonus, I bought a pair of cargo looking capri's last summer but they were juniors. I didn't try them on. Big mistake! I couldn't even get them past my hips! But I never returned them. When I checked out a few shorts yesterday, I tried them on first. Whoa! They slid right up and buttoned!! I didn't even have to suck in my gut! Score! I think I could stand to lose a few more pounds in the stomach before they are really comfy though but I could wear them if I want to.

I put on a pair of shorts that hit the knees that I bought last year. There's lots of room in them! Pulled on a tank and hit the yard work. Now, while I was mowing the lawn, I noticed I constantly had to pull up those shorts! I guess it's time to invest in a belt. I really don't like belts though, do you?

I also have very nice neighbors! Before the lawn mowing, I stepped outside and my elderly neighbors on the one side were outside sun-bathing! Not really sun-bathing but enjoying the weather nonetheless. They came over and asked if I wanted their help cutting down a clematis. The previous owners never cut it down last year and it's this huge, dead, dry eyesore! I didn't have all the tools required to cut it down and they came over and helped out! So nice!

They told me that although I live alone in my house, I'm not alone because I have them!

The man actually reminds me of my grandfather. He is always trying to do something, whether it's painting something, trimming bushes, anything!

I really want to start growing something! I'm not a gardener at all! Know nothing! But I'm going to try to do something now that I have my own house!

On to the wasn't a total waste of a day. A few strays. I wanted to do better, but it could have been worse...much worse!

Oh! You are kidding me!! I don't have my food journal with me! Well, let's see if I can re-create from memory!

Breakfast (6 pts)
4 peeps

Lunch (11 pts)
Spinach Salad (tomato and vidalia onion dressing)
Fat Free Bean Burrito from TJ's
2 onion rings (thanks co-worker!) Not sure the points on this but I estimated

Dinner (7 pts)
Eggplant cutlets (from TJ's, these are so good!)
Whole wheat light bun
1/2 cup spaghetti sauce
1 cup roasted broccoli w/ olive oil

Snacks (9 pts)
1 cup FF milk
about 3 servings of chips from TJ's
slice 2% cheese

Total Pts Used: 33 pts

Exercise Pts Earned: 4 pts
30 mins walking
30 mins yard work
15 mins home stationary bike

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  1. Hi Amanda and thanks for posting on my blog! What nice neighbors you have. Don't you just love getting back into some clothes that didn't fit the last time you tried? Awesome.

    I use to live in Davenport Iowa and we use to go to Chicago for the day. That is a great city!