Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Sabotagers! I think we all have these in our circle of friends and/or family.

"Come on, you can eat this one piece! It's not going to kill you!"
"You are all skin and bones! You need to eat more! Eat this!"
"You are skinny enough, you can stop doing Weight Watchers."
"Why go to the gym tonight? Come out for drinks with us, instead!"

Do any of these phrases ring a bell? Have you heard things just like these? I think anyone on a weight loss journey or even maintenance has heard things similar to this. But what happens if you are the one doing the sabotaging? To yourself! How do you handle that situation?

Sometimes I do feel like saying "It's one piece of chocolate. It won't kill you!" Everyone else just walks right past and grabs it and eats it without thinking! So why do I have to think about it! Why do I have to stress about eating a piece (or two) of chocolate, or cake, or these darn Easter peeps!! Why can't I just eat it and move on! Why can't I go out for a burger and fries like the rest of the world does and not feel guilty and feel like I now have to work out for hours on end!

I think being so close to a weight goal that I never thought I would ever get to has me feeling stressed. Never in all of my adult life (at least from college on up, maybe even part of H.S.) have I ever been this weight or this size. It's the smallest I've been. It feels great. But the thought of being here or getting to goal, really has me stressing out! And I feel that I'm sabotaging myself.

I'm not going to bore you today with my food. Besides, 10 pts of it was candy. CANDY! My main food was good. Spot on. But the candy and the snacking has got to stop.

The problem with me is that I can't have just one. I can't! So saying to myself, it's just one piece of chocolate, is a lie! It won't be one piece! Even if I think it will be, I know from experience, it never is!

I'm 4 peeps (2 pts) down today, but that's it! I'm turning over a new leaf...again! I know what I have to do, I just have to do it. And if I have something, like chocolate or those delicious marshmallow goodness peeps, that's OK. I'll try not to feel guilty. I'll try to just make a better, more healthy choice the next time. I guess that's all I can do.


  1. Your stats are so inspiring!
    I know what you mean, I can't eat just one either. I am more successful when I keep the temptations out of my house.

    To answer your question about overnight oats, yup, I just mix everything up the night before, and let it sit overnight. Drizzle some syrup on it in the morn, and you're good to go. It would probably be good heated in the microwave, but I like it cold!

  2. Thanks Michelle. I'll have to try that!

  3. I understand about Sabotage, I get oh you are still doing THAT, like clean eating is something to be ashamed about!

  4. haha! So true Kathleen!

  5. I live with Saboteurs on a daily basis! I know it's hard!

    Candy is a tough thing. I feel the same way; once I start, I want more and more. But, you should feel good about the fact that you are not letting it spiral into a full out "off the wagon". C'mon Amanda, you are RIGHT THERE!!! Goal is waiting for you! I know you can do it! And when you do, you NEED to come kick my butt to get there, too -lol!

  6. Marisa! That's how you spell/say saboteurs! I knew my word wasn't right! lol Thanks!

  7. Down with Sabotagers!! I know many of those!