Thursday, April 29, 2010

Potbelly's and Stuff

I ws going to be a bad blogger and not post today but thought I would share with you my lunch. I decided to go to Potbelly's Sandwich place and got one of their new salads. I normally get a sandwich, the Turkey on Wheat/no cheese. Today I decided to try the Farmstand Salad. I like Potbelly's because they have all their nutritional information online and you can customize your order.

I looked up the Farmstand Salad. It has chicken, egg, tomato, cucumber, bacon and blue cheese. I got it without the bacon and blue cheese. I added the non-fat vinaigrette dressing. The whole thing was only 5 pts! I think next time I'll bring some feta cheese or something from home just to add a little extra pizazz to it! But I just love when you can customize your own meal! Good job Potbelly's!

I'm also reading a book my meeting leader recommended to me last week at the meeting. We were talking about procrastination and I'm a definite procrastinator. She told me to read The Last Lecture. So I got it out of the library. Does anyone know about this book? It's an autobiography about a professor who has terminal cancer and only has 3-6 more months to live. Sounds sad, right? That part is sad, but the tone of the book is happy and uplifting! It talks about this guy's life and the way he lived it in his last months, what to be thankful for, what to spend your time on. Perfect! I'm not done reading it yet but I'm enjoying it.

I've also been doing OK in the food dept. the last two days. Hopefully this will help at my WI on Sat. I would like to move in the right direction on the scale.

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  1. I watched his lecture on video. It was very moving.

    Sounds like you are doing great, Amanda! Positive scale vibes for Sat!