Thursday, April 8, 2010

Even if you stick a needle in my eye!

I have always had weird dreams. Ever since I could remember. They usually involve people chasing me and trying to kill me. I know, weird! My dream last night involved an eye doctor appt. While checking my vision, he was looking at 2 specific things. One of the things he was looking was not checking out good and he said it would not be good when I fly in a plane. What!?! Well, I guess I was going on vacation and was going to be in a plane. So he took a needle and stuck it sideways in the corner of my right eye very slowly and it hurt so bad! Then took it and did it to my left eye. My mom asked if I was ok but I answered her with one slow tear running down my cheek! I was in so much pain!

So what does that dream mean? Any dream interpreters in the house today? Anyone in the house today? Helllllllllloooooooo out there!! I will have to investigate this one!

On to the food...

Breakfast (4 pts)
Medium Banana
Dannon Light 'N Fit Yogurt

Lunch (5 pts)
Boca Breaded Chicken Patty on Bagel Thin with Laughing Cow Cheese
1 cup Broccoli/1 cup Califlower (steamed)

Midday Snacks (6 pts)
1 piece chocolate/2 mints
(I need to make this a healthier, more nutritious snack!)

Dinner (5 pts)
1 cup milk
1 oz. chicken
baked potato

Snack (4 pts)
1 slice whole wheat toast with light butter & cinnamon
hard boiled egg

Exercise: 30 min. walk
20 mins on home stationary bike

Total Pts Used: 24
Exercise Pts Earned: 2

While doing these food posts the last two days, I realized I'm seriously lacking in my healthy oils! I have my good weeks with oil and my bad weeks. I really need to try to incorporate some every day!


  1. Hey there Amanda.. thanks for stopping by my blog. Thought I'd return the favour! :)

    Way to go on the weightloss thus far, AMAZING!