Saturday, April 24, 2010

Getting Back in Control

My weigh in was today. I had a dream last night that I gained 4 lbs. Yikes! The scale was a little better to me than that but I still gained. Only 0.4 lbs gained. I can deal with that.

Now I'm getting back in control. Control of my emotions, control of my eating, control of the mess that is my house. Control of my homework. I think the stress combined with that (sorry dad) time of month - TOM, really did me in this week. I think what saved me were the few days I did feel in control.

I also got my tax returns back. And I got the first time home buyer tax credit. Nice! Now I can buy some clothes and stuff for my house and a few accessories for my phone. I haven't been buying anything for myself because with a new house, you have more expenses and bills than when you live in an apartment and I just get scared and want to make sure that I have enough money. So now I feel in control of my money too!

I feel that it will be a good week. I still have a challenging week but if I keep my head on straight, I'll make it through.

My 15 year old cousin/goddaughter has a play tonight. She is the lead female character in Frankenstein. Should be good!

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  1. 0.4 is much better then 4! good luck on staying in control this week :) I'm still working on that myself.