Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Key to Success

I figured it out! I'm so happy! I've learned the key to success when it comes to preventing binging! Do you want to know what it is? Do you? Huddle around...closer, come on, don't be shy.

The Key to Success is.......(drum roll please.....)


That's all. That's all I have to do to not eat uncontrollably! Really, does this work for you guys? Now, how do I get myself to want to stay busy? My problem is that I like to watch TV at night to relax at the end of a long day. And I'm addicted to watching certain shows. I DVR them and watch them at my convenience.

Yesterday, after work, I went for a quick run (30 mins) because that's all I could afford to give myself. I'm hugely behind on homework and needed to hit the books! So my night was, run, dinner, shower, books! And I sat and did my homework for 3 hours! Pretty much all night long. Didn't even get up to use the bathroom! Then after homework, I sat down to watch the rest of Dancing with the Stars and eat 1 snack. Count them...ONE! And off to bed it was!

I know, I really don't need a snack before bed, but well, I wanted it! STOP JUDGING ME!! :)

On to the food

Breakfast (4 pts)
(I know my breakfast is always boring but I work in the city and get up early and don't like to eat, so I eat at my desk at work)

Lunch (8 pts)
Subway (Turkey/Ham on Wheat with veggies, oil/vinegar)
Medium Iced Chai (Skim Milk)

Snack at Work (2 pts)
Mini Twix ( damn clerk, stop bringing me these)!!
Small piece of bread (the subway bread wasn't enough carbs!)

Dinner (6 pts)
3 oz Teryiaki Pork Tenderloin (from Aldi)
Leftover Whole Wheat Couscous Salad

Snacks (4 pts)
Fiber One Bar (pre-homework, didn't really need this, should have left it out)
1/2 cup sugar free pistachio pudding! So Good! (post-homework)

**There is room for improvement but I will call this day a success. And I even squeezed in activity.

Total Points Used: 24 (2 over daily allowance)
Exercise Points Earned: 4
30 mins walking
30 mins running

QUESTION: Why do people feel the need to honk at you while you run? Are they cheering you on? Are they saying you look cute from behind? Are they laughing at you?

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