Friday, May 21, 2010

The Right Stuff

First, let me say, I have no idea where the title of this post is coming from. I think I was trying to sucker you guys to come over to my blog thinking something good is happening! Nothing good over here, just us chickens...

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I've been a little stressed lately with the ending of my school classes. I had a final last week and one yesterday. Ahhhh, it's over for now! I can feel peace come over me! But I've been stressed about work. There is some drama going on and it's getting under my skin. I think a new job is in order.

My eating yesterday didn't suffer one bit. I had a salad from Potbelly's called the Farmhouse Salad. I did include the bacon this time but not the cheese. Hey, I needed something to brighten up my spirits and a little bacon never killed anyone...or did it? My order (with out the blue cheese) had chicken, egg, tomato, cucumber, bacon, red onions and a non-fat vinaigrette. Yummy! And big!

For dinner, I had leftover skillet steak of some kind. I decided to jazz it up after reading a post from Tami at Nutmeg Notebook about caramelizing onions and mushrooms. I decided to try it but didn't have the splash of soy sauce she used. I used a little Worcestershire instead. I didn't know what I was doing but whatever!

I topped my thin skillet steak with the caramelized onions and mushrooms. It was delicious! I totally recommend trying this out!

My WI is tomorrow. I'm 1.6 from goal. I haven't done too great this week. Not sure what to expect tomorrow but there were a few days this week I did fantastic. I'm hoping that outweighs the negative days. I know I probably won't hit goal but would love to lose at least the 0.6 lbs part!

Lastly - did anyone see Grey's Anatomy Finale last night?? So Good! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!


  1. Work drama is the worst! Good job not letting it change your eating. Also thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. LOL! You crack me up about your title!

    Good luck, tomorrow!!!

  3. Good look at your weigh-in tomorrow, but remember, it's not all about the if I can just keep telling myself that!