Friday, May 7, 2010

Giving Thanks!

No, it's not Thanksgiving, but the last few days I've realized I need to be a little more thankful for what I have. Among all my little problems (online thief, garage problem, car problem, washing machine problem, not hitting goal problem, binge eating problem), many people have even bigger problems!

My cousin is having some major trouble with her 12 year old son. I feel awful for them. It's serious. Other family members are having health issues. Also, a shooting occurred at an Old Navy store a block from my work (in the City). In fact, people all over are getting shot and killed for no reason. People are committing suicide. It's just awful.

So, what are my problems? They are nothing compared to all of this. I'm healthy. I'm pretty fit. I've got a new home. My immediate family is healthy. My pets are healthy. Really, I've got it pretty good. So what if I have to shell out a few bucks to fix stuff. So what if I have to mow the lawn and I hate it sometimes! So what if my job gets on my nerves sometimes. So what if I'm tired from working and going to school.

Moral of the story: Be thankful for what you do have right now this very minute. Understand not everyone is as lucky as you are.


  1. So so true. Puts it all in perspective. Yes, we've had a tough week but we made it to the weekend and still have our health, our homes, our families. It's all good. Thanks.

  2. Hi, first time visitor to your blog. You've got a great attitude. It's always refreshing to be around someone who appreciates what they are blessed with and doesn't focus on the negative. I firmly believe that negativity is contagious-but so is positivity.