Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Before - Really!?!

My dad was able to get his computer back up and running and low and behold, there are some "before" pictures of me. I've been having problems getting "right before" pictures. I've got some that are from 2003 but I started weight watchers in 2007! I was really looking for 2006 pictures.

I guess I found the next best thing. This isn't an actual "before" picture. I had already started weight watchers and been on it for 4 months! It was Sept. 2007. I started weight watchers in May 2007. How is that even possible that this isn't an actual before picture? I look horrible! It's got to be one of the worst pictures I've ever seen! I try to blame it on the cut of the shirt or t
he camera angle, but no, I can't blame anything. It's just me!

So I c
an't put it off any longer. Here is the sad sad sad before (or beginning) picture. I probably lost around 25 lbs in this picture. Seriously? This has to be before, right? And I thought I looked good! I'm so embarrassed!
The other is a picture from x-mas 2009. Probably not the most flattering picture in my tummy area but it's the best I've got to show you right now. Before long, I'll take a real "after" picture.


  1. Amanda - give yourself more credit, you look AMAZING in that picture. I bet you feel awesome, great job on the weight loss, you stats are terrific!!! :-D

  2. You look great, Amanda! You have come a long way!

  3. wow!! you really look so different. i cant get over that you had ALREADY lost 25 lbs in the before pic.

  4. WHAT?? i just saw that you started running when you were 235?? how did you start running? it's always been a huge dream of mine. i got down to 200 lb one time...and still could not DO it....

  5. Smasher Girl - Not sure if you'll see this and I'll repost on your blog, but I just started with 5k's. A friend of mine was turning 30 and wanted to start running. I found a picture of me after my first 5k run. I looked beat and red in the face.

    I would run and walk. Run for as much as I can and walk for a while, then do it all again. Some people do C25K program. I didn't but I heard it works.

    Just start out slow and work your way up. When you feel like you can't do it anymore, you CAN! It's a lot of a mental game. You have to fight through your head telling you "NO" and "STOP".

    I wish I could give you better help. I just did it. Even though it was hard, I kept doing it. Once you do it one time, you know you can do it again.

    I know Marisa with Loser for Life and Kelly with Happy Texans are fairly newer runners. They may be able to offer words of advice too. Good luck.