Monday, May 31, 2010

WI & Run Results

Well, my weigh in did not go good at all! You take 1 step forward and 3 steps back! I gained 3 lbs! I'm sure there other factors involved and it's not all a gain, but I was really disappointed in myself. Oh well, moving on.

I had a 10k run this morning. It was hotter than it was supposed to be. Probably was about 80 degrees and pure sun! I wanted to die! I finished not as good as last year. This year's time was 1:04:14. Last year's time was 1:02:28. But it was probably at least 10 degrees cooler last year. I'm happy with it. Then I went back about 5 blocks and waited for my cousin Nick to show up. He has only been running since November and this is the longest run he has done! The heat definitely got to him. I saw him and ran the end with him to help him along! Good job Nick for finishing this run! It's about 6.3 miles long. And it was just too hot!!

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Good for you for going for a long run! No worries about the scale it will all work out.

  2. Great job on your 10K! Running in the heat is brutal! So nice that you went back to run in with your cousin. I remember a friend did that for me at my first 5K and it meant the world to me!

    I agree with Tami, don't worry about the scale!