Friday, May 28, 2010

Good vs. Evil + Injury

Well, I haven't been in the blogging mood lately. I've been really busy at work. I'm tired and I'm injured! Injured how, you ask? Oh, you didn't ask? Well, let me tell you anyway. I got injured walking to the copy machine. So on to other things...what? Oh, you want to know how did I injure myself walking to the copy machine? I really have no idea! I just took a step and a sharp pain went right through my knee! I thought the pain would subside, but nope! It's still there. I will say, I think it's slightly getting better. I hurt it on Wednesday.

My dad suggested trying Aspercreme. Someone mentioned it to him. It's a creme and you rub it on the area. That's it. It's supposed to relieve pain due to arthritis, sprains, muscle cramps, etc. It actually does help! I was suprised. But it seemed to only work for about 5 mins! I only tried it twice so far. I'll keep trying it a few days more. I just have a 10k run on Memorial Day that I just CAN'T miss!

In food news, I did GREAT on Monday and Tuesday! I was the perfect weight watcher! Wednesday, well, let's just say this is where the "good vs. evil" came in to play! Evil...some brought TONS of those "bulls eye" candy.

I LOVE those candies! I thought I could get away with only one...only two...only three, etc. Before I knew it, I ate 27,124 pieces! Seriously!

But the good came for lunch. A good weight watcher looks up the nutritional info before lunch and carefully decides what to eat. I decided to go to Panda Express. It's a fast food Chinese place. I carefully printed out their nutritional info and wrote down the points for things I could have and brought that when I went to eat.

I ended up getting the mixed veggies instead of rice, the beef & broccoli and the string bean chicken breast. So big and lots of great veggies! Yum!

Thursday was more of the same. Today is a toss up. It's mostly good, not evil. Tomorrow is once again my weigh in. We shall see. I'm not expecting good things but you never know.


  1. Oh no! Sorry about your the copy machine! Crazy!!!

    I hear ya on those candies. You CANNOT just have one. It's that sugar thing, gets us every time!

    Great job on planning ahead for your lunch out! Keeping my fingers crossed for you tomorrow!

  2. hahaha...i cant remember the last time i "ate just one" of anything :-)

    way to plan ahead!

  3. So sorry you have an injury! I have not heard of those candies, most likely a good thing!

    Good eats!