Monday, May 24, 2010

WI Results + Benefit Calories

My weigh in was Saturday. I gained another 0.2 lbs. I feel like a broken record!

I really haven't been doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm wasting great opportunities to get to my goal. Even though a few pounds won't be that big of a difference, it's all mental. I NEED to get there. But also because then I can stop paying for my weight watchers meetings!! I've been on the program for 3 years now and I have the monthly pass ($39.95/month). It's a great option but I'm pretty tired of paying! But I'm not going to give up WW! I mean $39.95/month for 3 years can do the math! It adds up! Don't get me wrong, losing 90 lbs is worth every penny I've spent! But now, I'm just wasting money and it's bothering me. That, and my endless nights of snacking!

I went to a benefit for someone with Cancer yesterday. My dad owns a restaurant (Lindy's & Gerties of Bridgeview in IL - Shameless plug) and a girl that works there, her Aunt has cancer. My dad was working at it giving ice cream (part of his restaurant is serving THE BEST ice cream there is!). So I went to give my support. Everything that I bought to eat is called "Benefit Calories." Calories put there because I was supporting the benefit. Well, I know what you will say, "You could have just donated money and not eaten the food." You are absolutely right! I didn't eat too bad though but did have some ice cream from my dad's stand. Like I said, it's THE BEST ice cream ever!

So the weekend eating was not great at all. I'm starting over again today. That's all I can do. And since I don't have school for the summer, I can work my butt off when I get home from work. Thinking a long run is in order (5-6 miles) tonight in preparation for my 10k on Memorial day. It's going to be hot though, about 90 degrees so I'm going to have to take it kind of easy. I don't want to pass out from heat stroke!


  1. sorry to hear about your gain. it's tiny, but still frustrating, i know. man, if i had access to the best ice cream in the world at ALL times, it would not be pretty.

    sounds like you're pretty determined to have a much better weigh in next week! i'll be checking in!

  2. Maybe a challenge to rev things up, I am doing and 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge It is going to give me inspirationa and something to look forward to each day.

  3. Your gain was nothing. I wouldn't even consider it a gain. You're doing great. YOU CAN DO THIS!

    I have an idea about the snacking at night. Keep any kind of food that you might snack on at night in one place and those post a big note right there on the cabinet door or something that says, "$39.95 a month!"

    Just kidding. Don't be so hard on yourself. If snacking at night is something you feel you "need", then allow yourself a certain amoutn of "nighttime snacking points" and either earn those points with extra activity, or find something to cut out during the day to allow those points at night.

    You've come way way way too far to be so hard on yourself. YOU CAN DO THIS!

    Good luck on your 10K on Memorial Day and make sure you stay hydrated.

  4. What a great blog today... 3 plugs for the old mans restaurant... Good Job.. We did help with the benifit. Our Ice cream Socials "TO GO" was a bign hit raising about $200. So if anyone wants an Ice Cream Social at their party or event just give us a call (708) 430-0019... OK now that's 4 shameless plugs but it is good Ice cream and everyone loves the idea... Thanks Mandy

  5. Dad "aka Chiliman", it seemed like the ice cream was good for the benefit!

    Reen - I love your idea about the post-it notes!! lol. Yeah, I definitely like a snack in the evening but lately, I just haven't been stopping!

    Kathleen - I'll check out those sites! Thanks!

    SG - Ice cream is a weakness. I hardly ever go to my dad's restaurant! lol. He has lots of other things too, great food! Yum! Ever in the Chicago area, let me know. It's a great place. Since I know the owner, he tries to help me out with the special orders for the food!

  6. guys are so awesome! Thanks for the postings and suggestions!

  7. Hang in there and get back on track you can achieve what you desire.

    It is a new day and a new week!