Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend Update and More

Well, I've been slacking on posting lately! We've been really busy at work and I was pretty busy on the weekend. I'm also a blogger without a home computer which makes it rough! I know, I live in the stone age! Hey, it's one less bill to pay! I may get one in the near future, but who knows.

Saturday started out with the Cougar 5k run. It started out cold and rainy! I so hate running when it's cold and rainy!

But it cleared up (at least in the rain dept, not in the cold dept) so that was good. I was running this run with my cousin Nick. I was there to support him, so I wasn't running the run for a personal best for me, but I wanted to help him get through it. I was there for support! :)

I was very proud of him! We ran the whole way and didn't stop. From what it seemed like to me, we were making about 11 min. miles at most! That's great!

And we did! We finished in around 34 mins (34:03 for me and 34:04 for him...Haha! I beat you Nick!). You can see some official pictures here. I'm in the green shirt and Nick is in the red hat. Someone that was there will also be emailing me some he took so when I get those, I'll post them too.

Then I went to my weight watchers meeting. I wasn't going to weigh in since I had eaten something, run, drank water and was wearing two shirts! But I did and I gained a few pounds. Since I know the whole thing wasn't a true gain (think I probably gained only 1 lb or so), I won't get too discouraged about it.

Saturday night, I went to Nick's house to help my cousin Jessie (Nick's wife) pack.

Sunday, I ran about 6 miles in the morning, then mowed the back lawn. Holy tired! So then I took an hour nap! Much better!

After running a few errands, I had to work at my parent's restaurant in the evening from 6-10 pm. It was busy in sections throughout the night. I was glad when I got to leave!

Monday, I had that success story meeting after work for weight watchers. It was set up as an open forum and anyone there could say something.

When we got there, they made us sign in and also put our weight loss to date. At the start of the meeting they announced how much the people in the room (minus the leaders there) lost. There may have been about 40 people or so there and they said we lost over 1,400 lbs! Wow! We were all in shock!

The meeting was actually kind of fun. I enjoyed myself. Everyone that spoke had great things to say. Some people were SO FUNNY!

When it was my turn, I immediately got up and told them I get stage fright so they have to be nice to me! My talking was ok but my legs were shaking like crazy! I forgot some of the things I wanted to mention but it still went good.

Here is a picture of me afterwards at my cousin's house. It's a new shirt that I kind of think looks pretty cute!
So that was my weekend/Monday in a nut shell. Today, I have my "meeting" with that guy. We will call him "K". Should be interesting! Will keep you posted.


  1. I love your outfit! You look so healthy!!

    I once ran a 5k with my step-son - he had never run a 5k before and I was like sure! Little did I know I picked a race that had tons of hills! I was used to flat as a pancake.

    He was 12 at the time - and beat me by 6 minutes!! He was so proud of himself, I was proud of hime too - now he's 21! :D

  2. Great pic! Sound like you are an inspiration to family! I say keep on running! :)