Thursday, October 14, 2010

Off Topic: Crazy Lady Reporting!

I've come to the conclusion that I'm crazy! Yes, it's true. I was in denial but I'm not anymore!

I will also apologize for my off topic postings lately. I was gearing this blog towards "healthy living" and foods, etc. but well, life happens and I need to talk about it.

The topic of the day? Dating.

Oh dear, you are tired of hearing about it, huh? So sorry! Maybe I'll stop being crazy and get back to food!

I even posted my concerns about dating on the weight watchers message boards to get other people's opinions. You can read all of their comments and mine here. If you are interested of course, no pressure.

So my dilemma in a nutshell is this. You may remember my previous post about going on a first date with "K". We were set up, yadda, yadda, yadda. We got along fine but I wasn't "feeling it" you know? There were some physical things that were bothering (height, etc.). I decided to give it another chance.

Yesterday, we went mini-golfing and dinner. I actually had a pretty good time. Conversation was good. I wasn't really bothered with some of the things that bothered me before. But still not sure that I was "feeling it." So I was trying to figure out if I should play the "friends" card. I would mean it, not just a way to get rid of him or anything.

Anyway, after all the discussion on the WW boards, I have some to the conclusion that I'm crazy! I add all this pressure to myself that doesn't need to be there. Why do I have to figure it ALL out right now?

What I really need to do is RELAX! Chill out! Just go with the flow! Why do I have to be such a crazy person! If this is what I'm like after 2 dates, imagine if it went further! Oh dear!

I should have flashing lights attached to my forehead saying "Danger! Crazy Person! Get involved with at your own risk!" I'm just sayin'. It might make things easier.

Well, at least I have my eating under control! Or do I? Oh that's right, I don't! Dear God, does it ever end?

We will be back to regularly scheduled programming next week!


  1. You are so funny! But I was kind of the same way - if I went on a couple dates, and wasn't feeling it, I moved on.

    I was 32 when I met my now husband - not sure if you've read the story of how we met - you can check it out here.

    The spark between us was immediate from the day we met - we moved in together 3 weeks after we met (weekdays at my house, weekends at his house). We married 6 months after we met and we'll be married 10 years in December!

    I married my best friend - we laugh, still love sitting on the couch together watching t.v.

    And, without the internet, our paths never would have crossed! :D

  2. Very interesting Biz! Thanks for sharing! Cute story too.

  3. You so crazy, girl!!!! LOL! Don't play the friend card yet. I say give it another date or two!

  4. you are not crazy, just human!

  5. I think we've all gone a little crazy over dating at some point. My last crazy guy related episode was back in January. It was bad. My thought drove me insane. :-S

    Going forward, I try to remember what a friend said to me once before. Love should be easy. It shouldn't make you go crazy. Keep that in your mind going forward...and just take it one step at a time.

  6. Thanks Sonya, good advice.