Thursday, October 21, 2010

Run Picture Update

In the beginning of October, I ran the Cougar 5k with my cousin Nick. I got a few pictures from the run and thought I would post them. I'm actually smiling in them which is rare. Normally I have my normal running scowl on my face! But I knew someone at the finish and was smiling because of it.

I'm in the green shirt and Nick is in the red hat. Nick frequents my blog and harasses me later in email! Hahaha! Yes Nick! I posted your picture for all the blogging world to see! Take that! Oh...sorry, moving on.

Um, in other Off-Topic news...the guy I went on a few dates with is growing on fungus (good fungus, of course). We shall see.

I'll try to remember to bring and post a recipe tomorrow. I forget and it's at home.

Again, I have not been tracking my food. Exercise is ok though. Stepped on the scale at random times and it's showing ok numbers. Hopefully that will last until Saturday when I weigh in for real!


  1. Anonymous10/21/2010

    A picture shall not deter me.

  2. hahaha Anonymous! Wonder who you are (Ahem...Nick)! :)

  3. HAHA! Great job, Amanda and Anonymous-Now-Famous Nick :)

    See???!!! I told you to give the guy a few more dates! Glad he's growing on you. In a good way ;)

  4. Cute pics, Amanda and great job!

    So he's growing on you now, huh? Like a fungus? :)

  5. Very cute pics! Good job on the run! Glad to hear the man is growing on ya ;-)

  6. Wow, Amanda, I've been following your blog forever and you are looking AMAZING! Great job!