Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Party

I haven't been posting much. I have been doing what I'm supposed to be doing lately in terms of eating. I wasn't tracking, I wasn't planning my meals, heck...I didn't even go grocery shopping! In hopes of sparing the men on here some uncomfortableness, it was a "female" issue.

I hate using that as an excuse though. It's not! I need to learn to manage and control myself during certain times!

Starting Saturday though, I've done much better. I still didn't track, but I'm paying more attention to if I'm hungry. We had a Halloween party at my cousin Angel's house and her husband Brent. They have a party every year and it's a theme party. This year's theme was a nursery rhyme/fairy tale theme.

Unfortunately, we only got the invites a week in advance. And I really wasn't feeling the theme. I'm poor and didn't want to spend $50 on a costume and didn't have much time to improvise.

I decided to be Little Red Riding Hood. I was Red when I was like 5 years old. I used the old cape and just added ribbon in the front to tie it together. I carried a basket and put flower pins in my hair. Then I just wore a black shirt and jeans.

What was funny was that half way through the night, Brent's coworker showed up as The Big Bad Wolf from the story! OMG, we were dying laughing. This was not planned. I didn't know him. But it was perfect. He completes me! lol

And I did pretty great on not overeating! So pleased!

Here are a few photos from that night...

Me and my cousin Andrew. He was a smurf. And the next picture is the 3 blind mice.

Me and my Wolfie friend! :) I'm such a bad actress.

My cousin Angel and Brent. She always has to be the star of the show!! They were Hansel & Gretel. Then there was Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter

Also, Old Mother Hubbard and the dog made an appearance!

Nice legs Uncle Jan! lol

Then on Sunday, we celebrated my Grandmother's 81st birthday. My grandparents look so great for their age! We just went to my parents restaurant for lunch. Nothing big. But we did make her cry!! :p

**Off Topic Personal Life Dating News Report: Um...Um...Houston we have a problem! I really like this guy in Nebraska that I've been chatting with online. My cousin knows him and introduced us on Facebook. Since Friday we cannot stop talking online! I didn't get to bed until 3:30 am on Saturday night because of this! I don't talk to anyone for that long (over 4 hours straight). Oh dear! And he is coming in town on Nov. 6th for a huge family party (even though he isn't part of it). It's my cousin's party and since she was meddling trying to get us together, she invited him.

I was HUGELY resistant on even talking to him on facebook in the beginning. I mean, he lives two states away! We have been FB friends for a few months, but not until Friday did I really say anything to him. But he is SO NICE! Yesterday he told me that talking to me was like a "breath of fresh air." Swoon! We will call him Matt (because that's his name!).

And yes, Ken is still waiting in the background. I'm not making any rash decisions until I meet Matt. But I will tell you that I would SO much rather talk to Matt then Ken. Oh dear, when did I start juggling two guys! Since I'm not officially dating either one of them, I think it's ok. Matt knows about Ken (although Matt did tell me to break up with Ken!! lol). And there is nothing to tell Ken about Matt right now. I'm playing it by ear. And when/if there is something to tell, I will.


  1. Well, look at you being a "player"! LOL! Hey, it's nice to have choices, right? Little Red should not put all of her goodies in one basket ;)

    Seriously, glad you're having fun! That's what dating is all about :)

  2. Anonymous10/25/2010

    Sooo, did you play Guitar Hero because I remember a certain person who had played Guitar Hero before.

  3. No Nick (anonymous). We didn't play guitar hero. lol

  4. Dating? Hmm, seems like ages ago. Oh, that's because it was! Have fun with it! Looks like a great Halloween party!

  5. I love your costume, you're adorable!!! I can't wait to hear more about the new boy. I say just play it fast and loose for now ;) But as you know, you might not want to take my advice on men...