Monday, October 18, 2010


I'm back and better than ever! Well, maybe not so much better but I'm moving on! I'm getting back to the point of my blogging...which is Healthy Living!

What!?! You don't believe that was the original topic of my blog? Really it was!

I know, I've gotten all sentimental and delved WAY too much into my personal life! But sometimes we need to get it all out in the open in order to deal with it.

Now that I've (still not really) dealt with my personal stuff. It's healthy living blogging ALL THE WAY!

So what happened to me over the weekend? Basically, I was MIA due to no computer! But it gave me time to regroup. Now, I'm back!

Friday, I took a mental health day at work (a.k.a. sick day). I lazed around all day. I woke up late (around 10:30), watched some tv, raked some leaves, watched more tv, ate some food, watched more tv, then went to the gym for my 2 hour classes of kickboxing and weights/abs. LOVE FRIDAY CLASS AT THE GYM! Then went home and watched more tv!

Since I lazed around most of Friday, one of my running club girls Becca wanted me to join her and a new running club girl Michelle for a Saturday morning run.

Well, if you know me, I do not (I repeat, DO NOT) like to get up earlier than I have to on Saturday! I get up early all week for work, Saturday is my one day that I can sleep in until my WW meeting at 10:30! So that means I typically get up around 9:15.

But since I completely slept in on Friday, I thought, what the heck! I'll do it! I met Becca and Michelle at 8:00 a.m. for a nice 3 mile walk/run. It was good and nice to meet Michelle. Nothing else exciting happened on Saturday (I know, I'm boring).

Sunday, my parents and I went out for breakfast (I know! Getting up earlier than normal again on a weekend!) We tried a new place and were not pleased AT ALL! We almost got up before we even ordered our food but we stuck around. I got a veggie omelet with egg beaters and salsa, hashbrowns and wheat toast, not buttered. It was fine. Nothing extraordinary and we will not be going back!

Then my dad and I went for a game of racquetball. Now, we are self-taught racquetball-ers. We are NOT good and we NEVER play anymore since my parents bought a restaurant.

Also, my dad usually beats me the majority of the games so I was completely siked when I won the first game! Go Mandy! Go Mandy! It's your birthday! lol!

Uh, the fun ended quickly when my dad won the next FOUR games! Sigh. My victory was short lived!

I decorated a little for Halloween, got crabby about having to go to a Halloween party at my cousin's next weekend (since I just got the invitation and only have 1 week to try to dress up)! Whatever, I'll deal with it. This is not part of the healthy living blog and therefore, will keep it to a minimum! :p

Again, nothing else exciting. I'm still boring!

Tomorrow, I'll share a recipe I made on Saturday that was pretty good. Might have been better if I had all the right ingredients! :) It's for an Apricot Chicken from a Light N' Tasty cookbook.

How was your weekend?


  1. Sometimes its just nice to unplug for a weekend without technology - um, and just a tad jealous of you lounging around all day - I need to do that!

    You are your Dad playing racketball is like me and my husband watching Wheel of Fortune - about once every six months, I win every puzzle, and then he wins until the next six months!

    I have to dress up for a work party - last year I went as Julia Child and I won a prize, this year I am going with Paula Dean - I plan on stapling butter wrappers all over a button down shirt!

  2. My weekend was uneventful. i have a chest cold and feel awful. Glad yours was much better than mine.

  3. Great consume ideas Biz. You will look so great! Unfortunately we have a theme and this year it's fairy tale/nursery rhymes. not inspired!

    So sorry Kathleen! Hope you feel better!