Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random Post

This is a random post. It's one of those were I'm wondering if I should do a blog post today or not. Maybe I should wait until later. Maybe there will be more to say. Maybe something exciting will happen!

But what if I don't have time to post later? What if my computer breaks down or I'm too busy! Must...blog...now!

Let's begin with yesterday's food and get that out of the way. I was frustrated and angry yesterday and there was temptation in the form of delicious oreo cookies and starburst! Sugar, sugar, and more sugar!

The last few weeks have been filled with emotional eating! I needed to stop the train now and get off!

And I did. I did eventually eat 1 little tiny oreo, but it was at the end of the day and I didn't go back for more.

Let's check out the food stats!

Mini Muffin single serve package (emailed them for NI but never rec'd an email back. I'm estimating it at 5 pts) - this was a free sample from the other day.
Banana (2 pts)

2 oz. Chicken with Veggie Saute (Green peppers, onions, baby bella mushrooms, garden cherry tomatoes) (2 pts)
Brown Rice (3 pts)
Apple (1 pt)

Afternoon Snacks
Yogurt (2 pts)
1 oreo (1 pt)

Watermelon (1 pt)
Leftover Slaw (1 pt) - this tasted better cold than warm
Sandwich (Arnold thin, 2% Kraft cheese, deli roast beef, mustard) (4 pts)
Extra slice of cheese :p (1 pt)

Evening Snacks
Homemade Hummus with Arnold Thin (2 pts)
More Watermelon! (1 pt)
Misc something (I forgot what but it was 2 pts!) :P

6 mile run! (Estimate 6 activity points earned)

Ok, that run I planned for but really was totally done after about 2.5! But I had no choice to finish! It was hard! Funny how some days you feel like you can run forever and some days it's a struggle from start to finish!

Total Daily Points = 25
Points Used = 28
Points Earned = 6

Pretty satisfied with these stats.

Question: Do you plan snacks throughout the day or do you pretty much try to eat just 3 meals a day? I like to have a midday snack and an evening snack (unless I eat dinner late).


  1. It depends on if I am based from home for the day (weekends, days when I can work from home) or not. If it's home based, I really try to listen to my hunger which might mean eating 5 times or 2 or anything in between.

    If I'm not at home (most of the time) then I try to eat regularly, because I do better w the planning & avoiding temptation. I always have a passable snack in my purse.

  2. Wow! 6 miles is awesome. *high five*

    I snack from time to time during the day. It really just depends: some days I'm hungry and some days I'm not.

  3. 2 snacks and 3 meals 4 me.