Monday, August 23, 2010

Missing Blogger

What day is it? This blogger has been MIA for days!

It all started on Friday with a little thing called "A Day Off"! Ahhhhh! So nice! I took Friday off because my boss was not going to be there either and we are a little slow right now at work (after months of being crazy busy).

I decided to sleep in (until 10:15 thank you very much!). After I woke up, I ate a little breakfast and headed down to the public pool. It was a gorgeous day, a little hot, but I was at the pool so all the better! Stayed there lounging for about 2.5 hours. Came home, watched some TV, ate dinner and headed for my normal 2 hour Friday night classes at the gym.

Saturday was weigh in day. Not too pretty. I was up 1.4 lbs, but since I was still in the goal weight range, I wasn't too worried. I know what I did right and what I did not so right.

It's time to correct those not so right moments this week. Uh, except for Sunday of course in which I didn't track and ate candy here and there. That's ok, today's a new day.

I also went to The Container Store to buy some things for my pantry to get more organized. It's kind of a trek from where I live. But I was a good girl and I measured my space.

Now only if I would have trusted and listened to my measurements, I wouldn't have bought the wrong size! lol. Why did I do that! So next weekend I'll be off to return the purchased item!

I'm trying to figure out what paint colors to paint my living room (and other rooms). I purchased the house in November. I haven't done a single thing to change anything! I want to purchase new couches but that will probably end up being a neutral color. I really don't want white walls. I'm just an indecisive person! I will have to make a decision and go with it! After all, it's just paint! I can re-paint the walls!

My goals last week went pretty well. I did strength training 3 times last week. I also made another goal (which I didn't share with you all) and that was to bring my lunch every day to work, instead of eating out. I did it! I usually only bring my lunch twice a week or so. I work in a large city (downtown Chicago) and it gets pretty pricey to eat down here all the time. So I'm continuing both goals this week!


  1. Go for it with the paint! You can always change it. Have a great week!

  2. I hate getting the wrong size and of course because there are no real standards in sizing, I wear a differnt size in every store.
    Try painting half thw walls for variety. If you love it keep it if not then you only have half the room to redo.

  3. Go for a funky paint color! It will make the neutral furniture pop!

    Great job sticking with your goals this week!

  4. Lime green. It's perfect for all living spaces. I have yet to find a situation where lime green is not the ideal colour. Failing that, magnolia :p

  5. Uh...lime green? I'll take that into consideration! lol